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A Reliable Plumber Service | Lake Worth, TX

A Reliable Plumber Service | Lake Worth, TX

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Lake Worth, TX might be named after the natural watering hole in the northwestern region of Tarrant County, but it is an important suburb of Fort Worth and Dallas where community members are house-proud and hard working.

In the late 1970s, a sizable shale of natural gas was found underneath Fort Worth. The abundance of this valuable natural resource has helped many residents beef up their bank accounts. As technology advances, and the fracking industry grows resulting in vertical drilling becoming more commonplace.

Many homes have leased their gas rights to local fracking corporations that remove the gas from the shale. However, fracking causes disruptions to the earth’s natural balance and as a consequence, the Fort Worth and Dallas area experience small earthquakes and tremors on a regular basis.

The network of pipes and joints used for a plumbing system are typically located out of eyesight and in out of the way places like inside the walls or under the house. An underground plumbing system can be heavily affected by fracking procedures.

It’s vital to hire an experienced plumber who knows about the specific problems the community faces and has the know-how and has the appropriate tools readily available. The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, TX – Lake Worth promises to provide bespoke solutions at competitive prices.

A Savvy Plumbing Response to the Challenges of Fracking

We’re the number one plumbing service in Lake Worth, TX and are quickly becoming the most relied upon plumbers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex because we understand the issues facing many customers in the area.

Our technicians tailor their work to best suit your home or workspace with efficiency and affordability guiding their choices as they complete the installation or repair. We offer a targeted plumbing service for customers negatively affected by the fracking process.

The bespoke plumbing service utilizes cutting-edge leak detection tools and innovative repair capabilities. The factory-trained technicians study and collaborate with fracking experts to continually work on solving plumbing problems created by the natural gas industry.

Advances in fracking technology have provided many Lake Worth, TX residents with an easy way to earn passive income but the procedure puts stress on the joints causing disruptions with many peoples’ plumbing systems.

We’ve gone the extra mile and developed a fracking response procedure which helps our plumber reduce the damage done to your system while speeding up the time necessary to complete the repairs.

10 Red Flags Your Plumber Doesn’t Want You to Ignore

The first step in any repair should be rolling up your sleeves and attempting to fix the issue. However, plumbing is a complex network of technology and parts and without the appropriate knowledge and training to correctly clear a drain or repair a burst pipe, doing-it-yourself might cost you twice what relying on a professional would charge you for an initial home visit. If you recognize any of the following symptoms, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as soon as possible to remedy the situation.

 1.  Back Flow

As any seasoned plumber will inform you, backflow is a huge, warning sign that something is amiss with your plumbing. Sewage flowing into your home is unacceptable and unsanitary. The problem will likely get worse without immediate intervention by a professional plumber.


2.  Odd Sounds Coming from the Taps, Toilets, or Sinks

Unless your plumbing and plumbing appliances are brand new, you’ll recognize what sounds are ordinary and which are an indicator that something is wrong. Groaning faucets and rumbling toilets might mean a channel of air is trapped within the system. A plumber will be able to locate the source of the sounds.


3.  Leaky or Burst Pipes

This might seem self-explanatory, but not all leaks and burst pipes leave gallons of dirty water behind. Occasionally, a leak will remain unnoticed until other problems pop up. Leaks and burst pipes can dramatically raise your water bills. To avoid sky-high water rates, have a plumber evaluate the situation as soon as you find the leak.


4.  Low Water Pressure

Is your shower leaving you dry when you try to rinse the soap off? Has the water pressure suddenly become forceless or virtually nonexistent? Weak water pressure is a common problem in Lake Worth, TX mostly due to overused or leaking pipes.


5.  Unpleasant Scents in Drains

Food disposals rarely smell great, but they shouldn’t frequently stink either. Look out for burning and electrical fire scents and the smell of rotten eggs and mold. Moldy and musty scents may indicate excessive mold growth. Electrical burning and rotten egg smells are more dangerous because there might be a fire present or natural gas may be polluting the air inside your home. If you think there’s a natural gas leak or fire contact the fire department and gas company immediately. Don’t return to your home until the authorities declare it safe to do so.


6.  The Water Is Freezing

A cold shower might be extreme athlete Wim Hofs’ idea of a good way to greet the day but most of us want blissfully warm water to wash with. Icy water flowing from your sink may mean you’ve got an HVAC issue. Consult a plumber to restore the warm water.


7.  There’s No Water

Depending on the time of year, a lack of water could mean a pipe burst or that it’s blocked by debris. Our professional team of plumbers has special equipment which helps them locate the problem.


8.  Yellow or Brown Stains on the Ceilings and Walls

Yellowish or brown spots on the ceilings or walls directly attached to bathrooms, kitchens, or utility rooms might mean a leak has begun to damage your home. Contact a plumber immediately to prevent extensive harm to the walls and flooring.


9.  Damage to Floors and Walls

Offers further proof that there’s a destructive leak harming your walls and expensive flooring. Leaks often lead to mold growth and a weakening of the wall/floors’ integrity.


10.  Slowing Emptying Drains

Does your toilet fail to empty completely? Is there water leftover in the dishwasher after the drying cycle? Does the tub water take forever to drain? Slow drains are symptomatic of malfunctioning plumbing.

Taking the time to fix a plumbing issue is a prudent choice when it comes to safeguarding your hard-earned resources, but many pipe problems are complex which require the knowledge of a trained and seasoned, professional plumber.


“My family and I moved from the chilly climes of Minneapolis before my job moved me to Lake Worth, TX. We used to spend every weekend in September getting our house ‘frozen proof!’ Our teenage twins would collect all the yard stuff and clean the gutters. I’d make sure the pipes were in good repair and consult our plumber and HVAC service.

Moving to TX, we completely forgot about preparing the new house for winter. In fairness, we weren’t expecting much out of a Texan winter anyways. We were hoping to stay warm. We weren’t. The first cold snap in late October froze our pipes and the next morning we couldn’t get water running anywhere in the house.

My panicked wife called Benjamin Franklin Plumber and scheduled a service call that afternoon. The van pulled up before my wife left to drop the kids off at high school. I was relieved when the plumber told me the problem was solved and handed me a bill that was a lot less than I expected it would be. I’ve called Benjamin Franklin two more times since my children can’t seem to remember not to throw fast food wrappers down the drain! I don’t know what we would have done without Ben Franklin Plumbing!”

Bill Downs, Lake Worth, TX, November 2019

“My husband died last year. It wasn’t until sewage was filling my lounge that I completely understood just how handy of a handy-man my Jim was. We never had a backflow problem like the waste that filled my living room. I took for granted that my husband maintained our plumbing and kept it running, flushing, and rinsing away the grime. I didn’t even know where the source of the sewage was coming from at first, there’s a small water closet with a toilet and a sink right as you walk inside the house and the kitchen is directly behind the lounge. It seemed like the brownish-green goop was coming from both places. I’m pretty sure I screamed for help. I didn’t even want to walk through it.

My friend and neighbor suggested I call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing because they have an emergency service. I rang them and explained the situation in all of its’ stinky detail. They had a plumber at my house within an hour. The sump pump had gotten clogged and was responsible for the mess ruining my living room.

The technician helped me get the lion’s share of waste out of my home. While we were cleaning up, he suggested that I sign up for a maintenance package. The clogged sump pump needed to be replaced soon but routine care would keep the filth out of my lounge until I could arrange for the new unit to be installed.

I don’t know many plumbers who will help you clean up human waste from your living room floors, but I will be calling Ben Franklin the next time the sink or toilet as much as gurgles.”

Betty Fry, Arlington, February 2020

“Having children is the best thing I’ve ever done. I love these little boogers more than life itself, but that doesn’t always mean parenting is easy. We had trouble getting pregnant and sought help from a fertility clinic. The trip to the clinic must have gotten our reproductive systems up and running because I was pregnant within a week of our first visit. Our eldest was born in May, I got pregnant again in early July. After our little girl was born, we got pregnant with twins less than 10 weeks later. I’m so happy with my healthy family and grateful the pregnancies were so easy for me. However, having four kids all under the age of six at once is a test of patience and resilience.

A few weeks ago, my kids were going through a ‘let’s drop a toy in the toilet’ phase. My husband was able to wrestle the first Paw Patrol toy from the depths of our sanitary system, but as the kids continued with this game it became harder and harder for him to unclog the toilet. I started checking their pockets for stuff to keep them from chucking their treasures into the delicate pipes.

The straw which broke the camels’ back was a small toy SUV with removable mirrors and fenders that must have lodged themselves into a position that blocked water from coming in or out of the toilet bowl.

My husband was elbow deep in dirty water when I called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth and asked them to send a plumber immediately. The technician quickly found the toy car and removed it from the joint. Also, he found a sizable clump of blond hair which he said was contributing to the problem. I felt a little embarrassed because it was my hair. Admittedly, I throw the discarded hair my hairbrush collects into the toilet. I had no idea that hair didn’t naturally flow out into the sewer system. I would’ve bet the farm that it was the kids’ toys clogging up the works.

I learned a valuable lesson about caring for my homes’ plumbing system. Don’t throw anything that’s not fluid down the drain and keep your kids toys out of the bathroom! The best thing about the Benjamin Franklin plumber was his efficiency and friendly manner. He’d fixed our issue within a couple of hours and the cost was half what we had budgeted for an emergency plumbing call.”

Katherine Jones, Dallas, May 2019


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