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Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2019 | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2019 | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

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Bathroom remodeling can seem daunting to many willing to spruce up their interiors. Choosing a style that lasts decades yet one which is flexible enough to handle slight changes in trends can become wearisome.  Add to this the woe of building a bathroom which is not only timeless, but less prone to functional breakdowns.

Some trends are temporary while others have lasting use for years. Choosing the one fit for your indoor spaces depends on the extra mile you are willing to go with your budget and imagination.

The renovations and plumbing in Arlington, TX in 2019bring focus on making bathrooms efficient and waste free. The revival of art deco and morocco themes aim to blend with smart technology to conserve energy and water.

Whether you have been thinking of a complete overhaul or minimal upgrades to your bathroom in 2019, here are a few trends to incorporate in your design this year.

Environmentally Viable Installations

On average, a family in the United States uses more than 300 gallons of water a day. About 70 percent of this is consumed indoors, of which 24 percent is used utilized in bathrooms. All this amounts to a staggering number of gallons consumed annually, with notable effects on the environment.

As the modern home owner realizes the positive impact of water conservation for plumbing in Arlington, TX, this awareness will trickled down to the trends seen in bathroom plumbing this year. New trends in 2019 dictate the use of efficient bathroom fixtures, focused on cutting the daily usage of water.

This has led to the appearance of resourceful design elements such as efficient toilets, which flush a lower volume of water with every use. Solar powered and tankless water heating units will be at the forefront as water heating options. These reduce the energy bills and utilizing efficiently than traditional water heating tanks.

Environmentally safer options come in a large variety too and are easy to replace with professional plumbing in Arlington, TX.

Smart Technology

Bathroom trends in 2019 will be all about bringing convenience and style to your bathroom.  The use of Touch-less or presence sensing faucets will gain traction and replacing traditional faucets.  These designs release water only when motion of a hand under the faucet is sensed.

Smart and touch-less technology will not be limited to sinks. These will also be replacing conventional shower heads and be a big change in plumbing in Arlington, TX. The use of bidets will also popularize as hygiene expectations change. An expected trend to grow is the placement of bidet unit on toilet seats with automatic lid opening features.

These modern designs will take center stage in bringing efficiency into bathroom plumbing fixtures to save water otherwise wasted with careless bathroom habits.

Industrial-looking Plumbing for Showers

Bathroom fixtures and fittings will move towards an industrial design in 2019. The remodeling will focus on installing plumbing with exposed pipes for showers. Intricate gothic designs with metal trimmings will overtake the sleeker designs from yesteryears.

Older designs have focused on minimalism, yet the design philosophy for 2019 will focus on visually elements that stand out and exude a sense of mystery. The industrial looking showers will be paired with the revival of white marble as material for bathroom surfaces.

You will want to ensure your homes’ plumbing in Arlington, TX is replaced effectively to work to without leaks and malfunctions.

Hidden Drains and Grout Lines

Bathrooms will see a visible shift in drainage fittings. This year will be all about hiding the ugly and the filthy from view. Drains will be hidden from view skillfully under expansive marble flooring. Plumbing in Arlington, TX will focus on installing heated floors in a variety of finish.

Grouting will be instead used in backsplashes to highlight intricate tiled designs. Trends will move away from asymmetrical lines and adopt Moroccan inspired patterns. Hexagonal and honeycomb patterns for backsplashes will bring a relief from boring minimalistic designs of the last decade.

Marble will replace tiled or grouted floors, each stone seamlessly blended into the other. Plumbing in Arlington, TX for bathrooms will focus on making drainage pipes invisible under the smooth and polished floors.

Art Deco and Vintage Aesthetics

Warm brass, gold and rose tones will make a striking comeback. Minimalistic elements will be replaced by sandblasted and polished luxurious surfaces. An observable shift will be towards colors popular in the vintage eras. Expect to see pops of neutral pinks, lush greens and vibrant blues in 2019.

Art deco inspired bathtubs will also make a comeback, replacing built-in stand-in showers. The key to remodeling and plumbing in Arlington, TX will be to bring back elegance of the pre war eras.

Sinks and vanities will be reminiscent of industrial designs. In fact newer shower spaces will seamlessly blend with the rest of the bathroom as open spaced showers

Elements of wood, metal and patterns will add depth to bathroom interiors while monotone hues will be enhanced with matte black trimmings. Pendant light fixtures will take centre stage, magnificently suspended over bathtubs and vanities.

All designs and craftsmanship will be enhanced with smart and energy conserving features. This will be done to bring the functionality of the old world aesthetics to the modern times.

Remodeling Woes: Made Easy with Professional Help

Plumbing requirements during a bathroom remodel can be overwhelming at best. Most tasks are bound to leave you with restless schedules. Leaving the process in the hands of a reputable professional can cut you some stress.

Additionally to ensure the end result of your bathroom remodel exceeds in performance, you need the services of the best plumbing in Arlington, TX.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we excel at diving deep into your problems and providing the best solution. Our wide-ranging bathroom plumbing, repair and replacement solutions use the latest in technology to give your home the best it deserves.

If you are planning on a bathroom remodel and are looking for the finest in kitchen plumbing in Arlington, TX, Contact our team for exceptional solutions at 817-478-4119 today!