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Camera Plumbing Inspections | Fort Worth

Sewer Camera Inspection | Plumbing Fort Worth

The sewer camera inspection (also called a video pipe inspection) has revolutionized the plumbing industry. The sewer camera is a state-of-the-art sewer and drain diagnostic tool, representing some of the most advanced technology in the plumbing industry. Give us a call to schedule service for your plumbing in Fort Worth.plumbing fort worth

A sewer camera inspection is the procedure of advancing a camera tipped optic fiber cable through the drain or sewer pipe of a homes’ plumbing in Fort Worth.. The video camera projects a complete and colored image of the pipe’s interior in real time onto a small external monitor enabling the plumber to can see the condition, any clogs or other problems affecting the drain or sewer line. From this point, with the issue identified the plumber is able to accurately assess the action required and the most effective and efficient means to provide it saving time, labor and money.

Before the sewer camera inspection, plumbers used primitive diagnostics and exploratory procedures for sewer and drain problems. In other words, before the sewer camera, a plumber had to work blind to clear a clog. Even when the task was complete, the plumber could not be assured that a clog was completely cleared. Furthermore, if the pipe was deteriorating the plumber had no way of knowing what the interior condition was. The sewer camera changed this.

The following are some of the more common indications for having a sewer camera inspection provided by a licensed plumber:

  • The presence of a bad odor in the kitchen or bathroom area without a known source.
  • You are able to verify a potential slab leak and are having plumbing in Fort Worth issues, but are unable to locate where it is coming from.
  • Frequent clogs, slow drains or sewer backup. A sewer camera inspection will accurately identify the cause and location, within your plumbing in Fort Worth.
  • When the plumbing system is in excess of 20 years old and/or is an outdated material or an unknown material.
  • When water pools on the lawn, or the soil may be moist and spongy when the surrounding soil is dry. The grass may appear greener and lusher than in other areas of the lawn.

The benefits of a sewer camera inspection are significant, let’s look at them:

  • Identifies the specific nature of a clog, pipe damage, pipe material and the condition of drains or sewer lines. Assess the condition of older pipes and sewer systems.
  • Enables the precise location of the clog, or the area requiring repair.
  • Upon the completion of service, verifies the blockage has been removed from your plumbing in Fort Worth with a free post inspection.
  • Inspection of new pipes and sewer systems.
  • Able to identify issues before damage occurs.
  • Sewer camera inspections provide a solution for the inspection of pipes and drains beneath slab foundations, drives, patios, beneath garages and other structures and underground.

Keep in mind when you have a known or suspected leak that prompt repair is required to prevent severe damage to the home’s structure and the foundation. The majority of slab leaks can be repaired without damage to the floors.

The Conditions a Sewer Camera Inspection May Identify

A sewer camera inspection enables the plumber to visualize leaks, clogs, and drain or sewer line damage. The advancement of the technology removed all of the guess work. A sewer camera inspection performed on plumbing in Fort Worth precisely pinpoints where the issue lies. With the problem recognized the plumber knows the options for a solution, enabling the homeowner to make a choice in selecting the option best suited for their budget and long term goals.

A Sewer Camera Inspection Identifies Issues Such As:

  • Deteriorated Pipe: Degraded pipe in poor condition related to age or corrosion. Corroded pipe may be broken, have blockages or collapsed.
  • Bellied Pipe: A section of pipe that has sunken due to soil conditions creating a valley. This can cause a blockage as waste collects in the sunken area.
  • Blockage: Blockage may be caused by the buildup of grease, tree roots or other causes. Sewer camera inspection provides a clear identification of the nature of the blockage within your plumbing in Fort Worth. An example is the identification of a drain clogged with grease. Once identified as a grease clog, the plumber knows the only effective means of clearing it is water jetting. No other treatment will completely clear it.
  • Damaged Pipes: Pipe that is cracked or collapsed due to damage.
  • Leaking Joints: The seals between pipes have failed allowing leakage to escape the pipe and into the soil.
  • Offset Pipe: Sewer pipe that is no longer aligned due to shifting soil, extreme freeze and thaw or other causes, allowing leakage to occur into the soil.
  • Root Infiltration: The invasion of tree roots into the sewer pipe causing blockage and/or damage to the pipe.

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