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Best Water Filtration System for Your House in Azle, TX

Best Water Filtration System for Your House in Azle, TX

Every human needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. But have you ever tried to check whether the liquid that you require the most is free from harmful substances or not? An unpurified glass of water can contain thousands of harmful bacteria and germs along with many dangerous and unwanted chemicals and pollutants.

These are just some of the reasons why you should be installing a water filtration system in Azle, TX in your house to protect yours and your family’s health. The advantages of having your own water filtration system are immense. But before you decide to install a water filtration system in Azle, TX, you should first search out as to what type of water filtration system will be the best for your home. After all, buying something that does not do the job for you will only be a waste of money.

What to purify

You have decided to get a water filtration system in Azle, TX, but do you even know what you are trying to filter out from the water? Every water filtration system filters out different contaminants from the water. Thus, it is necessary to first of all identify which contaminants are present in the water that you will be filtering.

Your local municipal government or water supplying department will have the information on their website about what contaminants might be present in the water being supplied to your house. You   can get the testing done from any home improvement store or company as well. Upon identification of the contaminants present in your water, you will be able to look for the most effective water filtration system in Azle, TX that will suit your needs

Water filtrating technologies

Every water filtration system in Azle, TX has different technologies for filtering, and all of them differ from each other. Each water filtration system removes different kinds of impurities, so choosing the correct one is very necessary. The filter that is backed by a third-party authentication will guarantee to remove the specific contaminants and you will be able to trust it more. Here are the types of water filtration systems in Azle, TX that you can get for your home:

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is the most popular water filtration system in Azle, TX mainly because it has the ability to remove all sorts of contaminants, and with all that, it makes sure that the water filtered is colorless and odor free.

It uses a membrane which removes contaminants from the water.  With the combination of Granulated Activated Charcoal filter, it removes chlorine. And its semi-permeable membrane separates many contaminants from the water.

But one drawback Reverse Osmosis has is that their filters use three times more water than they produce. Because a large amount of water is wasted on the process, they are only best for cooking and drinking purposes.

Carbon Filters

Carbon Filtration Systems have three main benefits which will be the reason you may choose them. Not only do they make the water odorless and enhance its taste, but remove several contaminants like chlorine, lead and mercury as well.

There are several types of Carbon filters and each is different in its effectiveness. Some are only able to remove chlorine and improve odor and taste, while some can remove many contaminants. Carbon filter system works by the chemical absorption process.

When water is passed through activated carbon, it gets filtered. During this type of water filtration system in Azle, TX, contaminants get trapped in activated carbon while the water passes through. Activated carbon is highly porous with a significantly large surface area, which makes it ideal for filtration. Granular activated filters (GAC) and powdered block filters are the most common types of carbon filtration systems.

Water Ionizers

These filters work on the principle of electrolysis. In this type of water filtration system in Azle, TX, the water is passed over plates which are electrically charged. The water than gets separated into two steady streams. One is alkaline and the other acidic. This water filtration system produces soft water as a result, and also lowers its acidity which is much better for your skin too. But the process remains inefficient in removing non ionic contaminants such as VOCs and does not kill the micro-organisms as well.

Distilled water

This water filtration system in Azle, TX converts the water into steam. The steam rises and then moves to a cooling compartment where it turns back into liquid. This however, leaves behind many contaminants. This type of filtration separates out many large particles such as minerals and some heavy metals but it does not effectively remove the endocrine disruptors because of their temperature difference. But it does effectively kill the bacteria though.

Although the resulting water is very pure and the mechanism does not have any filters that would require replacement but it takes a lot of time to produce substantial amount of purified water.  For example, one cup of distilled water may take up to half an hour for getting purified. And another major drawback is that it requires a lot of electricity and will not work in the absence of electricity if such an emergency ever arises.

UV filtration

This is the newest technology in the market, in which ultraviolet rays are used as they have the ability to destroy many types of harmful, disease causing micro-organisms.

It produces no toxic byproducts and produces purified water in less time. And not just that, it does not remove beneficial minerals as well. But one flaw this system has is that it is only effective in destroying the living microbes. Thus harmful minerals like asbestos and lead are not affected by UV-rays at all. This water filtration system requires electricity to run. It is important to note that it does not purify muddy water because the suspended particles shadow out the water.

Mechanical Filtration:

Mechanical Filtration is one of the basic types of filtering technology. Filtering water through this type of technology removes contaminants such as sediments and cysts. They may be used in combination with other technologies as well. Purifying water by Mechanical Filtration does not remove chemical contaminants.

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