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Busting 4 Common Myths of Tankless Water Heaters in Pantego, TX for First Time Buyers

Busting 4 Common Myths of Tankless Water Heaters in Pantego, TX for First Time Buyers

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A quick, hot shower to wake you up and refresh you before heading out for a busy day can start your day out on the right foot.

Tankless water heaters promise to offer that good start, with their faster, safer and efficient features.

If you are looking to add a relaxing shower to your morning routine, buying tankless water heaters Pantego, TX can be a smart investment.

Hailed better than the traditional variants available in the market, the tankless water heaters in Pantego, TX are sleeker and are an environmentally viable option.

Leading to reduced carbon emissions, their eco friendly nature makes them a first choice for many too.

As a first time buyer, you may find difficulty separating facts from fiction when it comes to buying models of tankless water heaters in Panted, TX. With various misconceptions flying about, it may be holding you back from making your purchase.

We delve deep into busting these myths and misconceptions to have you upgrading your heating system your morning routine in no time!

They Are Costly to Install

Saves space? Check.

High cost? Not really.

Many people hold misconceptions relating to costing and fuel consumption of these heating systems. It is thought to fit a luxurious lifestyle given the prices are a bit up there. The initial purchase price is high and setup costs can prove to be discouraging when settling on this choice.

Yet these disadvantages seem miniscule when viewing the purchase with foresight. The cost of tankless water heaters are spread out over the lifespan of the system, usually lasting decades. In addition these heating systems utilize less energy compared to storage water heating tanks.

Storage models normally store heating liquid. Keeping the temperature maintained of this liquid causes standby losses and hikes energy bills. The tankless varieties in contrast eliminate the need for storing heated liquid cutting energy bills in long run.

The models of tankless water heaters in Pantego, TX can result in minimum savings for users for up to 20 percent. Setting the thermostat on your tankless heating unit to low temperatures can further boost your savings.

Heating is Not Much Different from Storage Models

A few years ago this notion would have held true with first generation models. The first generation models running on natural gas were limited with standard features. The advancement in heating technology has however has led to the development of tankless varieties.

Newer models of tankless water heaters in Pantego, TX operate on natural gas as well as propane powered systems and electricity. These models rank high on energy factors, and effectively transfer heat to the water in minimal time. The conventional storage varieties of water heaters normally have energy factor, ranging between 0.5-0.7.

The tankless gas varieties rate between 0.69 to 0.85. This makes the tankless varieties far more energy efficient than storage varieties. Additionally propane powered water heaters are smaller in size and ideal for those residing in small living spaces.

The electric varieties rank highest in terms of energy efficiency at 0.98-0.99. This makes them cost effective and ideal for those looking to reducing their energy bills. In short, the tankless varieties display better heating abilities.

Tankless water heaters in Pantego, TX are available in condensing, non-condensing and hybrid varieties each to suit your differing heating needs. Multiple brands offer various models, each with specific capacity and features that can fit your budget with ease.

They are Prone to Mineral Buildup

The buildup of mineral has little to do with the technology converting your water from freezing to bubbling. The real culprit is, in fact, the nature of water running through your pipes.  Water with higher mineral deposits such as calcium and Magnesium is likely to clog the heating system. This may result in scaling, making water flow suffer and valves to dysfunction.

Hence, the harder the water, the likelier the heating system will suffer, irrespective of it being a conventional heating system or a tankless innovation. There is little difference when it comes to mineral buildup.

Tankless water heaters in Pantego, TX suffer no more than traditional water heaters when it comes to scaling issue.

Luckily this problem is easily fixed by flushing the water heater bi-annually using a descaler kits. Using filters to Soften water will keep tankless water heater in Pantego, TX functioning for longer in pristine conditions.

Regular checkup routine on your water heating unit’s condition will keep it functioning well for longer.

Switching to Tankless Can be a Pain

Perhaps the biggest fallacy that discourages first time buyers are the misconception regarding switching of storage heaters to tankless units. The very thought of converting is marred by the idea of changing the entire setup including the gas lines, energy sources and upgrading of venting units.

The trick is to choose the correct model that supports your current setup to can avoid dipping into your savings. Getting that hot shower you have been dreaming about is easier with the right professional installing your unit.

Most brands of tankless water heaters in Pantego, TX however offer a variety of models that can easily replace your storage unit without drastic changes to your heating and energy setup.

Tankless Heaters: An Easy Life?

First time purchases can be overwhelming for new users. There are many questions you think about such as, which heating system is best for my need? Which model will give the best value for money? How do I make sure this runs without breakdowns?

The right upkeep of machinery can elongate its life. Timely checkups and seamless installation can enhance its performance. Leaving maintenance to a seasoned professional can help keep your tankless water heater functioning to its optimum.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth, we work hard to keep tankless water heaters in Pantego, TX performing to their best abilities. Our track of satisfied customers and flawless service certifies our commitment to fix your service needs.

If you have purchased a tankless water heater in Pantego, TX and looking for excellent services, or just curious about a quote, call us at 817-983-7876 today.