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Some Busted Myths about drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX

Some Busted Myths about drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX

We all have drain lines installed in our homes. But not all of us pay adequate attention towards its maintenance. We fail to notice the warning signs of our problematic drain line unless it hampers our bathroom or kitchen usage by getting clogged.

Just imagine if you go to the bathroom and find out that your drain line is clogged! This is definitely an ordeal that nobody would like to come across. So what really causes your drain line to get clogged or become non-functional?

Well, with the passage of time, debris accumulates in pipes. This forms a clog that not only slows your drain system but eventually leads to a point where your drain line gets completely clogged. According to the professionals of drain line repair in Lake Worth, TX, people can easily maintain a clean and working drain line but they usually overlook the need. Maintenance of a drain line is easy. But what makes us overlook the need or to neglect its maintenance is our false beliefs.

As experts of drain line repair in Lake Worth, TX state, people hold so much misinformation regarding drain line and how it works, what works and what doesn’t, that they end up facing big troubles. However to assist you in this regards, here are some top prevailing myths associated with drain cleaning.

Myth #1 – Using drain cleaning products is better than taking the assistance of a professional drain line repair in Lake Worth, TX

You must have seen many advertisements on TV, promoting different drain cleaning products, but do they actually work? Well, that depends on your drain line condition and quality of these products. If you are facing a minor drain blockage, this may get fixed using a drain cleaning agent. But a majority of times, a clogged drain are not fully recovered just by using some well-promoted drain cleaning solution.

The professionals of drain cleaning repair in Lake Worth, TX state that drain cleaning agents rarely work. While they dissolve the clog they also dissolve everything that comes in contact. This happens because drain cleaning agents contain hydrochloric acid. That is why, you are far better off taking the assistance of a professional of drain cleaning repair in Lake Worth, TX than experimenting with these drain cleaning solutions. Needless to say, nothing is better than leaving the task to the professionals.

Myth #2 – All drain lines are connected

Yes, this is true but not in a way you might be thinking. All the drain lines are definitely connected since they all lead to a single larger sewer system but they are also separated. They are separated in a way that each of the drain has its own pipe that connects it to the main sewer line. To give you a better idea, imagine the arteries and veins in your body. A clog in a single artery or vein is likely to cause a lot more blockage in a wider body area than in a smaller. So if your sink is clogged, this will not impact your washing machine or dishwater. But if the main sewer line gets blocked, your entire home is likely to face the consequences, as the professionals of drain line repair in Lake Worth, TX suggest.

Myth #3 – Drain cleaning can be performed as a DIY task

For a homeowner, taking up drain cleaning as a DIY project is never a wise decision to make. A homeowner is always far short of resources and options, required to perform the job. If you still like to perform the job on your own, you would need to collect the plumbing augers and plungers from a local store. Indeed, for bigger tasks, and for areas beyond the reach of plungers, you would eventually need the assistance of a professional of drain cleaning repair in Lake Worth, TX.

This is particularly true if you are facing the problem frequently even after using plumbing augers or plungers. Also, when it comes to major clearings such as if a valuable item has fallen down the drain line or blockage of the main sewer line.

Myth #4 – A frequently clogged sewer calls for replacement

According to the professionals of drain line repair in Lake Worth, TX, a drain line is an extremely important system of your house. It allows the wastewater to go out to the main line and from where it is taken away for further treatment. But if you are facing a frequent clogging in your drain line, chances are this is due to an intruding tree root. Sometimes if you have trees in the pipeline’s vicinity, the roots of trees intrude into the pipeline’s cracks. These roots grow in the line and clog the whole line.

With that being said, we don’t mean that you need to dig your whole yard to fix the sewer line, but you can fix this by simply removing the root causing the issue. The experts of drain line repair in Lake Worth, TX suggest destroying the root, causing the blockage and then performing a thorough cleaning of the drain line by calling the professional assistance.

Myth #5– Every plumber perform drain cleaning

This is not true. Not all the plumbers or professionals of drain line repair in Lake Worth, TX prefer drain cleaning. They would recommend a complete replacement of your drain system. They majorly focus on re-pipe jobs. However, some services do offer drain cleaning as no license is required to perform the job. Regardless, which service you take, make sure that their professionals have proper license to perform the job.

Nevertheless, if you are searching a professional and well-reputed drain line repair in Lake Worth, TX, look no further and call the assistance of Benjamin Franklin right away. Their team of professionals is not only well versed in handling the complex drain line issues, but also experienced to perform the job. Moreover, in case of an emergency, you can get their 24/7 assistance by calling their helpline number.