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Causes of Low Water Pressure | Plumbers Arlington Texas

Causes of Low Water Pressure | Plumbers Arlington Texas

Low Water Pressure | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

If you have ever turned the water on and found the volume of water coming out is reduced, you are experiencing low flow, also called low water pressure. There are various factors that can cause low water pressure. Understanding the causes will aid in the identification of the problem. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas will be glad to assess your pressure problem and provide repair. A few of the most common causes of low water pressure are as follows:

  • Mineral deposits within pipes
  • Failed pressure regulator
  • Low pressure to the home from the water supplier
  • Failed water valves
  • Water leaks

First, determine if the problem is with a single water outlet, or all water outlets. If the issue affects all of the plumbing in the home, this narrows the potential causes down to a water leak, low pressure to the house, a failed water valve main or a failed pressure regulator.

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If it appears to affect the whole house call you water supplier and ask if they have the water shut off in your area. In addition, ask if they have an advanced notification system and request to be placed on the call list. Knowing in advance can prevent many inconveniences when the water is cut off for maintenance.

When the supplier isn’t the problem, check your water meter with no water running in the house. Write the reading down and recheck in 1 hour. If the dial is moving with no water used, you have a water leak that will require repair by the plumbers in Arlington, Texas.

If the dial has not moved, the problem is going to be localized. If the low water pressure is throughout the home, you will have a problem in the water main that supplies your home, or the pressure regulator installed on the water meter. Unless you provide your own DIY plumbing, this is the point of which you call a plumber. Benjamin Franklin will be glad to help you by providing our licensed plumbers in Arlington, Texas for professional repair.

When low water pressure is only at one location or a few locations it will most likely be a clogged water supply line providing for the individual outlet, or a failed shut off valve.

If the issue is only at the kitchen sink, unscrew the aerator, inspect it and clean if necessary. A good soak in vinegar will loosen mineral deposits after testing in an inconspicuous area to ensure the vinegar acids won’t damage the finish. If this doesn’t correct the low pressure at the sink, the issue will be in the faucet’s supply line or shut off valve and will require repair by the prompt plumbers in Arlington, Texas.

Pressure Regulators

A pressure regulator is used for the reduction of water pressure when the municipal water system provides a water supply with pressure high enough to damage plumbing and appliances. It is typically connected to the water meter, but may be located nearer to the home. When a pressure regulator goes bad, it will often “lock” into the wide open or closed position, regardless of where it was set. Replacement requires cutting into the water main, and is a job best left to a professional plumber. A wide open regulator is not a repair you should delay. It can damage pipes, faucets, the water heater, ice makers, and other appliances. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas will provide the services you need.

Test Water Pressure

You can test the water pressure yourself with a $5 pressure test gauge available from home supply stores. You simply screw it into a hose pipe faucet or a threaded faucet in the home and turn the water on. Recommendations vary by location, but generally a pressure reading of 60 is good. Above this is typically considered high, and below it is considered low. Some appliance manufacturers recommend a pressure no more than 50 for ice makers, which are especially vulnerable to high pressure.

Water Supply Issues

Your water supplier may be experiencing problems with pressure. If it is an ongoing problem, talk to your plumber for solutions to boost the home’s water pressure.

Check Shutoff Valves

If the problem is limited to a faucet or two, check the individual shut off valves, children may have turned them, or they may have malfunctioned restricting water flow. Check the homes main shut off valve for the same reasons when the entire home’s water supply is affected.

Repair Water Leaks

Water leaks can cause low water pressure. Check water lines for damage or leaks. Use the aforementioned water meter test to check for a leak. If you have a leak that needs repair, or a hidden leak that you are unable to locate, call Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas for prompt service of your water line repair in Fort Worth or Arlington.

Mineral Deposit Build-Ups

Over time, pipes, fixtures and outlet supplies can experience mineral deposit build-ups, which clog faucets and showerheads, preventing full water pressure. Cleaning aerators and showerheads may alleviate the low water pressure problem with a good vinegar soak and a soft brush. Mineral deposit build-up in water lines will require the services of the plumbers in Arlington, Texas for pipe cleaning or replacement.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers in Arlington provide prompt, professional plumbing services to the Fort Worth and Arlington regions. All of our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, or we redo it for free. Thanks for visiting our site.