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Buying Tips for a Water Filtration System in Lake Worth, TX

Buying Tips for a Water Filtration System in Lake Worth, TX

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The American water infrastructure is aging, as stated by the EPA. Contaminants such as chlorate, chromium, lead and TTHMs can be lurking in your drinking water. These can be linked directly to thyroid, fertility and cancer related issues on the body.

The annual amount an American spends on health care amounts to a staggering $11,212. This makes debris and odor the least of water problems for Americans in the long run. Installing the right type of water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX can ensure your family has access to safe and clean drinking water.

The wide variety and types of water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX however, can make it difficult to choose the right one. These may include your budget, the capacity of filtration system and more.

Here are some buying tips for buying the best water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX. These are bound to make the decision process a breeze for you.

1.  Identify the Contaminants in Your Water

Your taps can have traces of contaminants such as TTHMs, lead, chromium and chlorate. Having a good filtration system adds a layer of protection when consuming water.

The city of Lake Worth TX purchases its water from the city of Forth Worth where water is found to have traces of mercury, arsenic and lead. Lake Worth water in fact had a presence of diarrhea and flu causing viruses like Giardia and Adenovirus in a 2016 report.

All this makes it beneficial to invest in a water filtration system for your home. As a first step, identify the contaminants present in your water supply prior to buying a water filtration system in Lake Worth TX.

It will ensure you purchase a unit which works best to remove contaminants specific to your area.

2.  Identify the Capacity You Need

In most cases, your water consumption will determine the ideal capacity you require in your water filtration unit.

Are you planning on using filtered water only for cooking and drinking purposes?  Do you plan on using it for other water related activities such as brushing teeth or washing dishes? Do you worry about water conservation and water bills?

Different brands offer varying capacity and warranties. Most varieties of water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX can have water capacity from 6000 gallons to more than 1000,000 gallons.

It is essential to identify where you will be using the filtered water. This helps to identify the best capacity suited to your consumption needs.

3.  Identify the Water Flow You Require

A water filtration system is however only as good as the system’s ability to maintain water pressure. The water flow reaching your faucets will depend entirely on the size and capacity of the model.

Horrible water flow can hence be a nuisance, making it important to buy a model that satisfies this need effectively. If you have a bigger family or higher water needs, a poor flow can make for a disappointing experience.

Higher capacity models with high pressure are usually not a good solution for apartments and condos.  Hence take the size of your home and your family when considering models.

4.  Know the Types of Filtration Choices

The market has various types of water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX which may fit your budget and needs. The decision of choosing one comes down to their effectiveness resolving the water issue specific to your area.

Most filtration systems are effective at resolving water issues such as water hardness and pathogens. However their effectiveness at filtering certain chemicals may vary. Normal units are suitable to remove metal contamination while UV filters works best to remove bacterial contamination.

If water hardness is making your water indigestible, then Ion exchange water filters are best for softening water. These work well to remove Magnesium, Calcium and Limescale.

If lead, chlorine and organic compounds in your drinking water are major issue for you, Carbon filters can be a suitable solution. They are effective at absorbing chemical impurities, and filtering odor. However they are not effective at removing chromium and fluoride and are hence not an all-rounder option for filtration.

If you plan on filtering water for drinking and cooking purposes Reverse osmosis filtration system is a superior choice. The varieties with carbon filters effectively force the water through a membrane, removing most types of contaminants. These can be wasteful with water however, making it a difficult choice for those who worry about water conservation.

Every water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX however requires professional installation to perform at its optimum. Ensure to get the best installation service in Lake Worth to get the best out of your new filtration system.

5.  Compatibility with Your Faucets

Certain filtration systems require an overhaul of the existing taps and faucets in your house. This is to ensure optimum flow and pressure of water making its way from the filtration system.

This can add additional costs to your water filter installation process. If this spells too much trouble for you, it may be ideal to identify compatibility of your faucets with the filtration system you are considering to purchase.

Professional Installation: Your Solution for Dirty Water Woes

Water is a necessity and your family deserves the best of it. Sadly, the presence of contaminants, odor and debris can make water undrinkable. The right kind of water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX is a fruitful solution. It can provide you with needed relief from dirty water woes.

The extensive range and variety of water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX however can make is difficult to choose which system fits your needs best. Guidance from a seasoned professional will ensure you get the best of the line.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Forth Worth, we guide you thoroughly with credible information, making your decision process quick and satisfying. Our knowledgeable technicians with their extensive experience are the finestchoice for installation of water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX area.

Remove the doubt and opt for credibility today. Contact us at 817-983-7876 and receive the best we have to offer.