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Accidents Happen: The Situations And Common Problems Making A Water Line Repair Necessary | Arlington, TX

Accidents Happen: The Situations And Common Problems Making A Water Line Repair Necessary | Arlington, TX

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The water used in your home may have flowed for several kilometers. A water line helps it get to your home. However, these plumbing fixtures are also prone to damages and leaks. Various signs show whether the water line has sprung a leak, an earthquake, or a tree root has damaged it.

However, do you have times when you should check for leakages because you suspect there may be accidental damage to your water line? Yes, sometimes you may have to check for the damages to the water line. For instance, if you have an excavator digging your yard, stay alert for any accident on your water line.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth in Arlington, TX, we can assist you to be aware of the risks, avoid any potential trouble, and get a swift water line repair service whenever you need them. The water line may be fixed underground or over the surface. With underground installations, you may not discover the leakages for a while. Therefore, hundreds of liters of water may go to waste. It may lead to the damage of your house’s foundation and other parts inside your house or property.

Therefore, you should be proactive and act on any concerns. Getting the services of a professional plumber to repair your water line is a critical step in addressing the issue. It could help you avoid hefty water bills, home and property restoration costs, including other disruptions. Below are situations or scenarios that may warrant a water line repair.

An Increasing Need for Water Line Repair as the Water Pipes Age

What goes on in your home’s plumbing is a vital indicator that a water line repair is imminent. If the pipes are several years old, they might start springing leaks and wearing thin. This is common for pipes made of iron or other corrosive materials and PVC-type pipes that degrade with time. If the piping is original and has the same age as the water supply line, you may want to know whether you will need to repair the water line.

Minor leaks in your yard may go unnoticed for a long time. Sometimes, you may only notice a leakage after a lot of water loss that creates brighter landscaping of a stripe of green vegetation. The leak may also create a water puddle near the foundation of your house. If the pond was not there and now ever-present, it could indicate a leak in your water line.

If you observe that, it means that your water lines need further inspection. Our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth uses leak detection equipment to inspect your water line for leaks. We do not dig your yard. Using the leak detection tools, we can check for leaks under the foundation slab or within the walls of your house. After detecting the leak, we can mitigate the problem before it becomes catastrophic. We are well trained in water line repair, replacement, and installation.

Digging Your Yard

The next activity that may damage your water line is digging your yard. There are various reasons you may have to dig your yard. However, map the pipes before digging to a considerable length close to the water line in your yard.

The damage to your water line is less likely to be caused by a light instrument like a shovel. However, if the pipes are old, hitting them with the shovel once is enough to cause damage. Hence, although we said that light digging tools might not damage the water line, pay attention to where the pipes are and handle them delicately.

Nowadays, utilities like electrical cables, phone lines, Internet cables, and many other utility services run underground in most cases. The provider could dig near your main water line using vibrating tools and excavators. These vibrations could damage the underground water pipes.

When putting up lawn equipment for your children to play tennis, you could hit the wrong spot. Damage to the water line can also happen when fencing your compound or digging a foundation for a new house. All these activities involve digging beneath, and prior knowledge of the location of the water pipes is vital. Therefore, you might have to inspect to ensure that the water line is not damaged.

Do you suspect that the water line leading to your Texas home is damaged? Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth immediately. We will dispatch a team to conduct leak detection by inspecting the water line. We offer water line repair and replacement upon diagnosing the issue.

Heavy Equipment Driving Over Your Lawn

Sometimes you may need to build a new house, demolish an existing one, or conduct other activities involving heavy equipment. When the landscapers cross your yard on heavy equipment and trucks, the equipment exerts pressure on the ground. Depending on how deep the water line is buried, the pressure exerted by this equipment is enough to crack the water line, causing leakages.

The effect may be catastrophic for older and weaker pipes. Plastic pipes are also more prone to this kind of damage. Many companies that use heavy equipment have a utility locator. That way, they can avoid damaging the water line, electrical cables, and other utilities. They may even hire a specialist to locate the water line before working. Therefore, they can avoid damaging your utilities.

However, accidents happen, and after completing their work, these companies do not check if there was damage to your water line. Therefore, why take the risk? Contact a water line repair company like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth after there has been an activity involving heavy machinery at your home. We will inspect your water line using our advanced technology to eliminate any doubts you may have regarding the health of your water line.

Earthquakes and Soil Movements

While only one minor earth tremor was experienced in Texas last year, earthquakes can occur anytime and anywhere. If it does, it is a cause for concern regarding the well-being of your water line. However, although your Arlington, TX home may not experience earthquakes or tremors frequently, it may not be safe from other local soil movements.

Wet soil movements, mudslides, and landslides are more likely to damage the water pipes that lead to your home. Landslides can be fatal, damaging anything along their way. The most recent 2014 Oso Landslide is a case in point.

Depending on the location of your home, ensure that local floods and heavy rains do not affect your land enough that they may damage the pipes. Do you suspect a recent rainfall may have damaged the water line in your home? Call the experienced water line repair technicians from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth.

Remember the Water Lines in Your Home

So far, we have discussed the risks that affect the water away from your home, primarily in your yard. Are there risks when the water line gets to your home? When the water line gets to your home, it is divided into pressurized supply lines that carry water throughout your home. The water supply lines are also at the risk of damage from saws, nails, and other items cut or driven through your wall.

After hanging a picture, you may hear a hissing sound behind your wall. The ominous hissing sound signifies that you need to make a swift trip to the water shutoff at your home and call an emergency water line repair.

If your work at home involves cutting or penetrating the walls in your Arlington, TX, house, you may have us come to locate the pipes within your walls before you work. However, there is a more long-term factor causing water line problems, wear from vibration. It happens where the pipes are installed close to each other or are in contact with metal brackets.

Turning the water valves on and off causes pipes to vibrate. When in contact with other objects, the pipes may develop a hole quickly, leading to leaks. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth technicians catches these issues during a plumbing inspection. Therefore, contact us today for a plumbing inspection and water line repairs.

Common Water Line Repair Issues

Having looked at the activities that pose a risk to your Arlington, TX water line, what are the problems you are likely to face? The water is the plumbing fixture that brings freshwater into your home. Knowing the importance of freshwater to your home, life can be hard to find the water line not working. Though water line issues rarely arise, they cause significant incontinence when they arise.

However, plumbing systems are complex. Therefore, fixing it requires a professional, and you should never attempt DIY water line repair. Below are some problems that may arise at your home if the water line is damaged.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are among the most common water line problems in Arlington, TX homes, particularly those having old plumbing systems. The leaky pipes also lead to an increase in water bills, which affects your finances. They can weaken wood or concrete, create dampness, and affect your house’s structural integrity.

Since most of the pipes are buried inside the walls or underground, knowing where the water line is leaking. Working with professional water line repair experts like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, these leaks can be easily detected and fixed. Our tools are fitted with the technology to detect leaks and fix the water line before posing a more severe risk.

Reduced Water Pressure

Water should gush out instead of trickle-down when you turn when a faucet or a tap is turned on. However, if there is an issue with water pressure, the water will not flow at the rate it is supposed to. Several issues can cause low water pressure at your home. A build-up of sediments, leaks within the water line, or issues with the utility company may cause it.

Regardless of the cause, you may need to call a professional water line repair technician to diagnose and fix the issue. If the problem causing the low water pressure is not within the plumbing system at your home, the technician will advise you to call the utility company.

Discolored Water

Water should be colorless and clean when you open your faucets. Thus, if the water appears discolored, it could show a problem within the water line. Is tour water looking cloudy as it pours into your glass? Do not be alarmed because high water pressure causes it.

If the water appears brown, it could mean your water line is rusty. Rust can jeopardize your health, discolor your clothes, or even cause malfunctioning of appliances like a washing machine. Thus, immediately you see the discolored water, call a water line repair expert. They will assess your situation and resolve it or advise you on the next course of action.

Frozen Water Pipes

If the water pipes are not insulated properly in winter, the water inside may freeze. Therefore, if it is winter and your house has no water, it could probably result from the frozen water inside the pipes. The ice blocks within the pipe may prevent the water from flowing into your house.

Are you experiencing such in your home? Call our technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth. They are fully equipped and experienced in handling all water line-related problems to ensure water flows in your home. They will insulate the pipes to prevent the freezing from happening again.

Burst Water Pipes

Among the problems above, this has the most severe consequences. A burst water pipe can cause various issues, including damage to your property, flooding, and insanely high water bills. Sometimes, the burst water pipe may affect your house’s structural integrity.

Your home may get disconnected from its main water supply line. So, what can make your water pipe burst? Most times, the pipes burst because of issues like encroaching tree roots and shifting ground. The water pipes may also burst because of an excavation job within your compound.

Regardless of the cause, call emergency water line repair services immediately. Failure to do so may cause dire consequences that have substantial financial implications. The technicians will resolve the problem expeditiously and save your home and property from damage.

Water Line Repair Services in Arlington, TX

Accidents may arise despite all the precautions you take to protect your plumbing systems. You may be repairing your wall, fencing your compound, or installing a lawn and hitting the water pipes underneath, damaging them.

If such happens, you need to respond swiftly or risk more dire consequences. Many issues may arise when it is damaged. Do you suspect you may have accidentally damaged your water line in your Arlington, TX home? Contact our water line repair specialists at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth immediately. They are professionally trained and equipped to handle all the issues with your water line expeditiously.

Call us at or visit our website to learn more about how we can help resolve all your water line repair needs.