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A Guide To Plumbing Service For Home Buyers And Homeowners | Mansfield, TX

A Guide To Plumbing Service For Home Buyers And Homeowners | Mansfield, TX

Current and prospective homeowners in Mansfield, TX often have concerns about how they can avoid costly plumbing disasters. After all, no one wants to blow the vacation budget on unexpected repairs following a plumbing emergency. Plumbing service is sometimes necessary: the unexpected happens and professional help is needed. But there are some things prospective home buyers can do to ensure a home’s plumbing is in good working order. Likewise, homeowners play a key role in the regular maintenance of plumbing areas. Learning to properly care for a home’s plumbing and when to call for professional plumbing service will minimize water waste and keep plumbing calls to a minimum.

The Perfect New Home

Finding the perfect new home can be overwhelming for first-time homebuyers shopping the Mansfield, TX market. It’s exciting for a family to shop for the home they’ve always imagined. But along with the excitement comes a long list of to-dos that must be completed before closing day and concerns over whether the home is a good investment.

Older homes and newly constructed properties alike sometimes have underlying plumbing issues invisible during a simple walk-through. Surprise plumbing disasters after move-in day can result in costly repairs that new homeowners aren’t prepared for.

Having a potential new home professionally inspected can alert buyers to any lurking issues so no costly plumbing disasters happen after closing. In the case that maintenance and repairs are necessary, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth offers efficient professional plumbing service for Mansfield, TX, and surrounding areas.

Don’t Skip the Due Diligence

In an aggressive market, some home buyers might be tempted to waive the contingency period: the time between an offer’s acceptance and the final close date. However, this time is important for conducting proper due diligence. Even a shortened contingency period of a few days though allows enough time for necessary inspections to ensure the plumbing is in proper working condition. It’s far better to know of any possible issues before closing on a home so that any necessary plumbing service can be scheduled.

Check Major Areas

Most first-time homebuyers don’t spend their first viewing of a home closely inspecting the plumbing fixtures. But some plumbing issues might be easy to notice, and a wise buyer looks over main plumbing areas during a home tour. It takes very little time to check a few main areas that might reveal a plumbing issue. A new homeowner can ultimately save time and money by being conscious of the small signs that can signal a bigger plumbing issue.

Toilets should flush, drain, and refill properly. Signs of moisture around the base of the toilet or excessive water damage to the flooring around the toilet may signal a leak.

Faucets and showers should have good water pressure and flow uninterrupted. Sinks, tubs, and showers should drain quickly and completely. While clogged drains are a common issue, poor water pressure or rust-colored water might point to corroded or leaking pipes.

Pipes: The age and material of the pipes in a home are extremely important in evaluating possible future plumbing service expenses. Galvanized pipes should be replaced approximately every 30 years, while PVC pipes may last longer. Older homes are more likely to have galvanized lead pipes, which over time may become corroded and leaky. Lead piping should be replaced by a professional plumbing service like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth as exposure to lead is potentially toxic.

Basements and crawl spaces should be free from any signs of standing water. Evidence of patching or repairs to any exposed piping in these areas is a potential sign that the pipes should have a more thorough inspection. The smell of mold or the presence of standing water also causes concern.

Leaky outdoor valves are a common minor issue that when left unattended can cause costly damage to a home’s exterior. New homeowners should be sure to replace any faulty fixtures as soon as possible after move-in to prevent further damage to the home. Taking note of the location of all main shut-off valves and the main water line to the home is also important in case the water needs to be turned off quickly during a plumbing emergency.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth provides plumbing service in Mansfield, TX, and surrounding areas for new and existing homeowners. If a homeowner or prospective buyer notices a possible plumbing issue, the technicians are available 24/7 to diagnose the problem and provide a durable cost-effective solution.

These quick checks can alert potential homeowners to some major areas of concern early in the home buying process. But this list is not complete. There are additional important plumbing areas that should be professionally inspected for safety and functionality.

Leave Professional Plumbing Services to Professionals

Homeowners and homebuyers should never be tempted to complete plumbing projects themselves. As one might expect, DIY plumbing repairs rarely go as planned and frequently end up causing additional damage. Professional inspections will help identify the cause or source of plumbing issues so that a professional plumbing service can attend to the problem safely and effectively.

Major plumbing concerns covered during home inspections

Even if a home buyer can secure just a single day for due diligence, there’s still time for an inspection to uncover major plumbing concerns. Skipping necessary inspections often leads to ignored issues. Without professional plumbing service, these issues become major plumbing disasters for homeowners. Instead of dealing with the expensive aftermath of costly plumbing repairs, buyers should instead opt for a professional plumbing inspection to avoid major plumbing disasters.

Pipe Problems

Incorrectly sized, worn out, or corroded pipes can lead to leaks and poor water pressure. Plumbing leaks can cause major damage to ceilings and floors as well as ballooning water bills.

Faucets and Toilets

Faulty faucets drip and a broken toilet runs. Both issues result in water loss, potential flooding, and damage to the home. A professional plumbing inspection will include inspecting the home’s toilets, drains, fixtures, and supply lines for any necessary areas of concern.

Checking for the presence of Lead

Beyond cost, the presence of lead in pipes and faucet fixtures poses a potential health risk any buyer should beware of. Homes built as recently as 1985 could have pipes and fixtures containing lead. Even small levels of lead exposure are dangerous and high levels can be fatal. If an inspector finds the presence of lead, simply swapping out fixtures could solve the problem. Lead pipes, however, would require replacement at a far higher expense than a few new faucet fixtures.

Water Heater

A thorough inspection of the water heater will look for pressure and valve issues, check piping and inspect fuel lines. The water heater is essential to a home’s supply of hot water for showers and washing dishes so major issues can put a major cramp in a homeowner’s day. If the hot water heater is more than 10 years old, it may need to be replaced soon. Although, a tankless water heater maintained properly can last for more than 20 years.

Responsible Homeownership and Plumbing Maintenance

In addition to inspections and repairs that might be needed during and shortly after a home purchase, homeowners should also consider completing periodic plumbing checks and regular at-home maintenance. Taking care of plumbing areas and being aware of red flags signaling plumbing problems can help homeowners discover small issues before they require major plumbing service.

Keep an Expert on Call

Homeowners in and around Mansfield, TX can benefit from having a regular plumbing provider for emergencies and regular maintenance. When an issue arises, it’s far more convenient to reach out to a proven and reliable plumbing service rather than searching last-minute for a good professional to solve an emergency plumbing issue.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth provides superior plumbing service for homeowners local to Arlington and Greater Fort Worth. Local homeowners should call the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth office at 817-983-7876 to connect with the courteous knowledgeable staff. Skilled plumbing technicians with fully stocked trucks are available to assist with regular maintenance and inspections in addition to larger plumbing needs.

Inspect major plumbing areas regularly

In addition to having Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth on call for plumbing service, new homeowners should commit to regularly checking plumbing areas for any issues. Catching minor problems early will ensure plumbing stays in working order. Homeowners can avoid water leaks and clogs getting out of control by looking over visible plumbing components regularly. A good strategy is to check anywhere in the home where water flows.

Homeowners should create a simple checklist to complete every month or so that includes inspecting faucets and exposed pipes under sinks. They should check below pipes in basements and crawl spaces for puddles or signs of mold, which likely indicate a leak. Homeowners should also check around appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, and water heater to ensure the areas are dry. In addition, watermarks on walls and ceilings might be a sign there’s a leak in the plumbing. Homeowners who notice water stains or wet areas should immediately call for a plumber.

In the bathroom, toilets are another common source of leaks and clogs. A toilet running long after it’s flushed is an easily noticeable indicator that there’s a leak. But a more full-proof method is to add a few drops of food coloring to the water in the tank of the toilet. After a few hours, if the color has seeped into the toilet bowl, there is a leak. Luckily, the fix for a leaky toilet is often a simple and affordable replacement piece.

Daily care

Keeping a home’s plumbing functioning properly with regular attention and maintenance is the key for homeowners looking to avoid major plumbing disasters and expensive plumbing service calls.

Homeowners should regularly clean faucets and showerheads. Removing any minerals stuck on from hard water keeps spigots flowing freely and reduces potential stress on the plumbing system that build-up can cause.

Some homeowners should also consider adding insulation to pipes near exterior walls and in basements and crawl spaces. Additional insulation helps prevent pipes from freezing and bursting during winter weather. Burst pipes can be one of the costliest plumbing service calls for homeowners, so it’s one they will want to avoid. Insulating the water heater too can help homeowners save money by increasing efficiency.

Drains and garbage disposals are additional important components for a home’s plumbing. Homeowners should use care in what they put down drains and garbage disposal. Drains are designed to handle only water and soap. Still, sink drains commonly become clogged over time with mineral deposits and soap scum. Regular cleaning of drains with baking soda and vinegar can help prevent clogs from occurring. Hair is a common culprit in clogging tub and shower drains. Using drain covers in showers and tubs can prevent hair from traveling into the pipes causing clogs.

Likewise, a garbage disposal can’t handle just any kitchen trash. Garbage disposals are not designed to accommodate items such as grease or oil, eggshells, and non-food items, so homeowners should be careful not to clog or damage the disposal. A badly clogged drain or broken garbage disposal could require a professional plumber to resolve the issue.

Calling Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth for plumbing service

New and existing homeowners near Mansfield, TX should establish a plan for care and maintenance of a homes’ plumbing. In addition, they should be prepared for the unexpected with a local plumbing service.

Call 817-983-7876 to reach Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth. Seeking professional plumbing service at the onset of a minor issue can help prevent major plumbing disasters from happening. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is locally owned and operated, serving Mansfield, TX, and surrounding areas.

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