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Choosing the Correct Tankless Water Heater System | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Choosing the Correct Tankless Water Heater System | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Many home owners do not invest proper time in the selection of the right water heater. This later turns out to be a burden on their bank accounts without even coming to their realization, because the cost of operating water heater can differ significantly depending on the size, type and model selected.

The best practice is to research now for the appropriate water heater so when in future you have to replace your water heater you are familiar with the options and qualities available.

The last decade has been a scientifically advancement decade for almost all technological equipments. Water heaters lie in that category too. Many new types of water heaters have now become available to consumers which provide even more cost savings and higher efficiency. These new types of water heaters include newer but conventional storage type water heaters, tankless coils, indirect water heater, and solar powered water heaters. Among these types the most beneficial is Tankless water heater in Arlington, TX. For the selection of best type of Tankless water heater in Arlington, TX many points are covered here that you should know.

A standard conventional water heater has a large tank that holds water and heats it. To give you hot water whenever you need it, the traditional water heater keeps heating the water in the storage tank to keep a constant temperature of the water. Thus, it uses energy to heat water even when the water is not being used. This is referred to as standby heat loss. This is the reason more advanced water heaters have been developed to save energy and only heat the water when it is needed.

One of such technology is Tankless water heater in Arlington, TX which avoids standby heat loss because it heats water only when it is required. Because of this reason, tankless water heaters are also called “On demand water heaters”.

A Tankless water heater in Arlington, TX uses heat exchanger to raise water temperature. Heat exchanger transfers heat produced in electric coils or gas filed burner to the water that come out through faucet.

Types of tankless water heaters

There are two types of tank less water heater systems

Point-of-use heaters

Whole-house heaters

Point of use

Single point tankless water heater in Arlington, TX are small in size and are only able to heat water for one or two places. Their small size enables them to fit in small places like in a closet or cabinet. This facilitates easy installation. Also because they are installed closer to the point of use there is no time lag that causes heat loss. Because if a tankless water heater in Arlington, TX is installed a place far from the faucet the water will lose some heat while just reaching the place

Whole house water heaters

Whole-house systems are much larger, expensive but can operate more than one use point at a time.

Tankless water heater in Arlington, TX are powered by two ways. There are electric models and there are models that work on propane.

Deciding what to buy:

In order to purchase the correct tankless water heater in Arlington, TX here are following three steps that you should follow

Step 1

The first step is concluding the number of units you will be running hot water and what their total water flow rate will be. Then calculate the total flow rate that will be needed in the house (gallons per minute). This will be the required flow rate you will want your water heater to have.

Step 2

Secondly, you should calculate how much temperature of the water you would want to increase. To calculate temperature rise required subtract the temperature of incoming water from the temperature desired. If you do not know the water temperature that comes to your house assume it 50°F, although if you live in a warmer climatic region your water temperature is likely to be higher. Once you have calculated the temperature raise required in your house you will look for the water heater that will produce a temperature raise accordingly

Step 3

Generally Water heaters can provide hot water at the rate of 3-4 gallons per minute. This amount of water flow can be sufficient for your house if you do not require hot water at more than one location at the same time. So, choosing the tankless water heater exactly according to your water requirement is necessary.

Selection Criteria

Deciding whether to get a tankless water heater in Arlington, TX is just the same as any other purchase. You will have to look at its advantages and disadvantages in order to reach to your decision. There are many factors to consider for identifying whether a tankless water heater in Arlington, TX will be the best choice for you or not. Some of these are given as under

Determining Capacity

Most consumer base their choice solely on the water amount that water heater can give. But, the more important figure to look upon is “The peak hour demand capacity”; also referred to, as First hour rating (FHR).

The FHR is the measure of the hot water amount that can be delivered by water heater during a busy hour of water use. It might be that your water requirement is low usually but during the peak requirement timings the water heater would not be able to fulfill the requirement.

It is required by law that FHR be stated on the unit’s Energy guide. Therefore, before you go to purchase the tankless water heater system, estimate what is the peak hour water demand of your house and then look for the tankless water heater in Arlington, TX that has FHR range accordingly.

Comparing Costs

Although some consumers make the mistake of only looking at the purchase price of the tankless water heater in Arlington, TX when buying, its maintenance and operating cost should also be carefully considered in order to reach the best decision possible. When deciding among different brands, it is important to analyze some reviews about its life period. Units having longer warranty period generally have a higher purchase price. Sometimes, the least expensive tankless water heater in Arlington, TX brings out more operating costs than other units thus a careful consideration and research should be given in this regard.


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