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9 Common Plumbing Questions Answered By A Plumber | Mansfield, TX

9 Common Plumbing Questions Answered By A Plumber | Mansfield, TX

Do you have questions about plumbing? While homeowners are not required to know everything about their plumbing system, it’s always best to be well-informed. Read this article for commonly asked questions about your home’s plumbing. These are answered by a licensed plumber in Mansfield, TX.

Plumbing questions:

1. What Are the Signs of a Leak in Your Plumbing? What About Hidden Leaks?

There are two signs to watch out for when it comes to leaks in your plumbing. Look for visible signs of leaks such as pooling water near the water heater or near your pipes or toilets. Check the yard as well for any signs of leaks in the plumbing pipes. If you suspect a leak, we suggest calling a plumber in Mansfield, TX immediately for an inspection or professional leak detection. Our plumbing experts can locate the leak and provide you with cost-effective plumbing solutions.

Other signs to watch out for are hidden leaks in your plumbing. For example, do you see water spots in the ceilings or does the wallpaper look bulgy? There might be a leak somewhere. Contact a plumber right away to thoroughly inspect your plumbing. You can avoid a more costly repair when you do something right away.

You need to also be mindful of your water bill. If your bill is suddenly higher this month, chances are there might be a leak somewhere in your plumbing. The best thing you can do is get professional leak detection to ensure your plumbing is in excellent shape and any problem can be addressed right away. Most plumbing emergencies occur when the homeowner neglects their plumbing. You must never postpone any plumbing repairs or this can potentially lead to a major plumbing emergency that will cost you more money down the road. Get in touch with us if you need assistance and our team will ensure that all problems are resolved promptly.

2. What Are the Causes of Leaks in the Plumbing?

Below are some of the causes of plumbing leaks. If you suspect a leak in your plumbing, contact a plumber in Mansfield, TX immediately for assistance.

Frozen Pipes – During winter, all homeowners must protect exposed pipes or the water inside them can freeze. This can cause the pipes to expand and then burst. You can also prevent pipes from freezing by slightly opening the faucet so that warm water can flow through them. Don’t turn off your heating and open the cabinet doors underneath the sink so that warm air will circulate in that area.

Tree Roots – If there are huge trees near your plumbing, we suggest you contact a professional to inspect the area. When there are minor leaks in the plumbing and there are tree roots nearby, these roots can penetrate the pipes and cause even major damage.

Shifts in Foundation – This can also cause a plumbing leak but you have no control over this. The best thing you can do is get regular plumbing maintenance so that a plumber can thoroughly inspect your plumbing for any abnormalities or issues that may lead to a bigger problem in the future.

Sediment Buildup in the Water Heater – If you have a conventional water heater tank, you must drain the sediment buildup at least once a year. You will have to do this more than once if there’s a high level of hard water in your plumbing. If you fail to drain the water heater, sediment can build up and this can lead to the tank leaking water. When this happens, you will have no choice but to get a new water heater which can cost you more money. Should you decide to get a new unit though, we suggest installing the tankless water heater as there’s no standby heat loss. For installation, ensure you contact a licensed plumber in Mansfield, TX.

High Water Pressure – Some homeowners prefer high water pressure not realizing how damaging it can be to the pipes. When the water pressure is too high, this can severely damage the pipes and lead to a costly leak. Get a water pressure regulator to help you regulate your home’s plumbing. If you have questions about your plumbing, please contact a plumber in your area.

3. Why Do We Need to Work with a Licensed Professional?

Don’t be tempted to hire the services of an unlicensed plumber or you could end up paying more. Remember, these people are not professionals and they’re not licensed to perform repairs or major installations. They also don’t have any insurance; in fact, they can never get any insurance because they don’t have a license. So when they get injured on the job, you may have to be liable for the damages. You could end up paying for the hospital bills. You can avoid paying more money when you hire a licensed professional to perform major repairs and installations.

A licensed plumber is highly trained to properly carry out repairs and installations. He also has the right training to correctly diagnose the problem and provide you with permanent solutions. A licensed professional in Mansfield, TX also adheres to codes, giving you peace of mind. Most importantly, they’re usually employed by a reliable plumbing company that’s fully equipped. There’s no need to worry when a problem comes up; because a licensed professional will have everything he needs to resolve the issue on the same day. A licensed plumber can also guarantee results and they prioritize safety most of all. Rest assured, when you hire us to do plumbing repairs or installations, our plumbing experts will never cut corners. We work hard to ensure all of our clients are completely satisfied with our services. We also give out a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

4. How Do We Unclog Our Drains?

Basic plumbing tools like the plunger or the drain snake can help you unclog a drain. Just make sure you know how to properly use them, especially the drain snake. If you’re not confident, we suggest hiring a licensed plumber instead. Also, do make sure to have a separate plunger for the toilet and the drain. It’s unsanitary to use the same plunger for both the drain and the toilet.

You may be able to also unclog a minor clog by pouring boiling hot water into the drain, or by using a vinegar and baking soda solution. If you can’t resolve this, contact a plumber for a professional drain cleaning service.

To prevent drain clogs, make sure to be mindful of what you throw down the drain. Install strainers and never pour oil down the drain. If possible, install a garbage disposal to effectively manage your food waste. For installation, please contact a licensed plumber in Mansfield, TX.

5. How Do We Prevent Costly Plumbing Emergencies?

One of the most effective ways to prevent a costly plumbing emergency is to care for your plumbing. If you suspect a problem, contact us right away so we can send a professional to inspect your plumbing, diagnose the problem and provide you with permanent solutions.

You can also avoid expensive repairs through regular plumbing maintenance, hiring licensed professionals only for repairs and installations, protecting plumbing pipes, maintaining the water heater and regulating the water pressure. If you have questions about plumbing repairs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a licensed professional in your area.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is always available to help. Whether it’s for repairs or installations, our plumbing experts are always available to resolve the issue big or small. There’s no plumbing problem we can’t fix. Just call us immediately and we’re more than happy to help you as soon as possible.

6. Should We Install Leak Detection Devices?

Yes, we highly encourage homeowners to install leak detection devices to avoid flooding and costly plumbing repairs that are associated with water damage. There are several types of leak detection devices you can install for your home. The best thing you can do is speak with a professional to help you determine which type of device to install. Some devices can detect fluctuations in the water temperature while others can automatically shut off the water supply to prevent further damage to your plumbing.

7. Should We Switch to Tankless Water Heaters?

Homeowners who are concerned about flooding in the basement due to leaks in the water heater tank can install tankless water heaters for their homes. Below are the reasons to install a tankless water heater:

Saves Space – If you don’t have enough space, we suggest calling a plumber to help you install a tankless water heater for your home. You can just mount this on your bathroom wall. With the conventional tank, you’ll need a bigger space to store it.

Lasts Longer – A conventional water heater tank can last up to 10 years but it may start to lose its efficiency after the 7th year especially when it’s not maintained correctly. A tankless water heater on the other hand can last up to 20 years. This means you won’t have to keep buying a new water heater every 10- years.

Saves Money – There’s no standby heat loss with the tankless water heater as you only use energy when you turn on the shower or the faucet. This means you get to save more money in the long run. However, you do need to only hire a licensed professional to help you properly install your new unit.

A conventional water heater needs to be properly maintained by flushing the sediment buildup at least once a year. A tankless water heater requires little maintenance. If you have questions about water heaters, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

8. Why Do We Need to Install a Sump Pump?

It’s better to install a sump pump especially when you have a basement and your area is flood-prone. The sump pump can prevent flooding in the basement and costly repairs as well. When the basement starts to flood, you’ll need to also worry about mold and replacing damaged appliances. You can avoid this by installing a sump pump.

When you do have a sump pump installed by a licensed plumber, ensure that you also regularly maintain it and you check it before use. Pour a bucket of water into the sump pit, just enough to turn on the float switch. Check if the device can indeed drain the water from the sump pit. It’s also better to get backup batteries in case there’s a power outage in the area. For installation, get in touch with a licensed plumber near you.

9. How Can We Conserve Water?

You can conserve more water by installing energy-efficient plumbing appliances and fixtures. An energy-efficient dishwasher and washing machine uses less water compared to a regular washer and dishwasher. They also use less energy, helping you save more money. However, you will also need to purchase special detergent for it. For installations, hire a licensed plumber only.

Dual flush toilets and low-flow fixtures can also help you conserve more water. Look for WaterSense products as these are reliable and are also tested. For questions about how to conserve more water, please contact a plumber in your area.

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