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Arlington Plumber –  Steps to Take When a Pipe Bursts

Arlington Plumber – Steps to Take When a Pipe Bursts

Owning your own home can be a major expense, especially if the home is pretty old. Older homes tend to need a bit more maintenance and one of those maintenance issues can be due to the plumbing requiring a professional Arlington plumber to be up to the task at handling the job.  When it comes to a water pipe burst, the damage can be pretty serious, not only to your home, but to your possessions, and even your health if is not cleaned up correctly.

Below are four steps that should be taken whenever you have a pipe burst in your home.

1. Shut off the Water

The first thing that you will want to do is turn off the water when you suspect that a pipe has broken. You will need to locate the water main where you will find the stop tap. This is typically located under the kitchen sink or in many cases where the main service water pipe connects into the home.  Each and every member of your family should know the location of the water shut-off valve in case of emergencies such as these.

Once you have turned off the water main and before you look up a professional Arlington plumber, you will need to drain the pipes in your home. Turn on the cold water for all of the faucets, flush each toilet at least once and shut off the hot water heater. Once you have turned off the hot water heater, go back to each faucet and run the hot water to drain the supply from it.  Once there is no more running tap water get in touch with a local professional plumbing company to have an Arlington plumber come assess the situation and make the necessary repairs.

2. Locate the Broken Pipe

If you are competent in how to handle plumbing you may wish to inspect the broken pipe yourself before contacting a local Arlington plumber.  If so, once you have drained all of the excess water and located the burst pipe. Inspect the damage and consider where the pipe is located before you decide to run off to a local hardware store.  Regardless of the amount of damage or even the size of the break in the pipe, a major water pipe will considerably take more time and hours to replace because of the fact that it holds much more water and leads to additional connections throughout your home, as opposed to the smaller pipes located under kitchen and bathroom sinks.

If it is a small break, you might be able to patch it and prevent further damage. In the event that it is a small leak and you do decide to patch it yourself with commercial tape and / or chemical bonding agents, you will need to keep an eye on the pipe, because it may burst later and you will be right back where you started.  Whether the pipe break is large or small we recommend that you get in touch with a local plumbing company, such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, Texas and have a professional Arlington plumber do all of the work.  If and when the pipe breaks again if you do decide to patch it yourself, you may not be home when it does.

3. Repair the Pipe Burst

Repairing a pipe burst is pretty straightforward, but it can be very expensive depending on the mending materials that you choose, your experience, and other factors.  Unless you are a professional plumber by trade we really can not recommend replacing a major water pipe such as this to your home on your own. If done incorrectly, it can cause much more damage later down the road.

Whether the pipe break is small or large, we recommend that you get in touch with a local plumbing company and have an experienced Arlington plumber come to your home and do the job for you.  You may think you can save a buck or two by doing it yourself, but if you do it wrong, you could end up spending much more money immediately or further down the road than if you had of went with an Arlington plumber to begin with.

4. Bring in a Professional Drying Company

If the water from the pipe burst managed to get all over the walls, and / or ceilings or floors, you should get in touch with a professional water restoration company.  Mopping up the water and drying it up with towels and fans simply will not get the job done, especially in soaked areas.  Areas such as this can end up producing mold, mildew and even bring about serious illness to your loved one

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