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Choosing the Right Pipe | Plumber Fort Worth

Choosing the Right Pipe | Plumber Fort Worth

Pipe Material | Plumber Fort Worth

When your home must be replumbed, or when building a new home, you will undoubtedly compare available pipe materials weighing the advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, there is no single solution that is the “best” choice for all situations. The ideal pipe material for your home will depend upon the individual environmental factors involved. Factors such as weather and the chemical composition of your water and soil will determine which pipe materials will perform the best in the long term spectrum. Your plumber in Fort Worth will be the appropriate advisor on the best pipe for your location.

Plumber Fort Worth | Pipe Material

The use of a reputable, licensed plumber in Fort Worth will ensure not only a professional grade plumbing installation. It will also ensure you receive the benefit of the plumbers experience in the pipe material that will hold up to your homes unique considerations for plumbing.

In this review we will compare the benefits and disadvantages of copper, CPVC and PEX pipe, in order to assist you. It is to your advantage to be aware of the environmental influences in your location and how it may affect each pipe material. Even if you plan upon DIY plumbing, it will be of long term benefit to consult with a plumber in Fort Worth, as he/she will be aware of the local influences that may affect your selection of pipe. The consultation will also provide a plumber in Fort Worth already aware of your goals, in the event you discover plumbing a whole house is more than you bargained for.

Copper Pipe

Copper pipe has been installed in approximately 80% of all U. S. buildings and homes for decades. The benefits of copper pipes are as follows:

  1. Clean Water:
    Copper pipe is manufactured lead free, and contains a biostatic property, meaning it inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is resistant to corrosion and ultraviolet light, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
  2. Durable:
    Copper pipe provides some flex enabling long runs of copper pipe, which reduces the joints necessary; Joints are soldered providing a strong, tight connecting bond between joints that resists corrosion.
  3. Easily Installed:
    Coppers natural flexibility enables it to be installed without as many required joints, connectors and fasteners easily adapting to numerous bends and fitting into narrow spaces. Unlike some pipes, it won’t sag over time. This factor also makes copper more durable during natural disasters, earthquakes for example, when other pipes such as CPVC could break.
  4. Copper will not release toxic gases in the event of a fire.
  5. Copper will not rust.
  6. Resists freezing if installed below the frost level.
  7. Copper is recyclable, making it an environmentally sound choice.
  8. Medium service life of 50 – 75 years under normal conditions.

Disadvantages of Copper

  1. Copper is not suitable for use with water that has a low pH, as acidic water will corrode copper.
  2. Will freeze if not adequately protected.
  3. Copper has become expensive.
  4. May impart a slightly metallic taste that water filtration will remove.
  5. Copper pipe isn’t your typical DIY project. The process of soldering joints requires the expertise of an experienced plumber in Fort Worth to ensure quality joints that will stand the test of time.


CPVC Benefits

CPVC is capable of carrying hot water and being created for this purpose, it is stronger than PVC. PVC is only for cold water distribution and should not be installed near a heat source such as a furnace.

  1. Easy and fast to install, uses PVC glue rather than solder.
  2. Very light weight.
  3. Easy to cut.
  4. Resists corrosion. Suitable for most regions where corrosion of metal pipe is common.
  5. Tested for chemical leaching and established as safe for home water systems.
  6. Used for over 35 years in the U. S.
  7. Suitable for indoor use.
  8. Resistant to household chemicals.
  9. Long service life of 75-100 years under normal conditions.

CPVC Disadvantages

  1. Requires the use of numerous fittings.
  2. Not suitable for outdoor use due to degradation by ultraviolet light.
  3. Requires bracing.

PEX Pipe

PEX is a fairly new pipe in the U. S., being in use for the last 20 years. It has been used in Europe for decades.

Benefits of PEX

  1. PEX is extremely easy to install. The high flexibility of PEX is a clear advantage allowing the pipe to be routed around obstacles with fewer fittings required. Fittings are compression type with a fast and easy application. The high flexibility also means it is very tolerate of freeze and thaw, making it very resistant to breaking.
  2. Won’t corrode or rust.
  3. service life of 75-100 years under normal conditions.
  4. Can be used with metal and PVC pipe.
  5. Due to the cost of the tools for compression fittings, PEX isn’t a typical DIY project requiring the use of a plumber in Fort Worth.

PEX Disadvantages

  1. Installation generally requires bracing and support to prevent the pipe from moving within the walls when taps are turned on and off.
  2. Can’t be used outdoors without a UV blocking coating.
  3. It can’t be recycled.

Most plumbing systems are expected to last for many years under normal conditions. The proper jointing of any plumbing is essential to the pipes reliability and longevity. Using a licensed and qualified plumber in Fort Worth will ensure the proper installation of your home’s plumbing, and benefit it with a longer lasting product.

Keep in mind, there are environmental conditions that can affect water quality and pipe longevity. When installing new pipes in your home, utilizing an experienced plumber in Fort Worth will be your best guide in pipes that will have the greatest longevity for your location.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas and provides experience with the full range of pipe material and environmental considerations required for these regions. Our plumbers provide expertise, professionalism and a commitment to your satisfaction. When you need a plumber in Fort Worth, call the plumbers you can rely upon for professional grade plumbing.