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Causes & Signs of Gas Leak and What to Do Next | Gas Line Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Causes & Signs of Gas Leak and What to Do Next | Gas Line Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Natural Gas (carbon monoxide) that is used at homes in Forth Worth, TX is odorless. What gas suppliers do is that they add an artificial “rotten egg” type smell to the gas, in order to alert the house owners of any gas leak. Natural gas, if leaked in greater volume, can be extremely dangerous. Hence, it is important that preventive measures are taken to prevent any leakage. Gas lines can often be leaky and so can be the gas appliances. Gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX is absolutely necessary if any signs of leak occur.

Although natural gas, when leaked, can be harmful, it is still considered as one of the convenient and safest sources of burning fuel. Majority of the homes in the United States use natural gas to operate their water heaters, stoves and other appliances. If gas line and the gas appliances are taken care of and the natural gas is burned in the correct manner, it does not have tendency to produce anything else other than water vapors. Natural gas produces lesser greenhouse emissions than fuels such as oil, coal and wood.

The reason why natural gas is most commonly used in Fort Worth, TX is that it is extremely combustible. This means that a little quantity of natural gas can generate a large amount of heat. High combustibility is also the reason why any leak of natural gas can easily lead to an explosion or fire. If a gas leak is left unfixed for a longer period, it can cause serious damage to the whole gas pipeline system of your house, in addition to posing serious threats to the safety of the residents. Gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX and maintenance are, therefore, very vital.

Causes of Gas Leak

If gas is leaking in a small quantity, it can sometimes be hard to detect it because of no color and no natural odor. If any kind of leak is suspected, you should immediately get it fixed by contacting a plumber. Gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX is affordable and reliable.

The things that can cause gas to leak are:

Household Gas Appliances

There are many home appliances such as water heaters, stoves, fireplaces and dryers that use natural gas to produce heat. As the time passes and these appliances become old, the seals on these appliances that the pipe is connected with can corrode and cause the gas to leak. Also, if anyone does not turn off the gas knob after using it, the gas can break out and spread in the home.

Poor State of Gas Pipelines

Another cause of gas leak is a fault in the pipeline. In almost every old house in Fort Worth, TX the piping gets faulty at some point. The seals become lose or sometimes completely break off because of wear, causing gas leak. In this case, gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX comes in very handy.

No or Poor Ventilation

Always make sure that there is proper ventilation in your home. Exhaust fans are very important for this purpose. When the carbon dioxide that enters your house is allowed to react with the gas appliances, it can cause natural gas to leak if there is no system for ventilation. Carbon dioxide is completely odorless, so you must have a proper ventilation system at your house to be safe all the time.

Signs of Gas Leak

  • Smell is the most prominent sign of gas leak. The “rotten egg” like smell coming from home appliances can easily reach you whenever there is a leak.


  • You can also feel some physical sensations such as lightheadedness, dizziness, and nausea due to carbon monoxide poisoning. If these feelings go away once you go in fresh air, there is a possibility that there is a gas leak in your home.


  • You may also feel a certain smell even when you are not around the appliances. This smell can be due to the leak in your home’s gas pipeline. If you feel any such thing, you should consider gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX as long term solution after taking immediate actions.


  • The flames produced by the appliances can become blue, rather than orange or yellow.


  • Condensation may occur on your home’s windows and you can feel a musty smell in air.


  • A sound of hissing can come from the appliances, if there is a gas leak.


What You Should Do

First and foremost, you need to make sure that everyone is safe and far from the area of gas leak. Tell everyone to go outside.

You should turn off all the gas knobs on your home appliances.

You should let fresh air come inside your home to disperse the gas. Leave all the doors and windows open to let air pass. If windows can’t be opened for some reason, be quick to go outside in the fresh air.

Immediately contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and avail the service of gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX. The plumbers that will come to your home will have automatic gas detectors with them to detect all the areas that are causing gas leak, and then repair them.

What You Should NOT Do

Whenever there is a gas leak in your house, you need to be very watchful of what you do.

Do not try to unplug any electrical appliances or flip any switches.

You should definitely not smoke or light any matches. This will cause even more combustion of the gas.

Avoid lighting any candles.

You should not use doorbell as well.

Avoid using telephone. Contact the gas company from neighbor’s phones.

Gas leak can prove fatal. It is imperative that you take preventive measures to ensure that gas never leaks in your home. If you feel there are any signs of gas leak or you need to get your gas lines checked, contact us freely and take advantage of our efficient professional services. We have made gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX more easy, affordable and reliable.