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What are the Benefits of Installing Tankless Water Heaters in Azle, TX?

What are the Benefits of Installing Tankless Water Heaters in Azle, TX?

Azle, a small city in TX, USA, has an extreme climate throughout the year, i.e. summer is really hot, which makes people rush to the swimming pools, while winter is so cold that Azle citizens love wearing warm clothes. Moreover, they enjoy standing under hot showers.

Azle citizens get to enjoy hot summers for a quarter of the year. The summer season starts in the first week of June and lasts till mid September with an average 88°F (31°C) temperature. On the hottest days, the temperature may soar up to 96°F (35°C). It means that tankless water heaters in Azle, TX can hibernate all through summer.

The winter season starts in late November and lasts till the third week of February. The average temperature is 64°F (17°C). On the coldest days, the temperature can drop to 37°F (2°C). It means that tankless water heaters in Azle, TX can be used all through the winter season.

If you already have conventional water heater installed at home, and wonder whether you should go for a tankless water heater in Azle, TX, here we will tell you the benefits in detail. First thing first! Let’s see why you should consider a tankless water heater and what selection criteria you must follow when you consider a few brands and models of tankless water heaters in Azle, TX.

Why should you consider buying tankless water heaters in Azle, TX?

Azle, TX does have really cool winter season, but it lasts for three months only. It signifies that the heavy use will be for a limited time. During the rest of the year, you may give it little or no use. Thus, it may not be advisable to let one appliance occupy a bigger space, which will remain inactive for three quarters. With the installation of tankless water heaters in Azle, TX, you can save a great deal of space, which can be used to adjust some other stuff. There are many more reasons that you will find in the section of ‘benefits’ in this post below.

Selection Criteria to Purchase the Best Tankless Water Heaters in Azle, TX

Give a thorough consideration to the following points, as they will help you make an informed deceison.

Flow Rate

Generally, it is between 4 and 12 gallons per minute (GPM). For a small house with a family of four to five members, the GPM between 4 and 5 will be suitable. Just keep increasing the number of GPM according to the number of family members.

Temperature Rise

This re related to the overall temperature of the place where you live and it also affects the flow rate. The lowest temperature in Azle, TX, has been recorded at 37°F (2°C), so you may have to go for a higher GPM.

Installation Area in House

These units are available for indoor and outdoor installation. If you are a little tight on the budget, you can consider an outdoor unit, since it costs a little lower than the indoor unit.

Efficiency Factor

The usage of water heater directly affects the energy expenses, so consider a unit with higher Efficiency Factor, which can vary between 92% and 96%.

Benefits of Installing Tankless Water Heaters in Azle, TX

You can enjoy the following benefits:

Money and Energy Saver

This type gives utmost efficiency and consumes 40% less energy. It functions on demand, so water doesn’t need a longer preheat and reheat time, which saves energy consumption. The low energy consumption leads to saving on power bills. In short, waterless tanks are designed to function efficiently.

Durability & Easy Maintenance

They are durable and have longer life expectancy as compared to tank-heaters. The tankless water heaters in Azle, TX can last up to two decades.

Their maintenance is also easier, as they have no big tanks attached. It also decreases the hazard of rust. They can go an extra mile if you follow a proper maintenance routine.

Nonstop Hot Water

The most common problem in a tank-water heater is the limited supply of hot water. This issue becomes even more irritating if you are running late, which occurs usually in the mornings, and your tank-water heater is still heating water. Imagine if the hot water supply stops in the middle of your shower! That would be even worse, leaving you on ‘no man’s land’.

On the contrary, a tankless water heater provides you with nonstop hot water supply, since it heats water when it goes through the pipelines. As it can heat water instantly, it saves you time and keeps you stay away from unnecessary trouble.

Low CO2 Emission

It is a bitter fact that our environment has been badly polluted. There are many active campaigns concerning environment that draw our attention to the environmental hazards and solutions. One of the major hazards is CO2 emissions. It is our national and social duty to care our environment and a tankless water heater can help us perform this duty, since it emits very low amount of CO2.

Can You DIY-Install Tankless Water Heaters in Azle, TX?

The installation is quite a complex process and involves use of many power tools. It also needs plumbing skills at an expert level and a single person may not be able to carry out this job, so a helper is also needed. In addition, it is an expensive unit, so it won’t be a sane idea to take a risk where things can go awry. In this scenario, DIY is not a considerable option.

A professional plumbing company already has necessary tools and skilled plumbers and helpers to the do plumbing jobs in question. Therefore, contact the professionals and let the job be done without any hassle. To hire professional plumbers for the seamless installation of tankless water heaters in Azle, TX, the best company you can hire is Benjamin Franklin.

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