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A Plumber Explains Why Installing A Private Well Is Worth It | Haslet, TX

A Plumber Explains Why Installing A Private Well Is Worth It | Haslet, TX

When it comes to having a home, one of the things that are often taken into consideration is water. There are many options for getting water for your home; one popular option is installing a private well. Although the water services offered by the municipality might be good, sometimes the water can be cut when there are burst pipes or ongoing repairs. The good thing about a private well is that you get access to water regardless of what happens to municipal water services. After installing a well, one thing left to do is hire a plumber to install a well water filtration system to ensure the water is healthy. Below are the advantages of having a private well.

Helps Reduce Dependency on Municipality Supply

Despite being used in many homes, municipal water supply can sometimes be unreliable. If you rely on your municipality for water supply and their water main experiences issues, you might be forced to stay without water as you wait for their plumbers to fix the problem. During this period, you will be forced to use expensive bottled water for drinking and cooking. Doing activities such as washing dishes, toileting, showering, and laundry will be challenging. You can address all these issues by calling the experts to install a private well. To link your home’s plumbing pipes with the well, contact a plumber in Haslet, TX for help.

A Well Will Increase Your Property’s Value

There are many things a plumber can do in your home to increase its value. If you want to increase your home’s value even more, consider adding a private well. Install a well that can be depended on for different activities. Think of a well that can offer water to facilitate all activities in your home. When you plan to move out or sell your home, any potential buyer will be amazed to see you have a water source in the form of a well.

Well Water Is Free

After installing a private well, the water pumped from the ground and into your home is free. You won’t have to suffer expensive monthly bills, huge municipal fees, hidden charges, or rising costs. You will have access to an unlimited water supply without having to worry about water bills. While having free water is a huge benefit, a few costs are associated with well water.

For instance, you must pay a reputable plumber for periodic maintenance and check the water pump. Depending on the well’s water quality, you might invest in a filtration system or a water softener. Ensure the filtration system installation is handled by a certified plumber, as some filtration systems fail when not installed correctly. Overall, however, well water is a cost-effective option.

Well Water Is Healthier

The water from your faucets and outdoor taps has many unseen contaminants that are not good for your health. It is hard to know your water is contaminated unless you hire a plumber to test it. When the contaminants in municipal water are consumed daily, they can bring issues to your health. Although municipal authorities add chlorine to the water to remove bacteria and viruses, not all are eliminated using this method, posing a threat to your health.

The good thing about well water is that it is filtered through layers of locks and has beneficial minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. The minerals are good for the body, and by getting them through well water, you get an extra boost not found in tap water. Although the minerals are good for your health, an excessive amount of these minerals builds up in the plumbing fixtures, appliances, and pipes. Therefore, it is essential to have a plumber check your plumbing frequently to prevent mineral buildup.

It is Reliable

The other benefit of installing a private well is that it can be installed anywhere equipment can fit. Meaning the water is very close to your home. Having a well on your property means you will never have to worry about a water main break in the water supply. You won’t have to travel miles or pay fees to fix your water issue. You enjoy the reliability of having water nearby and use it any time you want.

Installing a Private Well is Eco-Friendly

Groundwater is filtered naturally through layers of rock and stored in underground aquifers. No chemicals are required to treat or clean the water. The only thing needed is energy from the pump to pull up water and into your home. Well water is very sustainable; even when there is drought, groundwater is refreshed continuously and rarely exhausted.

Municipal water supply tends to be harsh on the environment. All the chemicals used to treat the water find their way back to the earth. Besides, a lot of energy and resources are required to ensure every home gets water.

Well Water Tastes Better

Municipal water is treated with chemicals to remove contaminants. However, these chemicals make the water have a bad taste or smell, forcing many to buy costly bottled water. Not only is bottled water expensive, but it is not suitable for the environment as the bottles pollute the environment.

Well water doesn’t have a bad taste or smell as it is drawn from deep within the groundwater where it is naturally filtered. However, the water quality differs from one well to another, and to ensure the water is healthy, it is better to hire a plumber in Haslet, TX to install a water filter.

To experience the benefits of well water, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth today for expert Haslet, TX services. We have experts with experience in well pump repair, installation, and other well services. Besides helping you with your well, we can help inspect your plumbing and ensure no mineral buildup in your fixtures. Call us now for a free consultation.

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