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8 Reasons To Think About Starting A New Career As A Plumber

8 Reasons To Think About Starting A New Career As A Plumber

Whether you are looking at a career change or thinking about starting a new career, there are many reasons you should consider becoming a plumber. Skilled tradespeople are in short supply, which means that there are a lot of exciting career paths for those who choose to look outside of the traditional college track. In fact, the big hole in the labor supply within the trades means that most people should have no problems finding a career once they finish their training as a plumber.

With that in mind, if you have never looked into the trades, now is the time to start looking. There are a dozen great reasons to consider training as a plumbing expert, and this is a new exciting career you can start at any point in your life. There is always room for people in the plumbing industry that are dedicated and willing to work hard to learn the trade. If you aren’t sure yet if a career in plumbing sounds like the right career path, take a minute to read about some of the top benefits of choosing this career path.

If you are still reading at this point, there is a good chance that you have a real interest in becoming a plumbing expert. It’s possible that you have always thought about working in a trade but are just now making the initial steps to learn more about it. If a new career is something that will make you happy, then now is the logical time to start exploring some of your options. Working within the trades often allows you to set your own schedule and eventually even own your company once you gain the proper skills.

Increased Job Stability

Anyone who has fought against hundreds of other college graduates knows how tough it can be to find a job. Within some industries, computer automation is becoming a large issue, and it is hard to know if there will still be jobs over the next century. However, if you become a plumbing professional, this won’t be a concern at all for you to contend with. In fact, it is something that you can put right out of your mind because there will always be a need for plumbing companies in Rhome and anywhere else you might live.

Similar to how there will always be a need for doctors, so long as people continue to build homes and live in them, there will always be a call for plumbing companies. Unlike other jobs, there is no option to outsource a plumbing expert, and there is no such thing as virtual repair. Someone will always have to come to a home and repair the plumbing structure. With that in mind, plumbing is an industry where you can count on there always being jobs, no matter how much the world continues to advance.

Skip Out on Student Debt

Everyone knows that student debt is a massive problem for college graduates. Almost every middle-aged person across the US is carrying some degree of college debt, and despite the government’s attempts to reign in debt, it hasn’t happened. The average college student graduates over ten thousand dollars in debt, and that often means they spend the next ten years of their lives paying off student loans instead of buying a home and starting a family. If that concerns you, it may be time to start thinking more about becoming a plumbing expert.

If you opt to go into a trade like plumbing, then you don’t have to worry about piling up student debt. Most people who become a plumber go to a community college or a vocational school. Not only does this cost a lot less money, but you get paid as part of your training. This is because you need to take on an apprenticeship to be certified properly, and all apprenticeships are paid within the plumbing trades. That is much more enticing than working as a free intern while racking up college debt.

Plenty of Room to Move Up

One of the main complaints of people who end up in office jobs is that there is not much room for advancement. People frequently get jobs that they end up in for the rest of their lives, it is possible that you are in one now. Eventually, that gets old which is why you might be looking at the trades as a way out. That type of scenario does not have to play out if you become a plumbing expert. While you can choose to stay at the basic plumber level if you are comfortable and happy, there is also plenty of room to move up the ladder.

The plumbing industry is regulated and plumbing professionals must be licensed, which means there is room to demonstrate that you are willing to take the next step. This would mean becoming a certified Master plumber which is the top of the trade. At this point you not only will earn a higher salary, but it will offer you plenty of additional possibilities to expand the type of work you do and who you work for. Many people become Master plumbers because then they have more flexibility with their job or can look at starting their own companies.

If you are the type of person who likes the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, then a job in the trades is a natural fit. Many people who dedicate themselves to becoming a plumbing expert eventually move up the job ladder until they are ready to go out on their own. If owning a business appeals to you, then it may be time to get your training as a plumber underway so that you can gradually build your experience up and work towards that final goal.

Every Day Is Different

One of the major benefits of starting a new career is that every day as a plumbing professional is different. Contrary to popular belief, working as a plumber is more than just fixing running toilets at your neighbor’s house. There are all types of industries that require the help of a plumber. While you could work for a local plumbing service, you also might work for a contractor and help complete industrial builds. You also could work on designing new plumbing systems and attack issues with an engineer point of view.

There is a lot of room for the development of new plumbing technologies, something that a lot of people find interesting. You also could simply become a manager for city water systems or work for an industrial company that needs to make sure that its equipment is always up and running. Once you are fully trained there are plenty of ways to expand your education so that you can deepen your career and make sure that it is fulfilling to you. Plus, if you want to make house calls all day, that option is always open to you as well.

Increased Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits of working in the plumbing industry is that you have a clear path towards owning your own business. A lot of people get licensed and certified just so that they can open up their own plumbing business and finally control their own hours. When you own a shop then you get to decide how often you work and where you work. You could only work on jobs or expand your business to the greater San Antonio region, the choice is up to you.

If you have family obligations or something else that requires you to be flexible, then working as a plumbing expert can be a great compromise. Many families find that this is the best way to make sure that parents can be present at every game, but earn a reliable income in the process. Plus, you can open up a plumbing business anywhere that you land so if you have a spouse with less flexibility then you are able to move to wherever their job requires them to be.

Happier on the Job

If you are unhappy at your job then now is the time to make a switch. You are not going to suddenly start to love your job, and the longer you stay there most likely the more depressed you will get. You can start your career as a plumbing professional while you are still employed at your current job so that you can get your toes wet without losing your primary source of income. Once you are trained a bit more you will be able to apply for an apprenticeship at which point you will get paid to learn and you can make the transition without economically impacting your family.

What will impact your family is if you are happier on the job. People who love what they do come home feeling better and thus are inclined to treat their family members better. Therefore, shifting your job and learning about a new career could be something that ends up benefiting everyone in your family. This is a great reason to look deeper into the process. You might start by simply asking a local plumbing service if you would be able to shadow them for a day so that you can start to get a feel for what the job will entail.

Keep Your Mind & Body Healthy

Another great reason to think more about entering a career in the plumbing industry is that you will always be busy, which is good for both your mind and your body. Instead of working in an office all day or sitting at a computer, you will be moving around the community talking to people, and meeting new clients. This keeps your brain sharp and helps you enjoy life more, especially if you are an extrovert who enjoys getting to chat with people throughout your workday. As a bonus, if you offer great customer service, there is a much better chance that you will be back for the next job, which can help boost your earnings.

Plus, you will be moving constantly and picking up things, and squeezing yourself into tight spots. All of this may not sound desirable at first, but it will keep your body in shape and help you stay young longer which is something nearly everyone can appreciate.

Take Care of Your Own Plumbing

While this might be a small perk, it is one of the perks of becoming a professional plumbing master. Once you have the skills and expertise to fix other people’s plumbing issues, then you will also be able to fix your own. That means you will have one less bill to pay, which can be nice at the end of the day. It’s like a hidden perk that comes packaged into your salary as a benefit. Plus, you will probably learn how to make your home more energy-efficient as part of your training which means you may be able to decrease your water usage and energy usage at the same time. Before too long all of those savings can add up, which is a nice bonus on top of starting an exciting new career that you actually enjoy.

While we think that a career in the plumbing industry is engaging, if you are just starting out then you won’t be able to fix your own plumbing issues. Therefore, until you are fully certified, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is here to help with your plumbing problems. Give us a call today to make an appointment.

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Want To Avoid Expensive Plumbing Service? Use These Tips

Want To Avoid Expensive Plumbing Service? Use These Tips

What are the best ways to avoid calling a plumber for a costly repair? Read this article for helpful tips. We got all these tips from licensed and experienced plumbers who have been helping homeowners and businesses for years. Let us know if you have questions or if you need a plumbing service for your home or office.

Helpful Plumbing Tips

It’s important to learn the basics of plumbing including the plumbing tools you might want to consider buying such as a plunger which can help you remove clogs. Knowing how to take care of your plumbing is also essential. Read the tips below:

1. Know How Your Plumbing Works

While you don’t need to know all the technical details, it’s still best to be a little more knowledgeable about how your plumbing works. Read the manual if it’s your first time using a major plumbing appliance. If you don’t know anything about your water heater, we suggest you read about it. Feel free to ask a plumber to become a more informed consumer.

Knowing how the plumbing works also involves knowing how to better care for your plumbing. For example, you might want to find out how to take better care of your water heater and why you need to flush the unit at least once a year and why getting routine plumbing inspections is important.

If there are things about your plumbing that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to hire a plumber or get a professional plumbing service. We have plumbers more than happy to discuss everything with you including how to take better care of your plumbing and everything else you need to know such as why you need to install several shut-off valves.

2. Install Several Shut-off Valves

Plumbing emergencies don’t just cost a lot. They can be really stressful for the consumer. Imagine this scenario: You assumed your plumbing is in excellent shape not knowing there are actually issues that need to be resolved. However, you failed to see this because you didn’t get routine plumbing inspections. Because of this, the pipes or the water heater leaks and you find yourself coming home or waking up to a flooded home. How do you think would this affect you? Imagine how much this would cost when it also damages the appliances in your home. You will have no choice but to get replacements for these appliances. Depending on the type of appliance, this might also cost you a fortune.

When there’s a leak, the first thing you need to do is turn off the valve to prevent further damage to your home. However, it might be difficult to turn them off when the shut-off valve is in the basement and the latter starts flooding. You can resolve this by installing several shut-off valves. They must be placed near major plumbing appliances such as the water heater, garbage disposal, dishwasher and plumbing pipes. Also, please make sure that you test these devices to ensure they actually work. If there are problems, make sure you get a professional plumbing service so that a plumber can properly check on it for you.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Water Heater

We’ve reminded a lot of homeowners never to neglect their water heaters to avoid major flooding in their homes. If possible, create a schedule for when you need to inspect your water heater. Check for any signs of wear and tear, or damage. Constantly losing hot water is also another sign of damage. Get a plumbing service immediately so that a plumber can thoroughly inspect your water heater and fix the damage.

Also, don’t forget to drain the water to remove the sediment that can stay in your tank. Sediment buildup can affect the efficiency of your water heater and can lead to higher bills and other issues with your unit. This is because you will not have enough space for hot water when the sediment accumulates in the tank. All you need to do though is flush the water heater to remove the sediment buildup. It’s recommended to do this only once a year but some homeowners may need to do this more than once. For example, if you have hard water or the water pressure in your home is low, the sediment can build up faster. You can install a water softener to get rid of the hard water problem or get a professional plumbing service to fix low water pressure.

In addition to flushing the water heater, you need to also get professional plumbing service so that a licensed plumber can inspect the heating elements of your water heater and ensure it’s still in top shape.

4. Create a Plumbing Checklist

We also suggest you create a plumbing checklist so that you have a guide on which plumbing appliances and fixtures you need to check on a regular basis. Religiously follow the list and don’t forget to take notes if you see an issue with a certain plumbing appliance or fixture. And make sure that you don’t postpone repairs or inspections. You’ll be able to avoid a more costly repair when you proactively take care of your plumbing. However, do take note it’s still better to also get professional service so that a licensed plumber can properly check the appliances and fixtures.

5. Get a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

A slow drain is usually the first symptom of a major drain clog. When you notice the drains are slow, get professional plumbing service immediately for drain cleaning. Our plumbers are equipped with drain cameras to help us see the interior of the drain and assess the damage. It’ll also help us properly diagnose and fix the problem. We also have hydro jetters for serious clogs. The devices are usually for commercial businesses or for those homeowners having serious problems with their drains.

Don’t wait for the slow drain to progress into a major drain clog that will cost you a lot of money. Remember, clogs are also associated with other problems such as pest infestations, unpleasant drain smells and water damage. You get to avoid this with professional service for your drains.

Additionally, you’re also expected to install strainers to catch debris, dirt and hair that might end up clogging the drains and restricting water flow. Clean the strainers at least once a week as well to prevent smells in the kitchen.

When cleaning the drains, use vinegar and baking soda solution and not chemical-based drain cleaners. Heavily advertised chemical-based drain cleaners are never good for pipes. They can cause significant damage to older pipes. You can also end up injured if you’re not careful. Should you decide to really use chemical-based drain cleaners, we suggest you strictly follow the instructions on the label. Make sure that you also don’t mix chemical-based drain cleaners with other chemicals as it can be dangerous.

If you’re having problems managing food waste, we recommend installing a garbage disposal in your home. Know how to properly use the unit though to avoid issues with it. For installation, hire a licensed plumber only to ensure the unit is properly installed.

6. Go for Routine Plumbing Inspections

As mentioned, it’s also important to get regular plumbing inspections in addition to checking your appliances or fixtures for any signs of damage. Do make sure to also hire a licensed plumber only to inspect your plumbing. During the inspection, a professional plumber will check all components of your plumbing to ensure it’s still in excellent shape. If there are issues with it, he will also make sure it’s resolved on the same day.

Call us if you need professional plumbing service so that we can inspect your plumbing for any signs of damage and do repairs as needed. We’ll never leave your home unless we’re certain everything is in top shape. Call us today if you need help and we will send a professional to your location as soon as possible. We also provide around-the-clock services for those that need emergency services.

7. Soften Your Water

As mentioned, high levels of hard water may not be beneficial for your plumbing because sediment can build up faster. You can soften the water by installing a water softener in your home. Call a plumber to know how a water softener works or if you’re ready to install one for your home.

8. Be Mindful of the Water Pressure

Have you checked your water pressure recently? You need to make sure it’s within the normal range of 40-60 PSI. Otherwise, you need to call a plumber for assistance.

Low water pressure can actually indicate a leak in your plumbing and must be corrected. You need to get professional leak detection so that a professional plumber can locate the leak and fix it for you. It’s usually a leak when you also get higher water bills. Try to look for any signs of water damage or hidden leaks such as seeing water spots in the basement or walls.

When the water pressure is more than 60 PSI, consider getting a water pressure regulator to help you regulate your home’s water pressure. Otherwise, too high water pressure will only put too much strain on the pipes and lead to considerable damage. You might wake up or come home to a flooded home if you don’t correct the high water pressure problem and you have older pipes installed in your home.

Replace older pipes with more durable ones and hire a licensed professional only to install the newer pipes. Incorrect installation can also lead to more problems that will cost a lot of money but you can avoid this by hiring the right professionals.

9. Install a Sump Pump

If you have a basement, make sure you install a sump pump to prevent flooding in the basement. This device works by removing the water from the sump pit, preventing water damage and protecting appliances stored in the basement. However, they will need to be properly installed so call a licensed plumber only to professionally install the unit.

Don’t forget to check the sump pump by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit. The water should just be enough to turn on the float switch and drain the water. If it doesn’t drain the water from the sump pit, call a plumber so they can inspect your device. We also recommend you get backup batteries just in case there’s a coming storm and your device stops working. With the backup batteries, you won’t have to worry about power outages.

If you’re ready to install a sump pump, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to help you decide which type of sump pump to install in your home.

10. Repair a Leaky Toilet

Leaky toilets can waste hundreds of gallons of water when not fixed. Please make sure this is resolved right away. You can test for leaky toilets by dropping food coloring into the toilet tank. Check the toilet bowl after. Has the water changed color? When it does, that means there’s a leak in the toilet. Call a plumber for repair or replacement.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth

Do you need professional plumbing service for your home or business? We’re here to help! All of our plumbers are licensed, skilled and fully insured. We can also take care of any plumbing issues, big or small. Let us know if you’re having problems with your plumbing pipes, water heaters, toilets or other major plumbing appliances so that we can inspect them and repair them. Contact us today anytime and we will send a professional to your home ASAP. Are you looking for a competent plumber?

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth today for an appointment.

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7 Surprising Signs You Need To Call A Plumbing Service

7 Surprising Signs You Need To Call A Plumbing Service

Everyone knows that they need a plumber if their toilet keeps overflowing or if a pipe bursts, but did you know there are dozens of other reasons you might need to call a plumbing service? Plumbers are very talented and work on both water and gas issues. They are your first point of contact for a number of home issues. With that in mind, if you have never put much thought into finding a plumbing service here is a guide of times that you need to get professional help. Your home plumbing system is an intricate system that needs to be perfectly maintained. The quicker you get help in these situations the better off you will be.

As a side note, a lot of people also don’t realize that home plumbing systems have a limited lifetime. As homes across the state continue to age, plumbing systems are only known to last for forty years or less. That means it may actually be time to replace the piping in your home depending on the age of the home and the plumbing history of your home when you moved in. If you are unaware of the general health of your plumbing system, now is a great time to consider booking a plumbing inspection so that you can get a better idea.

Most plumbing inspections only take a few hours and it should be simple to find a plumbing service that offers inspections. It is another base benefit of working with a professional plumber. You can use the information you gather from the plumbing inspection to create an action plan for the future. One of the benefits of being proactive in checking the condition of your plumbing system is that you don’t have to make any repairs at the time of the inspection. You simply receive a lot of information that will help you budget for future issues and repairs.

By slowing upgrading and addressing issues that the plumber finds while out at your home, you can stay ahead of future issues which will help save you from needing an emergency plumbing visit. A lot of issues with homes arise because of older plumbing systems, so while you cannot prevent every single emergency, you can prevent a lot of them by staying ahead of issues.

Anyone who has ever experienced a plumbing leak can ascertain that dealing with hundreds of gallons of water at one time is not a fun experience. The best way to protect your home is always to stay ahead of all maintenance tasks. People are usually aware of this fact, but for some reason don’t think about it when it comes to their plumbing systems. With that in mind, take a minute to learn more about how a plumbing service can help you, and when you should call them. Knowing the signs of an impending issue is the best way to stop a bigger issue from arising.

Sweating Water Heater

Some people mistakenly think that their sweating water heater is nothing to worry about. They think that it is just sweat or condensation, however, if your water heater is working correctly there is no reason to ever have condensation on the outside of it. Instead, this should be a red alert that something is going on with your water heater. Therefore, you should never ignore any sign of moisture on the outside of your water heater.

What this is usually an indication of is that there is a leak somewhere that is allowing moisture to pool a bit on the side of your tank. If the water is more of a stream underneath your water heater you have even more reason to be concerned. A small leak will turn into a river at some point, and you want to catch any issues before you end up in this situation. Not to mention that even a small leak will slowly result in water damage if you don’t notice the water in a timely manner.

No Water in Your Home

Another big reason to be worried about your plumbing system is if you wake up and have no water in your home at all. The first thing you should do is try not to panic, because there are several reasons you may not have any water, and the best thing you can do is start troubleshooting instead of getting worked up. With that in mind, the first thing you need to do is call a neighbor and see if they are experiencing the same issue. If they are also having issues with water then there is a better chance that that problem is with the municipal water supply and not your home.

However, if they tell you that they are not experiencing any issues, then it is probably time to call a plumbing service because there is a good chance that the problem is within your home. The good news is that an experienced plumber can help you get to the root of the problem quickly. Most of the time if there is no water coming into your home the trouble can be traced back out to your water main. If there is construction work happening then there is always the possibility that something was disturbed during the process.

If there is no reason for your main to have been touched, then it is more likely that your line has cracked or split under the ground. Due to the fact that your plumbing line is buried at least four feet (but in many cases more feet) under the ground, you will need a skill teamed with CCTV technology to come out and explore the main line so that you can get to the bottom of the issue quickly. After all, you cannot live in a home without access to water so this is a situation that needs to be taken care of in an extremely quick fashion.

Low Water Pressure

Another concerning issue is if you have low water pressure in your home. Low water pressure or water pressure that varies a lot can be a major issue or a sign that a major issue is about to occur. There are dozens of reasons why you might have varying water pressure in your home, and none of them are positive situations to find yourself in. With that in mind, if it seems like your water barely drops out of your faucet then it is time to investigate the problem a bit more in-depth.

Sometimes low water pressure in isolated areas of your home can indicate a problem with leaky pipes. If there is a leak in the pipeline leading to the upstairs bathroom for example then this room might experience a drop in water pressure compared to other areas of your home on the first floor. On the other hand, if the low water pressure is associated only with your hot water, it is possible that there is a high build-up of sediment that is preventing the water from flowing properly.

These are only two scenarios out of dozens that are related to poor water pressure, so if you are fighting with this issue it is in your best interests to talk to a plumbing service that can analyze the issue and quickly figure out the problem. No one likes attempting to shower with poor water pressure, so let someone take a look and solve the problem once and for all so that your morning routine gets a bit easier and a bit more enjoyable.

Constant Dripping from Water Faucets

No one likes a dripping faucet, but that dripping faucet can be more than just a slight annoyance. It can also be a signal that you have a leak or water damage coming your way soon. If your faucet has aged, then chances are that the sealants under it have started to age as well. Sometimes a leak can even be dropping directly down under the sink depending on the direction of your faucet. Water can also run backyards along the faucet and then drip right down under the fixture if the caulking is coming off.

This turns a dripping faucet into a potential cause of water damage. This can result in a lot more repairs than just one leaking faucet, which is just one reason you should have a plumbing service come out and take a look. A second reason is the fact that a leaking faucet will also end up costing you quite a bit of money in the long run. A faucet that drips over a few drips every minute can add up to hundreds of wasted gallons in just a few months. Even though you aren’t using the water, you will have to pay for all of it on your utility bill which is something to keep in mind.

New Gas Oven Installation

One thing that a lot of people forget is that gas runs through pipelines, which means that if you are purchasing a new gas appliance you will need to have new piping put into the appliance. It is almost always easier to connect an upgraded appliance to this same gas hookup, but sometimes that isn’t an option or the old hook-up is outdated and needs to be brought up to code. In that instance, you will need to contact a plumbing service to come to your home for help.

The good news is that while a gas hookup may seem overwhelming to you, it is a fairly simple issue for a trained professional to take care of. Therefore, there is no need to worry about anything if you get a professional in your home. While you should never attempt to handle a situation with the gas on your own given the many serious safety issues, a plumber will be able to handle the pumping and the hookup so that you can once again rest easy that everything in your home is safe.

Drains Are Not Draining

Another key indication that you may need to call a plumber into your home is if you notice that your drains are slowing down or not draining completely. Some people notice this when they are washing vegetables in the sink while others notice that the water is starting to pool around their feet in the shower. It doesn’t matter what drain in your home is starting to clog up, the bottom line is that none of them should be.

Toilet Is Overflowing

The toilet is the one appliance that no one wants to deal with, but depending on what is going on with it, it may be hard to ignore its presence in your home. If you notice that your toilet is overflowing on a regular basis then there is either something wrong with your toilet, the fixture, or the pipeline under the toilet. Unless your game plan is to just keep cleaning up sewage wastes from your bathroom, you are going to want to get a plumbing service out to your home. Many times the issue can be traced back to an issue behind the toilet such as a clog in the main pipeline. Therefore, before jumping and immediately replacing your toilet you want to get a plumber out to your home to make sure the issue isn’t larger than your toilet. After all, you don’t want to replace your toilet and end up with a clog the same evening again.

Does this list have you thinking it may be time to talk to a plumber? Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth to set up a plumbing appointment today.

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