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A Comprehensive Guide From A Plumber Near Me On The Types Of Bathtubs You Can Install In Your Home | Benbrook, TX

A Comprehensive Guide From A Plumber Near Me On The Types Of Bathtubs You Can Install In Your Home | Benbrook, TX

Nothing is as relaxing as taking a bath in the tub. From the standard classics of yesteryears to contemporary designs, bathtubs come in a wide range of shapes and materials, and there’s no one-size-fits-all tub. And you begin to learn this quickly when you try to have a soothing soak in a tub that’s the wrong design or material.

Thus, you need to choose a suitable one for your needs. This means you should understand the different bathtub types and their distinctive features. If you’re shopping for a bathtub and perhaps wondering which bath is the best for your family or pets, here is a complete guide on the various types of bathtubs in the market today.


Alcove is probably the most classic bathtub many of you grew up with. This bathtub configuration features three walls and doubles as a shower quite often; your hired plumber near me can place the shower in the middle or either side of the tub.

Alcoves are an ideal option in homes with small bathroom spaces. They’re very cost-friendly and come in a variety of styles. However, the only disadvantage is they usually don’t stretch more than approximately 60 inches, which can be limiting for a person who loves a long, self-indulging soak.

Corner Bathtub

As the name suggests, corner bathtubs are fitted typically in the corner of a room. Like the alcove tub, they’ve got a wall attachment configuration, only that it may be one or two sides instead of three.

This tub style is also suitable for maximizing space in households with limited space. Again, it allows for creative design. You’ll mostly find cabinetry around a corner tub on the sides not connected to a wall.

Corner tubs often measure between 50 to 65 inches in width, allowing for efficient use of the available space. But they may not be a good fit for compact spaces since they’re still significantly more prominent than most bathtubs. Because of their size, they tend to be costly compared to other bathtub models.

In addition, combining them with a shower might be challenging. Thus, your Benbrook, TX plumber near me may have to install a shower stall separately.


Freestanding baths are standalone tub styles that have been around for a long time. They’re the oldest design of the lot when porcelain and metal bathtubs were commonly used. Freestanding tubs have recently encountered a comeback, ranking as a popular style among many bathtub designs.

Nowadays, freestanding bathtubs include a combination of acrylic and fiberglass, although porcelain-enameled iron and copper models are still commonplace. And while this bathtub version is simple and elegant, it often doesn’t provide for faucet placement.

Thus, you and your plumber near me should carefully consider water supply and waste outlet installations during the planning stage to ensure an uncluttered look. A trained plumber near me can best fix a freestanding tub in an open bathroom with slightly more space.

Clawfoot Tub

The freestanding, oval bathtub has seen a strong resurgence, with many builders and renovators considering it in their designs. The clawfoot tub is viewed with a nostalgic feeling, better suited for a bathroom in vintage style.

These attractive tub models are made of cast iron coated with enamel. Once warm, cast iron provides superior heat retention capabilities; the ornate feet can last several years while adding unique elegance to your bathroom. The downside, however, is that these tub styles are usually heavy, making their installation a bit complicated.

Also, when buying this particular bathtub, you must check if it has faucet holes, especially with cast iron versions, which can’t be drilled. A professional plumber near me in Benbrook, TX can place a clawfoot tub in a large bathroom that requires a centerpiece.


The typical installation configuration for drop-in tubs requires that your contracted plumber near me builds an enclosure around them because they don’t come with a frame. The surround should be strong enough to bear the tub when it’s full of water, though, in essence, it’s the enclosure that gives drop-in bathtubs much of their flexibility.

Your plumber near me can construct a drop-in bath surround across a narrow bathroom or as a self-standing structure in a room. Moreover, given that these tubs come with their rim, the plumbing contractor can sink them into the floor.

One good thing about these tub varieties is that their width can be customized entirely to accommodate faucets or even provide a convenient surface for placing bathing products, wine glasses, or candles.

Walk-in Tub

Walk-in bathtubs might be the best choice for those with mobility issues. They come with an in-built seat set at a chair height and grab bars for support. In addition, their doors allow convenient access as they open a few inches off the floor.

What else; they frequently include extra fittings, usually a handheld showerhead on an elongated hose. Some walk-in bathtubs are incorporated with multiple jets for massage. A plumber near me can fit these tubs as freestanding or into an alcove.

A drawback of the walk-in tub is that much of the water has to drain away before the user can exit. If you’re buying these baths, check out the door width since some will be narrower than others.

Jetted Bathtub

Nothing beats a jetted tub for the ultimate bathtime relaxation. They can relax aching muscles and soothe away your daylong stress! They’re recommended for muscle and joint pain treatment.

Jetted tubs utilize compressed air bubbles, whirlpool jets, or both. The cost of these bathtubs will vary considerably depending on the position and number of jets. While planning tub installation with your plumber near me in Benbrook, TX, you should also consider the requirements of the bathtub pump.

Enjoy the Bath with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth!

After learning the different types of bathtubs, now you’ll make a better choice when selecting one for your family. For proper installation, consider hiring the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, and you won’t regret it. For us, customer satisfaction isn’t just any other catchword; it’s what we do. Give us a ring, and we’ll be happy to see you enjoy your bath in the tub the way you like it!

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