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Causes Of Water Line Damage And Benefits Of Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

Causes Of Water Line Damage And Benefits Of Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

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A water line is among the most-valued plumbing fixtures at your Arlington, TX home. It carries clean water from the municipal water supply lines into your home. Without it, the routine daily operations at your home may come to a grinding halt.

Clean water is used for drinking, cooking, laundry work, dishwashing, and almost all hygienic functions at your home. A water line is an inlet to your home’s plumbing system since they bring in clean water and the sewer or drainage system takes the wastewater out.

Freshwater is the lifeline to your body and increases comfort. However, water lines are susceptible to problems and damages, like other plumbing fittings and fixtures. Hence, you need water line repair services to ensure this critical plumbing fixture operates at its peak efficiency. Read on to find what may damage your water line.

Causes of Water Line Damage

High Water Pressure

High water pressure can also damage your water line. The optimum water pressure appropriate for most Arlington, TX households must be below sixty pounds per square inch. Significantly high-water pressure may make the water pipes burst, causing severe damage that might prove costly to repair or replace.

If you notice that the water pressure is extremely high, contact your nearest water line repair service company. They will dispatch a plumber to diagnose the problem and repair it promptly to ensure your home never lacks clean water. The problem may be a faulty pressure regulator or an issue at the main municipal supply. If the cause is the latter, the plumber will shut the water supply at the mains and report the problem to your water utility provider.

Tree Root Intrusion

If you have trees planted close to your water line, the roots may intrude and cause various problems. Tree roots can penetrate fractured, cracked, or old underground pipes, resulting in more damage to your water line and other plumbing fixtures at your home as roots continue growing.

The encroaching roots may start by contaminating the water entering your bathroom, kitchen, or faucets, making it dirty. Dirty or discolored water is a sign of problems within the pipes that could compel you to seek the help of water line repair services immediately. The plumbers will professionally inspect the source of the problem using modern tools and make a prompt diagnosis for the required repair.

You can avoid this by moving the water line pipes far from the trees or cutting them down. This will ensure that your home has a continuous supply of clean water. Hire a water line repair technician to inspect your water line and recommend the best solution. They have experience and skills, meaning they are better positioned to give you solid advice than the DIY enthusiasts. They will also give you a solution that ensures the waterline and the trees you cherish can coexist.


Your water line may get damaged easily because of rusting. However, the rate of corrosion depends on the material making the pipes. For instance, steel pipes have a higher susceptibility to corrosion upon exposure to environments having high mineral ions and salt concentrations.

Hard water entering the water line from the municipal water supply lines is the most common reason for rusting. This water contains carbonates, sulfates, and bicarbonates of calcium and magnesium. The water lines buried underneath may also corrode if the surrounding soil has gasses, water, and other properties favoring metal corrosion. The corroded pipes may result in more plumbing issues like a burst or cracked pipe.

So, corrosion causes mild to severe plumbing problems that need the services of a skilled expert to stop the leakages. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, our plumbers are experienced in undertaking water line repairs, replacement, and maintenance to ensure that your home’s water supply is uninhibited. We also offer advice on the best pipes that are corrosion resistant to ensure that you can go by your business with no corrosion worries.


The other reason your water line may get damaged is the frozen water pipes because of the cold weather outside. Low temperatures cause the water within the pipes to freeze and expand, increasing the pressure inside the water line. This causes the pipes to burst or crack open as the water continues freezing.

Burst pipes are among the most dangerous plumbing problems. They can result in severe water damage to your home, leaving you with expensive repairs to structures, replacements of the damaged things past repair, and mold removal.

Contracting a water line repair professional on time to address the frozen pipes and other plumbing problems like burst pipes helps combat the water damages and flooding. The plumber will start by closing the main water supply line, identifying the frozen/affected pipes, thawing them, and replacing any pipes that may be damaged. Alternatively, you can prepare for the winter season by calling the water line repair technician to insulate and winterize the water pipes that are likely to freeze because of the low temperatures.

Poor Water Line Installation

If the water line was/ is not installed correctly, it could get damaged in the future or even immediately. Suppose an inexperienced person did the initial installation. In that case, you may need a water line repair expert later down the line to remedy the problem arising from the poor installation service. This increases the expenses, hurting your financial fortune.

A skilled water line expert understands the intricacies of water line installation, like the appropriate sizes of materials and fittings. This ensures you get maximum return on investment before you perform a water line repair. Hence, the water line can serve your Arlington, TX home for long without a leak resulting from mismatching pipes or connectors.

Mineral Deposit Build-Up

Homes that get hard water from the main municipal supply may face mineral deposit problems within their water lines as time lapses. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium minerals, which may sediment and accumulate within the water line causing blockages and clogs.

If you do not hire a water line repair technician for routine maintenance and your home receives hard water, you will have a clog and experience water line issues within your water line sooner or later. This is because your pipes will accumulate massive amounts of mineral deposits, increasing the pressure inside and eventually causing fracturing.

The crack may eventually cause the pipes to burst, causing floods at your Arlington, TX home. Thus, call a repair technician to inspect your water lines for sediment build-up at least two times a year. This will save it from leakages, clogs, bursts, and cracks.

Benefits of Investing In a Water Line Repair Service

Water is a vital resource for various home activities. Therefore, you must ensure a constant supply and that your plumbing system is in a good state. Otherwise, lack of water may cause discomfort and inconvenience at your home. Enlist the services of a plumber for regular maintenance of your plumbing systems, including water line repair and inspection. This ensures that the water supply curve at your home remains constant.

Water line repair ensures that your pipes do not burst, avoiding water loss and leaks. Some homeowners perform the repairs themselves. However, DIY has severe consequences, including a higher risk of making the problem worse. This could lead to higher repair costs in the long term. So, why should you enlist the services of a plumber to maintain your water line regularly?

Water Line Repair Prevents Water-Borne Diseases

When your water line bursts, the water within comes into contact with dirt, debris, or burst sewer line. The water is also exposed to germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms found in the soil. Hence, the water flowing into your Arlington, TX home is exposed to disease-causing germs, putting you at risk of illnesses like Amoeba, Bilharzia, and cholera.

The cracks might also form on the water line, increasing the danger of water-borne diseases mixing with water meant for your daily consumption. To avoid placing the health of your family and yours at risk, let a plumber perform regular inspections encompassing routine maintenance and repairs to the already damaged parts. Routine maintenance is a preventative measure to avert any future possibility of contaminated water coming into your home.

You Can Identify the Water Problems Early

The water line leading to your Arlington, TX home is damage-prone in its lifespan. Multiple factors are contributing to the pipes’ degradation. They include extreme temperatures, soil erosion, and pipe ages. Some damages to your water line might start as minor issues and escalate if a plumber doesn’t fix them promptly. Diagnosing problems like corroded pipes and a mix-up of clean water and sewage without a proper water line inspection is next to impossible.

Plan with a reliable plumbing technician to regularly maintain the water line leading to your home. The plumber will identify and inspect the parts likely to get damaged soon. They will recommend a replacement or a repair during the inspection. They will also conduct a water line repair, preventing the water line from breaking down in the future.

Reduced Water Bills

Whenever there are leaks or cracks within the water line at your Arlington, TX home, the water bills balloon considerably. This is because of the water sneaking through the holes or cracks into the soil. Whether you use the water or not is a concern for your water utility provider. They expect you to pay for the water as they read it on your meter, meaning that the incoming bill includes the water that seeped into the ground. According to a study by EPA, household leaks that arise from cracked and burst pipes account for over 10000 gallons of water lost per year.

Ensure you invest in water line repair, inspection, and maintenance services from a reputable plumber like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth. It will help keep the water bills at a minimum by ensuring you pay for what you consume. Our technicians will inspect the appliances and entire water line using modern and specialized tools to precisely identify the defects. Upon identifying the issue, the plumber will recommend various repair options or even replace the damaged parts. Once your water line is in its top condition, you will see a drop in your water bills.

Saves Money and Time

The massive repairs are expensive. The repairs may harm your financial wellbeing if they happen unexpectedly. If the damage is extensive, you may have to bear several days of inadequate water in your Arlington, TX home. On the other hand, with regular maintenance and inspection comprising repair, you can avoid these unexpected inconveniences and costs because the water line will work efficiently.

If you are experiencing substantial water bills, inform your local plumber immediately and schedule water line repair. The plumber will perform a preventative repair service to seal the leaks and cracks that increase your water bills. Routine preventive maintenance is vital to avoid the inconveniences of a broken water line.

Increase Its Lifespan

By taking good care of the plumbing systems at your home, including the water lines, you extend their lifespan. Preventative maintenance and regular inspection are most likely to increase the service time of your water line. The plumbers will identify the damaged sections and recommend the necessary water line repair solutions or an entire water line replacement.

This increases the lifespan of the entire water line. It also enhances its efficiency to deliver enough clean water to your Arlington, TX home. Call a licensed plumber to conduct routine water line maintenance, including inspecting and repairing your water line. The water line will have a longer lifespan and increased efficiency of the water flow within.

Protects Your Home from Damage

When leaks happen, water might percolate into the soil and structures around, putting them at risk of destabilization. Leaks onto roofs, attics, drywall, and other wooden structures may cause wood rot and mold infestation. It tapers with the structural integrity of the structures at your home. Without a prompt plumbing service, you might be staring at a possible building collapse.

The mold growing on the floors and walls of your house because of frequent water leaks may cause respiratory issues. Therefore, besides paying your plumber for leakage repairs, seek mold remedy services.

Contact your nearest plumbing service for regular water line repair, maintenance, and inspection to prevent any damage issues at your home. The plumber will identify the damaged parts that require replacements or repairs during an inspection visit to prevent the leaks from further spreading.

Water Line Repair Services in Arlington, TX

As you can see from the above, keeping your water line in a good state is vital in ensuring that your Arlington, TX home has clean water. A day without clean water can prove frustrating and make your home uncomfortable.

There are many benefits of regular preventive maintenance to your water line. From ensuring that you get favorable water bills and preventing the inconveniences to increasing the lifespan of your pipes, the benefits of water line inspection, maintenance, repair, or replacement are many. Do you need water line repair services in your Arlington, TX home? Call our licensed, experienced, and adequately equipped plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth today.