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8 Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Plumber | Plumber in Arlington, TX

8 Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Plumber | Plumber in Arlington, TX

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Plumbing is a crucial component of your home’s structure and functionality, which is why a significant amount of money goes into it. When it comes to repairing or replacing a piece of plumbing in your home, you need to hire a professional plumber in Arlington, TX. Due to a variety of scam artists stashed all across the marketplace, finding the right plumber becomes a challenge. The plumber that you need to hire should be professional, certified and insured.

To make things easy for you we have put together a list of things to consider when hiring a professional plumber in Arlington, TX.

1. Are They Certified?

The first thing that you must look for when hiring a plumber in Arlington, TX is certification. The plumber must be registered with a higher body that makes the rules, which plumber are bound to follow.  You plumber must possess the proper documentation to present the clients with. Even the juniors and the apprentices must have proper licensing. Oftentimes, homeowners just assume that their plumber possesses a license, which is a risky thing to do.

2. Are They Experienced?

Before hiring a plumber in Arlington, TX, you must figure out how long they have been in business. It is a good sign if your plumber has been in business for a long time. It means that they have proven expertise in the field, and a track record of providing quality services. Reputable plumbing companies possess entire team of experienced plumber, but it is important to ask about each and every plumber.

3. Do They Have a Flat Rate or an Hourly Rate?

After getting an estimate, it is wise to ask the plumber in Arlington, TX about whether it’s an hourly rate or a flat rate. In a lot of contracts, there are in-built clauses stating that the homeowner is responsible to pay the costs to complete certain jobs. An hourly rate continues to vary, whereas a flat rate remains unchanged because of labor costs. The biggest problem with an hourly rate is that, if the project get delayed or take longer to complete, the homeowner will have to pay for it.

4. What is the Total Cost?

Before hiring a plumber in Arlington, TX you need to make sure whether or not the estimated price is the total cost of the project.  Normally, plumbers tend to visit your house, evaluate the damage and provide you with a free estimate. Never allow a plumber to tell you the estimate over the phone. Ask them to show up on your property, examine the damage and provide you with the right estimate. Otherwise, they will provide you with a rough and inaccurate estimate. Ask them to provide you with the most accurate estimates, which are free from any hidden charges.

5. Who Will Be Doing the Job?

It could either be a single plumber in Arlington, TX or a team of plumbers coming in to do your plumbing job. When they show up on your property, evaluate the problem, and give you a quote, as them if they are the ones to execute the job. If the answer is negative, ask them who will be doing the job, and is that person qualified for such a task. The plumber must provide you with all the details and if they fail to do so, it is better to seek help elsewhere.

6. Is the Service Inclusive of Cleanup?

Unfortunately, some plumbers in Arlington, TX do not clean up the mess after the task is completed. They tend to leave the homeowners with pieces of pipe, screws and empty boxes. It might sound silly to you, but do not hesitate to ask whether or not cleanup is part of the quote, and if not then why. Some plumbing companies charge extra money for cleanup, but a cleanup is worth paying for.   It is better to ask about the cleanup in the initial stages, or else you might end up with an unpleasant surprise after the project is over.

7. When is the Payment to Be Made?

Before the project begins, ask your plumber in Arlington, TX when the payment is due, and how much are you supposed to pay in advance. Never make the mistake of handing them over 100% of the total amount. Some of the plumbers follow a pay-as-you-go method, in which you have to pay a certain percentage after a part of the project is complete. And then there are those which require payment on a weekly basis. If you are certain that your plumber is quick and won’t take too long, you can pay them when the job is over.

8. What if Something Goes Wrong?

Hopefully, the plumber will do everything in a safe way, but you must refrain from taking chances, for you never know when something unforeseen goes down. A plumber in Arlington, TX should not only be able to guarantee his work, but also his parts. Do not hesitate to ask them about the kind of warranty or guarantee that comes with the service. Some plumbing companies offer a one year warranty on their products, while others cover only a few things like replacement, in case a leakage takes place. The plumbing company must also be insured, to prevent you from paying for any accidents.


The aforementioned tips will allow you to get the highest efficiency and quality from your plumbing professional. Learn to ask the right questions, and be vocal about whatever comes to your mind.

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