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Arlington Plumbing Tips

Arlington Plumbing Tips

Plumbing Tips | Plumbing Arlington

Generally, problems with your plumbing in Arlington can be categorized as clogs, leaks or drips. The homeowner should be familiar with the plumbing system and to be aware of what is normal or not. For example, a noticeable increase in water pressure may indicate the failure of a pressure reducing valve (PRV), placing your home’s plumbing in Arlington and appliances at risk due to high water pressure.

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Utilize the following plumbing tips to learn the plumbing essentials every homeowner should be aware of.

Being aware of the water pressure can prevent costly damage. The simple water pressure gauge costs less than $20, and screws into an outdoor faucet similar to a garden hose. When the water is turned on the pressure reading will be displayed. The majority of experts agree the pressure reading should be less than 80psi. Contact us today for replacement of a failed PRV.

An essential tip every homeowner should know regarding your plumbing in Arlington is how to shut off the water entering the home. Generally, it can be shut off at the meter. A number of homes will have an additional shut off valve at the water main’s entry to the home. When operating these valves, turn them slowly to avoid damaging them, as the valve may be aged and the water pressure high.

Knowing how to read the water bill and water meter ensures you’re being billed correctly, and enables the meter to be utilized for verifying water leaks. Contact your water authority for assistance in reading either.

The typical home will have one or more sewer clean out plugs. Due to the risk of disease, it’s best to leave cleaning to a licensed plumber with the proper equipment to provide an effective job.

Homeowner’s should be aware of where and how to shut off the gas. Each appliance should have a shut off valve. If an issue occurs with a specific appliance, and the leak is minimal, the gas can be shut off at the affected appliance. Otherwise evacuate the dwelling and move a safe distance away before calling 911 and the gas supplier. It only requires a tiny spark to ignite an explosion.

Know how to shut off the water supply to the water heater. A water heater problem can leave your home or business without hot water. However, knowing how to shut off the water at the appliance enables water to still be available for washing, cooking, and bathroom needs. Furthermore, when the water heater leaks, shutting off the water supply will prevent the tank from continuing to fill supplying the leak.

A water leak can cause serious damage to the home and its foundation. When a leak occurs, turn off the water and call Benjamin Franklin for repair of leaks in your plumbing in Arlington.

Know the location for shut off valves in your home’s plumbing in Arlington. Every sink, toilet and water heater should have one of these valves. Knowing where they are, and how to operate them can prevent water damage. All shut off valves should be “exercised” annually by slowly turning them off and on, ensuring they will work when they are needed.

If the valves fail to turn off water to the appliance, have them replaced by a professional plumber immediately. These valves provide a convenient way to shut water off to individual appliances during a leak, and for repair of the affected plumbing in Arlington. If an appliance has no valves, the water will need to be shut off at the main valve or water meter.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee assures you of receiving quality services for your home or businesses plumbing in Arlington. We hope these plumbing tips are of assistance. Always remember, when you need a quality plumber in Arlington contact the plumbers with a name synonymous with quality and reliability, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.