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A Plumber Thinks These 7 Mistakes Can Cause Trouble In Your Plumbing | Granbury, TX

A Plumber Thinks These 7 Mistakes Can Cause Trouble In Your Plumbing | Granbury, TX

The last thing you want to happen in your home is to wake up one day and suddenly realize your pipes have burst or the basement is flooding. As a homeowner, part of your responsibility is to ensure your plumbing is efficient and that everything is in top shape. No homeowner wants to ever deal with the problem and costs associated with water damage. Thankfully, you can avoid paying for a costly repair when you don’t follow the expensive plumbing mistakes discussed in this article. If you have questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a plumber in Granbury, TX.

Costly Plumbing Mistakes

Below are just some of the expensive plumbing mistakes that you can fortunately avoid. Just call us if you need more help and we are more than happy to assist. Never do the thing below if you don’t have to spend a fortune on repairs and restorations:

1. Ignore a Problem

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is when completely ignoring a plumbing issue. No matter how small you think the problem is, it’s always best to proactively do something about it. Don’t just shrug it off thinking it’s going to resolve itself. It will not. If you have a dripping faucet, some connections may be loose. Call a plumber in Granbury, TX if you can’t fix a dripping faucet. Remember, you may not see a direct impact on your water bill but you will eventually. Also, you will start to develop a hobby of ignoring a plumbing problem. As soon as the problem itself, contact a plumber in Granbury, TX. Our plumbing experts can help. We have an expert plumber in the area and we serve all homeowners and businesses.

If your water heater or sump pump is acting up, you will have a bigger problem when you don’t do something about it. For example, you think a little leak is okay but if you leave this problem unaddressed for a long time, you may have to spend more money on costly plumbing repairs and even replacements. For example, when the water heater tank breaks because you fail to address the problem early, you will have no choice but to replace your water heater. This can cost you thousands of money if you’re not careful. Always address an issue to avoid a more costly repair down the road.

2. Using Chemical-Based Drain Cleaners to Get Rid of a Clog

Some homeowners resort to using chemical-based drain cleaners to help them get rid of a major drain clog. These heavily advertised cleaners may temporarily get rid of a clog but it’s really not the permanent solution to the problem. If you’re not careful, you can get injured using a chemical-based drain cleaner. You need to avoid them like the plague especially when there are children and pets in your household. These types of cleaners can also severely drain the pipes.

To remove a clog, you can use a drain snake but make sure you know how to properly use it too. You may damage the pipe if you don’t know how to properly use a drain snake. You can also contact a plumber in Granbury, TX for a professional drain cleaning service. Our plumbing experts are equipped with drain cameras that let us see the interior of your plumbing pipes, helping assess the problem better. If we know what’s causing the clog, we’ll be able to give you a permanent solution. When there’s a heavy clog, we also have a hydro jetter to ensure it gets resolved quickly.

Avoid using chemical-based drain cleaners because it may lead to other problems with your plumbing. Should you decide to really use a chemical-based drain cleaner, make sure you read the label and that you have fully understood the instructions. You’re also not supposed to mix the chemical-based drain cleaners with other chemicals as it might be dangerous. Talk to us if you want to learn how to better get rid of a drain clog. We’ll connect you with a licensed plumber in your area, who can assist you better.

3. Not Buying Batteries for the Sump Pump

For homeowners that live in high-risk areas or those that get a lot of storms, it’s advisable to install a sump pump to avoid flooding in the basement. However, it’s not enough to just install a sump pump. You need to make sure the device actually works. Pour a bucket of water into the sump pit, just enough to turn on the float switch. The pump should be able to drain the water from the pit. If it doesn’t, call a plumber in Granbury, TX, so they can inspect the sump pit and alleviate the problem. We also suggest you get extra batteries just in case there’s a storm in the area. There will likely be power interruption when there’s a storm and the sump pit ensures your device will still work.

You can avoid a flooded basement and protect your home from water damage by having extra batteries and by making sure your device works efficiently. So make sure your sump pump is also properly maintained by a licensed plumber in your area. Clean it regularly and if you see issues with your sump pump, get help right away and don’t allow the problem to progress into something bigger.

4. Not Hiring the Right Professional

Do you need help with a plumbing repair or installation? Always hire the services of a licensed plumber in your area to avoid problems. Never attempt DIY plumbing repairs or hire an inexperienced person to do it if you want to avoid more problems with your plumbing.

A licensed plumber is equipped with the right training, experience and tools to properly diagnose the problem and provide a solution. Because he’s trained, a plumber knows how to properly carry out the task and he will never cut corners when it comes to repair.

Never hire someone without a license because he won’t be able to give you a guarantee that he can permanently fix the problem. If he makes a mistake, you may end up hiring another professional in Granbury, TX to correct his mistake. You will never have any of these problems when you hire the right plumber for the job. And this is where Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth comes in. Our plumbing experts can resolve any plumbing problems, big or small. We also offer a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services including professional drain cleaning and leak detection. Just give us a call and we will quickly dispatch a plumber to your location.

5. Ignore Higher Water Bill

How high is your water bill this month? If it’s unusually higher this month, you might want to check your home’s water pressure to determine if there might be a leak in your plumbing. Low water pressure usually indicates a leak and sediment can build up faster in the tank. Get a water pressure gauge first to check your home’s water pressure and it must not be below 40 PSI. You can also do a water meter test just to make sure. If you suspect a leak, get in touch with a plumber the soonest possible time for professional leak detection.

Our plumbing team can locate the leak and help you alleviate the problem. We can also check for hidden leaks in your plumbing and ensure everything is in excellent shape. Don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can to fix everything. Our first priority is to keep your plumbing safe and efficient, which is why we will never stop until we’re certain everything is okay.

Call us immediately when your water bill has skyrocketed or there’s low water pressure so we can perform tests. Rest assured, we will locate the leak if there’s any and make sure your plumbing is efficient.

6. Not Maintaining the Water Heater

Do you have a water heater tank? Then you’re aware that you need to flush the sediment buildup in the tank or the minerals in the tank can accumulate, leaving less space for your hot water. If you never remove the sediment building up at the bottom of the tank, your water heater will only work harder and this can significantly reduce its lifespan. Your water heater may also start to leak water and you will have no choice but to completely get a replacement that will cost you a lot of money.

To ensure your water heater stays in excellent shape, get professional maintenance so that a plumber can thoroughly inspect your water heater. He needs to make sure the heating elements are working and your water is clean. If there are issues with it, rest assured he will fix this on the same day. It’s also better to insulate the water heater to conserve energy.

If you have a standard water heater that’s more than 7 or 10 years old and is no longer that efficient or you keep calling a plumber for repairs, we suggest you get that inspected. It might be time to get a new water heater replacement. A brand-new water heater is more efficient and will not cost you a lot. It’s wiser to invest in a new unit than keep paying for costly repairs.

Should you decide to get a new water heater, why not consider buying a tankless water heater? You never have to worry about water heater leaks in the basement if you have a tankless water heater installed in your home. Homeowners worried about leaks usually switch to the tankless water heater for their peace of mind.

Compared to the standard water heater, a tankless water heater lasts longer, up to 20 years when properly maintained. Also, because you only use energy when you turn on the shower or the faucet, this means there’s no standby heat loss with the tankless water heater. For installation though, make sure you only hire a licensed plumber for it. Our plumbing experts can install all types of water heaters including tankless water heaters. If you need help deciding what type of water heater to install for your home and what size, we can help as well. Just reach out to us at your earliest convenience and our professional team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

7. Not Getting Professional Installation

You don’t only use the warranty by not hiring a licensed plumber to professionally install a plumbing appliance. Incorrect installation can also lead to other issues with your plumbing. Your appliance will not work efficiently, leading to more repairs down the road. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth today if you need help installing your new fixture or appliance. You can avoid costly repairs and replacements when you hire us.

Get in Touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth

Need a plumber for your home in Granbury, TX? We are an established plumbing company that offers both residential and commercial plumbing services. If you need help with water heater installation or repair, our experts can help. Additionally, we can also help with professional drain cleaning and even leak detection services. We’re always ready to help if you need to resolve a leak or need someone to check for hidden leaks in your plumbing. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth also offers emergency plumbing services to cater to those that require immediate service. Or if you need to renovate your bathroom or kitchen plumbing, feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to provide assistance to help you make an informed decision. Please don’t hesitate to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth today for an appointment.

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