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Anode Rod | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Anode Rod | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

When you consider a conventional water heater stores and heats water constantly, the development of eventual rust is a good prospect. Fortunately, a water heater equipped with an anode rod (also called a sacrificial rod), can provide the hot water you need without the rapid onset of rusting. The following explains what the anode rod is, what it does, and why it’s a good idea to ensure your plumber in Fort Worth  inspects it with routine maintenance. A Benjamin Franklin plumber can provide the water heater repair in Fort Worth that you require.

The Anode Rod

An anode rod is a long metal rod, typically consisting of magnesium or aluminum forged around a steel wire. The rod is located in the storage tank of the water heater. The rod attracts the ions through a reaction of the metal rod to the water called electrolysis. By attracting the ions which can cause rust, the water heater tank is spared. Over time, the anode rod will slowly degrade, and the water heater will be protected from rust. Unfortunately, the anode rod will  require replacement once the rod degrades beyond use reaching the wire core.

Once this occurs, the rod will no longer be capable of attracting ions and the water heater tank can rust. Routine maintenance by a licensed plumber will ensure a timely replacement of the anode rod, slowing corrosion down and significantly extend the water heater life span. Without timely replacement of the rod, once rust sets in on the water heater tank, replacement of the water heater is the only alternative. The failure to replace a rusting tank can result in severe water damage to your home and its foundation. Routine water heater maintenance is the cost-effective solution, and enables the appliance to last longer. If your water heater hasn’t been serviced in some time, contact our plumbers in Fort Worth today to schedule maintenance and  water heater repair in Fort Worth.

In the presence of specific water conditions, the water may react with magnesium or aluminum anode rods to produce a rotten egg smell. An alternative is to replace the rod with a combination aluminum/zinc/tin anode rod. The combination rod may help to diminish the odor, but may or may not eliminate it completely. If water with a bad odor is an ongoing problem, consider a water filtration system which can eliminate bad odors and taste in your water. A Benjamin Franklin plumber can provide a solution for your plumbing issues, and the water heater repair in Fort Worth that you require.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers licensed professional plumbers who provide reliable plumbing services that meet and/or exceed the industry standards. If you suspect the need for an anode rod replacement, need to schedule maintenance or require other water heater repair in Fort Worth; a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth provides a wide range of plumbing services for your needs. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.