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Causes Of Water Leaks In Commercial Buildings And How A Plumbing Company Can Help | Mansfield, TX

Causes Of Water Leaks In Commercial Buildings And How A Plumbing Company Can Help | Mansfield, TX

Water is essential in companies for restrooms, landscaping, processing, cooling, sanitation, and other tasks, depending on their operations. It helps maintain the hygiene and beauty of the exterior areas by watering flowers and ensuring all the processes run efficiently for more productivity and profitability.

Piping is the heart of the entire plumbing system because it supplies water to all fixtures and faucets of commercial premises that require water. They are prone to multiple issues that need immediate repairs from a renowned plumbing company.

One of the worst plumbing issues that most organizations face is water leakage, which might lead to water damage if discovered late and increases water bills. It is an issue you should never ignore despite the magnitude of the leak to maintain the structural integrity of the building, conserve water, and avoid accidents like falls that stem from spilling water.

Luckily, there are solutions to water leaks that entail calling a plumbing company to inspect pipes and fixtures, identify the root cause of the oozing water, and fix it appropriately. Below are some of the causes of water leaks and their prevention measures.

Burst Pipes

The worst water leaks that companies experience is due to burst pipes. They release excessive water, leading to floods, especially at night when no one is around to close the turn-off valve. The large volume of water exposes your sentimental or valuable belongings to damage, leading to rotting or mold growth in your furniture, which affects its structural integrity and beauty.

When you hear a pop in the piping system, then a deep hiss, stop whatever you are doing and rush to shut off the water supply. If you have no idea where plumbers from a reputable plumbing company in Mansfield, TX installed the valves, get someone that knows to salvage the situation as you call for emergency services.

Water pipes can burst because of freezing with exposure to icy weather and excessive water pressure in weak water lines that cannot resist it. Frozen pipes can also be culprits of burst pipelines.

A nearby trustworthy plumbing company can definitely come in handy when dealing with excessive water leaks. Its contractors will replace the burst pipe with more durable PVC pipes known for being rust-resistant and enduring high water pressure.

They can also use water-proof cameras to inspect the piping and plumbing system for leak detection and make the necessary repairs or replacements. The appropriate piping materials that lower the risk of bursting can prolong the life of your plumbing system.

Prevention Measures

Since burst pipes are due to excessive water pressure, the plumbing expert ensures the water pressure in the commercial premises is within the optimal levels, with a minimum of 35 pounds per square inch. The psi should align with the Public Water Supply Systems regulations and the public water supplies in Mansfield, TX. Regulating water pressure helps maintain a healthy plumbing system, stopping them from bursting.

In addition, the plumbing company can recommend changing your old and weak pipes, such as copper, which has higher susceptibility to rust than plastic piping systems. The new PVC pipelines will effectively curb the possibility of corrosion-related bursts and water leaks.

Additionally, Plumbing experts can winterize exposed water lines to stop them from freezing during the icy season. They can also insulate the pipes.

Damaged Pipes

Your commercial premises can also experience the dangers of water leakages resulting from ruined water lines. The pipelines will ooze out water depending on the extent of the damage, increasing the risk of in-office floods and destruction of property.

If the level of havoc in the pipes is minimal, it might take time to notice a leak, slowly destroying your building with mold growth. Extensive vandalism of the piping system will pour out a lot of water that requires urgent services from the best and most reliable plumbing company.

The root cause of damaged pipes includes worn-out seams in the pipe connections, corrosion in parts of the pipelines, and aged or old water lines due to wear and tear. Plus, external force on the pipes from tree intrusion or excavation processes, especially digging when the plumber accidentally cuts the water line, can also damage the pipes, leading to leaks.

Fixing damaged pipes entails replacing the ruined parts with new water lines. The earlier a plumber from a reputable plumbing company addresses the issue, the better for your company because it will save you from paying high water bills from water wastage.

Prevention Strategy

Protecting pipelines from ruin is vital in ensuring your plumbing system operates efficiently for the longest time. It requires regular maintenance that includes testing the strength of the pipes to ensure they are not weak due to wear and tear.

The plumbers in Mansfield, TX can also safeguard the pipelines from external damage by using more advanced excavation methods, such as vacuum trucks, which have lower levels of destruction.

Tree Intrusion in Water Lines

Most commercial buildings value the beauty of their premises and invest in landscaping that might include planting trees. If the tree is near the water lines, the roots might grow towards the pipelines, causing them to create pinholes, crack, and eventually burst out large amounts of water.

Quacks from an unknown plumbing company can install water pipes near planted trees, exposing them to the danger of tree Intrusion that leads to water leakages.

Since the leak happens outdoors, you can notice the issue when the water flowing to the washrooms and other plumbing fixtures in the building has reduced pressure. It can also stop water from flowing seamlessly to your company as most of it pours outside. The yard around the tree will also become soaking wet and create pools of water.

The only way to solve the issue is to remove the ruined pipe and install a new one after removing the tree. If the company owner wants to retain the tree in its current position, experts from the best plumbing company in the neighborhood can move the water lines far from it.

Preventing Tree Intrusion into Pipes

Technicians can prevent water leaks from tree penetration by not connecting pipes near trees. They can advise commercial property owners against planting trees close to the water lines.

In case the tree is already close to the pipelines, the pros from the nearest plumbing company in town should make regular inspections to monitor the roots as they discuss with the managers on the best measure to take in favor of the corporation.

Corrosion of Pipes, Faucets, and Fixtures

If the water lines installed in your company were cast iron, copper, and galvanized steel pipes, you are likely to experience water leaks due to corrosion. The issue is more prominent in commercial buildings that receive hard water full of calcium and magnesium elements that can lead to rust.

As the minerals from hard water build-up, they destroy the plumbing system by breaking down the materials, leading to pin holes that allow water to spill out, forcing you to call a plumbing company in Mansfield, TX for urgent help. Water with low pH values also contributes to the rusting of iron, copper, and zinc pipes.

Failure to address minor leaks from corroded parts, leaking worsens when the pipes eventually crack and burst open. At this point, the manager or leaders in the company have no choice but to call the reliable Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth company within the city for prompt repairs and replacement.

If the crack and leakage are in a hidden section of the pipelines, including those installed under the foundation, underground, or on walls, it might be hard to pinpoint the problem. A professional working in a recognized plumbing company can accurately detect and fix it.

How will you know it is time to call a plumber to fix the leaks? There are signs of corrosion in the piping system, which are discolored water and dirty water if it mixes with soil underground. The rust also changes the taste of water and can stain the plumbing fixtures and faucets in the office building.

The hired plumber can confirm the leaks and the corrosion using advanced plumbing tools that make the work easier, stress-free, and fast. After verifying the leak and the underlying cause, the professionals you get from a renowned plumbing company can replace the corroded sections of the piping system with corrosion-resistant pipes.

If the calcium and magnesium elements cause high havoc in the plumbing system, repiping the entire water lines might be the best action. The new pipes should be resistant to rust for longevity and efficiency.

Prevention Measures

The best way to prevent your pipes from rusting is to have an expert from a trustworthy plumbing company install unconventional and conventional water treatment systems, including water softeners and filtration systems, at the point of entry and use. They are corrosion control measures that entail treating contaminants in hard water.

Controlling the alkalinity and acidity of water between 6.5 and 8.5 pH also keeps your pipes safe from rusting, which helps maintain the structural integrity and beauty of your fixtures from staining.

The plumbers can also prevent corrosion by keeping the water lines clean with regular maintenance from the best company that puts the customer’s interests first. Better still, you can avoid using corrosive piping materials by having installers from a well-known plumbing company in Mansfield, TX connect PVC and PEX pipes. If you prefer iron, zinc, or steel pipes, the plumbers should help you buy the ones with protective coatings and linings.

Frozen Water Pipes

In addition to the above cause of water leaks in commercial buildings is frozen pipes, an issue that only manifests during the wintry season. Water lines outdoors are exposed to changes in weather, including scorching hot summers and icy winters.

During winter, your pipes freeze if they have water in them. As the water in the water lines solidifies into ice, it expands and exerts pressure on the pipes. If close to the joints, a leak is noticeable but cannot be as severe as when the pipes burst due to the frozen water, which leads to costly water damage. It is worth noting that the severity of frozen pipes depends on the type of piping material. PVC and copper frozen pipes easily crack and burst.

A commercial plumbing company in Mansfield, TX is better placed to fix the issue by insulating the pipes and tightening the joints if they do not have a crack. But, if the water lines crack due to the frozen water, the only remedy is to replace them.

Prevention Strategy

Companies in areas with cold snaps in winter have to protect their pipes from freezing. The plumbers you hire from a plumbing company in the county perform the vital winterization process to prevent frozen pipe issues. They evaluate the piping system and identify all the exposed water lines to insulate before winter sets in.

The experts can use rigid insulated sticks or pipe tubes, cotton insulated pouches, or wrap-around insulation to cover the water lines. They also utilize secure tape, including adhesive duct tape, for better insulation.

Moreover, the technician can recommend leaving faucets running at low pressure to stop water from standing still in the pipes, increasing the risk of freezing.

Prevent Water Leaks in Your Commercial Building by Hiring the Best Plumbers!

It is without a doubt that water leaks can be a big issue in offices, leading to floods, water damage, and mold growth. The problem requires the skills and expertise of professional and experienced plumbers to fix the leakage.

So, if you notice water leaks of whichever magnitude in your commercial building, it is wise to reach out to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth for quality and exceptional services. We are a plumbing company in Mansfield, TX offering an array of services, including installation of water heaters and filtration systems, leak detection, drain cleaning, faucet replacement, and well repairs.

Our qualified and certified workers are ready and willing to meet your plumbing needs after dropping your emergency call. They will address and resolve any plumbing issue you may be facing. Get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth today.

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