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Basics of Drain Cleaning in Lake Worth, TX

Basics of Drain Cleaning in Lake Worth, TX

The thought of a clogged drain might be a nightmare for most people, as it is something that is considered to be a herculean task and would require a huge amount of effort. However, this is not always the case. This is because a draining or a leaking tub can be fixed with the help of some common and most effective methods. Also with regular maintenance, these issues can be avoided. Still, it is very common that drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX is intricate and requires specialized help and services from time to time.

Here in this article, we have explained what exactly drain cleaners are, most common types of drain problems, and how to deal with these problems while cleaning a drain.

Understanding Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners or drain uncloggers are basically chemical solutions that have such properties which when drained in a clogged drain dissolves and clears away the clogged substance. Because of the properties of these chemical solutions, substances that they most commonly are known to dissolve and clear away include human hair, waste, and other food substances that cause the clog.

 Types of Drain Problems

Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX might be required at different places in your household. And these different types of drainage problems, at different places, need to be handled in their own way.

Some of the most common types of drain problems in different areas of the house include the following.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning

The bathroom is the place where most households face clogging issues very frequently. This clogging mostly happens in tubs, showers, and sinks where they get clogged with hair that flows into the drain after a shower, soap’s foam, toothpaste, and other dirt. Toilet drains and the u-sink also gets clogged either because of frequent usage, flushing down of toilet paper, or infrequent cleaning.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

A place where you will suffer from clogging at one point in time or another is the kitchen. Use of detergents and soaps, washing off grease from pots and pans, and doing the dishes causes grease, fat, detergents, and soaps to build upon the interior of the pipes which causes the water to flow down slowly. This build-up continues to get thickened and layered with time until a time comes when there is a complete blockage and drain cleaning in your house in Lake Worth, TX is required. This blockage either causes the water to back up or not drain at all.

Outdoor Drain Cleaning

To connect all the houses in a city to the city’s municipal sewer line, what is mostly done is to connect all the lines in one area at a certain point and then lead a singular pipe from that area to the main line. But to connect the roof gutters to these lines a downpipe is mostly used on rooftops to connect them to the main line. These downpipes if not properly maintained and taken care of can ultimately cause damage to the main line and create major concerns for the whole area. What usually clogs these drain lines are leaves, waste materials, and debris.

Common Methods for Cleaning a Drain

There are several different methods of drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX that are used by specialists and experts in this field. Come of the most common methods used for drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX is as follows.

Household Cleaning Solutions

Some items that are available in every household that can be used for drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX include vinegar and lemon juice. These two items are extremely useful and can be used a couple of times in every quarter to avoid clogging and to keep the pipes clean and smelling fresh.

Some other kitchen use ingredients like baking soda, salt, or borax can be used in combination with vinegar or lemon juice to achieve twice the results.

Chemical Solutions

Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX is done by two types of drain cleaners; chemical drain cleaners and biodegradable drain cleaners.

Chemical drain cleaners need to be used with extreme care and are very effective when it comes to cleaning and unclogging the drains. They are basically acid based with sulfuric acid or caustic sodium hypochlorite as their base element which if comes in contact with anything, including human skin, can burn it right away.

On the other hand, biodegradable cleaners can be used on a regular basis to simply keep the drains clean. A lot of plumbers while drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TXadvice to use biodegradable ones rather than the chemical ones, as they feel that a regular use of chemicals would damage the plumbing and weaken the pipes.


If none of the methods that are available for drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX works then most of the DIY drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX is done with the help of the tool known as a plunger. To use this you need to fill the tub or sink that is clogged with hot water to create pressure and then form tight seal near the drain. Now plunge the drain repeatedly for a couple of times to exert pressure and thrust on the clogged pipes. This pressure will cause the clog to drain away and the water to flow smoothly through the pipes. Once the clog has been cleared, pour hot water through the drain for a final wash of the pipes and the grime that has built up inside.

The Final Word

Clogged drains are a common problem in almost all the households worldwide. There are several homeowners who face the same issue on a regular basis. Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX should, therefore, be taken as a serious issue. It should be resolved on a priority basis. Most times you can’t do it all yourself, and the help of experts is the order of the day. Professional drain cleaners can use different techniques to cut through the debris and restore proper flow in no time.

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