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Advantages of PEX Plumbing | Fort Worth

Advantages of PEX Plumbing | Fort Worth

PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

Cross-linked polyethylene tubing, commonly called PEX pipe, is one of the most innovative products in today’s plumbing industry. PEX has become a favored choice for plumbing in Fort Worth.

Advantages for Installation

PEX provides numerous advantages, and few disadvantages. It’s easy to see why the popularity of PEX pipes is growing rapidly. The following are some of its advantages:

  • PEX is secured to fittings using a special tool for crimping, eliminating the need for solder or glue.
  • PEX can be installed in long pipe runs requiring fewer fittings and installs quickly in new home construction.
  • Provides improved water pressure without the numerous elbows required of traditional pipes when installed. PEX is capable of bending around 90 degree turns without the use of elbows, requiring fewer fittings.
  • PEX tubing is a durable, flexible and safe product for potable water.
  • PEX is lightweight and easy to install.
  • PEX reduces the noise of water hammer.
  • PEX conserves energy by reducing heat transfer.
  • Greater Freeze Tolerance and Energy Efficiency

Its flexibility has an additional advantage other pipe materials do not. PEX’s flexibility allows for slight expansion in freezing conditions. When the temperature drops PEX will freeze like any other plumbing in Fort Worth, though it is less likely to burst due to freezing.Plumbing fort worth pex piping


PEX provides a shutoff valve at each supply line, making it more convenient when plumbing repair is required.

Resists Chemical Corrosion

PEX pipe is resistant to chemicals commonly found in municipal water systems. PEX will not corrode, pit or develop pinholes over time, and resists the buildup of corrosive materials and minerals that can degrade and clog other pipe materials.

PEX can be connected to existing copper or PVC pipe using adapters. It is color coded, typically red for hot and blue for cold. PEX can be insulated with foam wrap insulation when located in areas susceptible to pipe freeze indoors. PEX Pipe is Cost Effective

The reasonable cost of materials is one of the reasons for the demand in PEX. Reduced cost is also related to the reduction of labor required for both attaching a reduced number of fittings, and a speedier installation due to the ability to provide long pipe runs, and it becomes apparent why PEX is a cost effective solution in residential and commercial plumbing in Fort Worth.


  • PEX is engineered only for indoor use only and should not be used outdoors. PEX is vulnerable to UV rays, which leads to premature deterioration and is unable to withstand outdoor conditions of extreme cold.
  • PEX can’t be directly connected to a water heater. However, PEX may be connected to an 18 inch copper or PVC line that is directly connected to the water heater. PEX may then be connected to the added copper or PVC line.

Engineered to Last and Provide Safe Water PEX pipe is a material that has been perfected in its 30 year history of use, providing a product that neither corrodes nor develops pinhole leaks.

PEX provides safe, lead free water and is NSF International certified for water purity. When you’re looking for a functional, cost effective solution for a new or existing home’s plumbing in Fort Worth, PEX may be the solution you are looking for.

PEX pipe has proven itself to be reliable and almost maintenance free. If you’re currently in the process of a new home build or anticipate replacing the plumbing in Fort Worth of your home or business, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for an estimate. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.