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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Service | Mansfield, TX

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Service | Mansfield, TX

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The word Texas recalls oil, desert, and longhorn cattle. Texas is one of the largest states in the nation and is as diverse as some small nations. Many residents live far from small towns, or inhabit unique villages, and gather even further to live in the great cities of Texas like Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Our community is a great place to be during the cooler months due to the mild climate but when summer gets going everyone in the state depends on adequate air conditioning.

Many air conditioning systems can be installed, maintained, and even offer a complete renovation by a plumbing service with a professional heating and air conditioning and ventilation specialist on their payroll. HVAC appliances are easy to ignore when you do not need them or when they function properly. Plumbing and HVAC are often offered together under the same umbrella.

Just like HVAC routine maintenance, caring for your plumbing will require professional attention. Plumbing service is vital to keeping a household working properly. If the sinks start to clog and the water stops flowing it will not be too long before you need a plumbing professional. If left unresolved the costs of repair may spiral out of control and become needlessly expensive. Save yourself both time and money by booking a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing service immediately!

Why Subscribe to a Routine Plumbing Service?

Water is how our entire civilization is possible. Many people take it for granted that they have access to clean water and sanitation. Most of us depend on municipal services to help us keep our communities clean and safe.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 780 million people do not have clean water while 2.5 billion more people do not have sanitation facilities. More than a third of the world’s people don’t have access to clean water or safe places to relieve themselves.

Thankfully, Mansfield, Texas has excellent sanitation and water treatment centers. If you take special care of your plumbing and pipes while ensuring the plumbing system is adequate for your family’s needs, then all you will need is an annual or biannual routine plumbing service.

Benjamin Franklin’s Plumbing Service

  • Bathroom Installation, Renovation, and Plumbing
  • Conventional Water Heaters and Modern Boiler Repair
  • Drain Cleaning and Expansions
  • Expansion Tank Installation
  • Faucet Repair & Replacement
  • Slab Leak Repairs
  • Gas Leak and Gas Leak Awareness Tools
  • Sump Pumps
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Well Repair
  • Yard Line and Water Leaks
  • Free Camera Inspections

Bathroom Plumbing Service and Renovations

If there is one thing you can say about the Mansfield community is that they are proud of their homes and strive to keep the neighborhoods tidy and safe. A family depends on the bathroom for the most intimate of activities and to keep them clean.

A word of advice in protecting your plumbing. Be careful about what you put down drains and toilets. Several items seem fine to flush that can jam up your plumbing like baby and face wipes and feminine hygiene products. Take caution when using garbage compactor items like flour, oats, pasta, and even bread can create clogs.

Bathroom renovations can easily become great ways of increasing the value of your home or they can be do-it-yourself projects that turn into logistical and financial nightmares. We offer a wide variety of options for bathroom renovations which will reduce your carbon footprint and make for a more luxurious bathroom. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will streamline the bathroom renovation and keep invasive work to a minimum.

Conventional Water Heaters

Conventional water heaters work for about a decade. A conventional water heater must be routinely cared for and will show wear and tear throughout using the appliance. Older appliances are going to take more attention and repairs may cost more due to the rarity of finding the antique parts.

Drain Cleaning

Keeping human hair out of the bathroom sink and tub drains is an endless task. A professional drain cleaning is more thorough than attempting to pour dangerous chemicals down the pipes (that might damage the pipe system). A plumbing service makes it easy to clean in-depth and into areas unavailable to the eye.

If you do, try to clean a drain by yourself, always use a mesh filter over the drain to avoid anything falling into the drain. Drain cleaning requires deep cleaning into the pipes to fix the clog. Chemicals can corrode your pipes and cause bursts or leaks leading to any plumbing service.

Expansion Tanks

The thermal expansion of water is how expansion tanks provide warm water. These expansion tanks keep extra water pressure working (which might damage pipes, valves, and joints) in the water heater. Benjamin Franklin fully supports the Energy Star program which aids consumers in lowering their impact on the environment while saving money.

Faucet Repair or Replacement

Metal faucets age just like people. Oxidation can create problems for mixer taps creating an eyesore. The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing specializes in helping install hardware and new plumbing appliances.

Line Repairs and Installation

Line repairs and line installation can only be completed by licensed experts who know how to build a new line to the region’s local sanitation services, septic system, and freshwater supply. A line repair is a plumbing repair that we specialize in creating line installations.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are appliances that often promise more than it can deliver and often find it difficult to break down whatever material is being put into the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are wildly relied on. Do not be tempted to cram dinner’s remains down the garbage disposal, instead invest in biodegradable bags to compost your food scraps.

Kitchen Plumbing

The two most important rooms in any home are the bathroom and the kitchen. Benjamin Franklin believes every kitchen should be fitted to the family. We specialize in creating bespoke kitchens for a diversity of styles. Enjoy a fancy faucet that will provide boiling hot water, freezing water, and even sparkling water straight from the tap.

Pipe Breaks and Protocols for Mansfield , TX Emergency Plumbing Response

Slab leaks and burst pipes are a few of the least discussed and most feared plumbing service repairs. A broken pipe can be expensive, but it can also be fixed quickly with a myriad of different materials.

Sink and Tub Replacements

If a trio set of lime green toilet, sink, and bathtub are not your aesthetic you are not alone. Many homes were built in the late 80s that desperately need an upgrade. We support the Energy Star Program which helps homes be more environmentally friendly while reducing household costs.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are a threat to a homes’ foundation, particularly if swept under the rug for a lengthened period. It is vital to respond quickly to repair a slab leak. Every homeowner should be aware of the signs that might indicate your home needs a slab leak repair.

There are two different types of slab leaks: sewer drain leaks and potable water leaks. Each demands a plumbing service executed by fully trained experts in slab leak repair.

Gas Leaks

Fracking has a slew of benefits that help many families throughout Tarrant County. However, penetrating the large shale comes with tiny earthquakes that disturb plumbing services and pipes.

If you think you have a gas leak leave the home. Call the gas company. Remain outside of the building until the gas company authorities have declared the home is safe.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are vital to keeping basements dry year-round. If a sump pump isn’t properly maintained throughout the extreme seasons, it might stop working during spring and fall. A routine maintenance plumbing service can prevent your basement from becoming a wading pool.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are a fantastic option if you don’t have a lot of room to store the appliance. Tankless water heaters provide hot water without having to store water first. The best part about tankless water heaters is that you’ll never run out of hot water again!

However, tankless water heaters will require a plumbing service annually to protect their functions and to protect the mechanisms that heat the water.

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems provide softer, cleaner water that flows throughout homes throughout Dallas. Water filters are commonly used to remove any leftover sediment or chemicals from the water after the city has treated it.

Filtered water is best for cooking and drinking and can be connected to taps, refrigerators, and ice makers with a plumbing service from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Well Repairs

Many homes on the outskirts of Tarrant County have wells to source their water. Wells are subject to all the Texan elements. Most people think of water wells as a hole in the ground with a bucket that’s lowered into the pool of water deep in the earth.

The team at Benjamin Franklin frequently conducts well repairs and they understand that water wells are complex utilities that need regular maintenance.

Yard Lines and Water Leaks in Mansfield, TX

Is your backyard looking a little mucky? If you’re noticing puddles in your yard and it hasn’t rained in a while you might leak in the yard line. If you suspect that a mainline has burst or is leaking it is best to immediately call a reliable plumbing service.

Free Camera Inspection

Free camera inspections come in handy when you suspect you have a slab leak, burst yard line, or dripping, subterranean pipes.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a free camera inspection allows our experts to conduct a thorough plumbing service that identifies problems which are efficiently passed onto the customer via an affordable repair.

A More In-Depth Look at Slab Leak Repairs

Don’t put off having a slab leak repair. While this form of plumbing service is an inconvenience, it protects your home from corrosion due to the slab leak.

A Few Red Flags That Confirm It Is a Slab Leak

  • A strong indicator of a slab leak is that your water bills have increased sharply.
  • A tiny hole in a burst pipe at a rate of 40 pound-force per square inch wastes almost 3000 gallons in a single day.
  • Hot spots on the floors and wall will sometimes occur near a slab leak near the hot water line. There may be cracked bricks or breaks in the foundation.
  • Listen to the sound of running water.
  • Water beading along the outside walls.
  • Unusual wet flooring.
  • Mildew growth
  • Ruined flooring featuring unusual colors.

The Many Causes of Slab Leaks in Mansfield, TX

Slab leaks happen for a lot of different reasons, including hard water build-up, soil corrosion, excessive water pressure, entangled tree roots, and even fracking are responsible for slab leaks.

Customer Feedback

‘’I have not had the best experience with plumbing in the past before we moved to Mansfield,TX our entire home flooded with sewage. My roommates and I went our separate ways. I l moved to Mansfield to be closer to my friends. However, our entire community has had constant water pressure issues. It was not just my apartment either. My neighbor beside me, above me, and below me all had the same crappy shower. It was difficult to even get the shampoo out of my hair! After complaining to the manager for months he eventually called Ben Franklin Plumbing. It took them two hours to fix all four apartments. I was impressed with how respectful and thoughtful they were concerning the pandemic.

I watched each team change their protective gear before entering a new apartment. I was so impressed by the job that Ben Franklin has done that I will be a loyal customer for the rest of my days. Thanks, guys!”

Silvia Walsh, Mansfield, TX, July 2020

‘’I was initially worried about allowing (much needed) plumbers into our home. The toilet had not been flushing for nearly a week when we could not deal with it anymore. Luckily for us, we have been Benjamin Franklin customers in the past. We told them our misgivings and assured us that they would take every precaution. We felt comfortable leaving the house while they worked to fix our toilet. If you need a plumbing service call, Benjamin Franklin, right away!

John Wales, Mansfield, TX, October 2020


“When you’re good to others, you’re best to yourself.” – Benjamin Franklin

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