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A Guide to Leaks | Plumbers in Lake Worth, TX

A Guide to Leaks | Plumbers in Lake Worth, TX

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Plumbing systems are fickle and often problematic. They can leak, flood, break and bruise at any time and under any circumstance.

Leaks are the most common of plumbing issues, especially in older houses in Lake Worth. Leaks should be handled by plumbers at the first moment they appear because they can cause a multitude of issues.

Leaks and floods can endanger your life, damage your home, and damage the entire water system. Leaks can also cause excess water wastage and can impact the city as a whole.

Lake Worth residents should then take great care in managing and maintaining their water supply, pipes and plumbing systems by calling for professional plumbers in Lake Worth, TX.

Here are some types of leaks to watch out for:

Flooding and Pipe Leaks

You can often have broken pipes in your house due to a multitude of reasons. Pipes can break due to rust, aging, wear and tear.

You have a system of pipelines connected to a water main in your home that is connected to the main water supply for the city. At any point, these pipes or water lines can flood or break.

Broken or damaged water lines and pipes can spill out, damage and flood your homes and even your yards outside. If the water main has a problem or if the main water supply in the city gets damaged, there could be flooding in larger areas of Lake Worth, as well.

What usually happens as a result of broken pipes is that they leak. They can leak in your kitchens, bathrooms, washing areas or even your bedrooms. Pipes usually can leak inside walls and floors, causing damage to the structure of your house as well as your furniture or curtains.

In any of these circumstances, you will need to shut off your water main and then call a professional plumber for pipe and water line repair, maintenance and emergency services of plumbers inLake Worth, TX.

If left undetected, leaking pipes can leak all of your water supply and cause a sharp increase in water and utility bills.

Furthermore, pipes leak because there are gaping holes inside them which could allow contaminants or allergens to enter your water supply. These gaps can also widen to create whole floods which will endanger your property and your lives.

If your underground water line breaks, you might even have a sinkhole in your yard. Broken pipes and water lines should be immediately inspected and repaired by professional plumbers in Lake Worth, TX.

Water Heater Gas Leak

Plumbers should also be called if you have a leak in your water heaters as well. Water heater leaks can be of natural gas so proper precautions must be taken.

Water heaters that are gas-based should be maintained at regular intervals throughout their life cycle to prevent issues. If you have a possible gas leak, you should take the following safety measures:

  1. Open windows and doors to let in fresh air
  2. Do not light a flame within the vicinity of the leak, including splints, stoves or cigarettes.
  3. If you can, safely, shut off the gas supply line in your home. Do not attempt to do this if you are unfamiliar with the system or the dangers.
  4. Evacuate the area with your family, pets and other living beings.
  5. Call for emergency services.
  6. Warn your neighbors of the possible dangers.

You can tell if you have a leak by detecting a pungent rotting eggs smell or detecting yellow flames at the base of the furnace. This furnace must be blue at all times and the change in color is a clear indicator of a leak. In this instance, you must immediately call a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks can occur if you have improperly installed pipes in your piping system at the base of your house. Slab leaks can also occur if the foundation of your house shifts and increases pressure on the piping system.

Your pipes could also abrade if they are placed next to concrete or corrode if they are exposed to soil under your house.

Each of these can cause serious slab leaks. To prevent these, you should take care to inspect and maintain the pipes on a regular basis. You can call plumbers inLake Worth, TX for this service.

Slab leaks can be detected as a result of the following symptoms:

  1. Wet or warm spots on the floor can occur, causing puddles on your floors or carpets.
  2. There can be sharp increases in your water bill.
  3. Carpets might have mold or might start to grow mold.
  4. There could be the sound of running water in your walls.
  5. There could be cracks in your walls.

You should take care to act quickly in the case of slab leaks as they can cause considerable damage because of leaking foundation pipes weakening the foundation of the house.

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