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Changing Bathroom Plumbing — Arlington, TX

Changing Bathroom Plumbing — Arlington, TX

Bathroom Remodel | Plumbing Arlington

Your dreams of a bathroom remodel can provide advantages other than self-indulgence. A relaxing spa-like bathroom may be the goal, or simply improved function. When planning to remodel a bathroom, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our skilled and experienced licensed plumbers will be glad to provide the services required for your bathroom’s plumbing in Arlington. Regardless of your personal reasons, there are genuine advantages to the practicality of a bathroom remodel. Let’s examine them:

  • Increased Value
  • Upgrades for Safety
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Added Value

The cost of upgrading the bathroom will increase the value of your home. Besides receiving a new bathroom, a remodeled bathroom will provide a return on the investment. This is especially important when planning to sell your home in the near future. Furthermore, a bathroom remodel won’t only increase the home’s value; it may be a factor in a faster sale. The replacement of plumbing in Arlington also adds value to a home, and its ability to sell.plumbing arlington bathroom remodeling

Safety Upgrades to Your Home’s plumbing in Arlington

According to the CDC, 2.4 million of adults age 65 and older fell in 2012 and were treated in the ER, with over 722,000 being hospitalized. That’s one out of every 3 seniors every year, with falls being the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries. Among fatal injuries in 2011, 22,900 seniors died from a fall. Less than half of these seniors reported the fall to their health care provider. The CDC’s guidelines for improving safety include adding grab bars inside and outside of the tub or shower, and beside the toilet.

A University of Michigan study found the largest problem involved seniors using sliding glass doors for stability or balance. This creates a high risk of fall as these doors weren’t manufactured to hold weight. Towel bars and tub seats were additional sources of unsafe practices in the bathroom.

However, the problem isn’t limited to only seniors. According to a recent study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, more than 43,000 children under age 18 in the United States are treated in hospital ER’s each year for injuries occurring in a bathtub or shower. The largest number of injuries involved 2 year olds, while 4 year olds involved accounted for 54.3%.

After the swimming pool, the bathtub is the second major source of drowning in the home. Once again, the most common victim were the children and the elderly. Children under 5 accounted for 25%, while seniors over age 75 accounted for 15.5%.

These statistics are clear, the bathroom is more dangerous than you might think. Additional potential dangers include the sources of electrical and water, slippery tiles, glass and heating sources. It adds up to a potential recipe for disaster. Upgrades in your plumbing in Arlington can assist significantly to prevent falls. Modern innovations provide safer products, such as non-slip tile, and automatic shutoff in electrical products, for example.


Environmental awareness has spurred the goal of increased efficiency among home and business owners alike. An increasing number of energy efficient products are available to assist you in saving water, electricity, and other fuel sources. Toilets, shower heads, energy efficient water heaters, and LED lighting provide examples of how energy efficiency can be brought into the bathroom. If you’re interested in a maximum efficiency water heater, consider an on-demand water heater. While it isn’t for every home, qualifying households can save up to 50% in the cost of operation. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has extensive experience in the installation of on-demand water heaters and other products that will improve the efficiency of your home’s plumbing in Arlington.

Efficiency can extend beyond energy to organization for the purpose of having less cluttered cabinets, closets and drawers with increased ease of access in the organization. Organization can provide a factor that makes bathing, showering and dressing safer for those at risk of falls.

Getting Started

Behind any great bathroom is the plumbing that supplies it. While you’re planning the relaxing retreat of a bathroom remodel, think of your plumbing in Arlington. The time to talk to your plumber is before fixtures and tile goes in. This is especially true if fixtures will be moved or replaced. For example, if the selected tub has a drain in a different location, the drain pipe and possibly the water lines will need to be relocated.

If the homes pipes are aging, a convenient time to replace them is during a remodel when supply lines and drains are conveniently accessible. After all, you want reliable plumbing in Arlington, and the best time to replace it’s before the new shower, tub, toilet and sink are installed.

How a Plumber Can Assist in a Remodel

Besides installing reliable fixtures, water lines, shut off valves and/or a water heater or other plumbing in Arlington, talk to your plumber about the fixtures themselves. While plumbers don’t sell fixtures retail, they’re able to purchase them and install them on the job. Furthermore, the fixtures’ a plumber sells is generally of a superior quality than anything available in a retail box outlet or retail plumbers supply. An experienced plumber knows the best options that will outlast anything you or your contractor can purchase. Talk to your plumber before purchase, he may be able to provide you with options of superior quality.

Sure, you can buy a faucet with a lifetime warranty, however, when it breaks and has to be sent back to the manufacturer what will you do for a faucet? You may have to wait for months on a replacement to be shipped. However, with a product from a plumber, there is no wait involved if a problem occurs.

Trust your plumbing in Arlington to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth and Arlington. Our experienced licensed plumbers will provide the professionally finished product you desire. We offer plumbers ranked among the best in the nation. Furthermore, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we “redo it for free”. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today for plumbing installation on your kitchen or bathroom remodel, repair or replacement of your plumbing in Arlington.