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Choosing The Right Plumber To Do Plumbing Upgrades For Your Home | Benbrook, TX

Choosing The Right Plumber To Do Plumbing Upgrades For Your Home | Benbrook, TX

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One of the best ways to bring your house up to date is to choose the right upgrades for your plumber to add. When it comes to home upgrades, your plumbing is a perfect place to begin. But with all the choices you have today in upgrades, how do you know which ones to choose?

If you are ready for a plumber to upgrade your plumbing system, think about what changes would make the most difference to your family. Think about what would make your life more convenient, help you save money, make your home healthier, or make your house worth more. Many upgrades will fill more than one of these needs, so take some time to determine which changes will make the biggest impact on your family life.

Your home and family are unique, so you might want to consult your plumber for advice on upgrading your Benbrook, TX house. If you are looking for a little inspiration, check out these great choices for upgrading your plumbing system.

Plumbing Upgrades that Increase Your Home Value

When choosing your plumbing upgrade, a great place to start is with options that will make your home worth more. Here are some upgrades your plumber can get to work on today.

Take Care of Overlooked Repairs

If you have been putting off having those little leaks and problems repaired, now is the time to get them fixed by a professional plumber. While it may not be the most exciting option on this list, it is a wonderful starting point.

As a homeowner, you have so many responsibilities that sometimes the minor issues get overlooked. This includes tiny leaks in your plumbing, slow drains, and running toilets. While none of these things keep you from using your plumbing, all of them are signs of bigger problems in the future.

It is crucial to the health of your entire plumbing system that you get even the smallest plumbing problems taken care of as soon as possible. First, any size leak is costing you more money than needed. If you have a small leak and a toilet that will not stop running, you are wasting thousands of gallons of water every year. The longer the problem persists, the worse the damage will become. Tiny leaks grow quickly into big problems, wasting even more water daily. And you should remember that every single drop of water that is wasted is more money out of your pocket.

You should contact your Benbrook, TX plumber for help as soon as you know the problem exists. With professional repair and replacement, you are guaranteed quality service and results. Have them take care of any plumbing repairs you have been putting off, so you can save money and water.

Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it makes sense to place some upgrades there. If you are not financially equipped to remodel your kitchen, don’t worry. There are plenty of small, less expensive changes a plumber can make that will make a difference.

The first thing you should do is to look at your kitchen appliances. For instance, if you have an old dishwasher, that is the perfect thing to upgrade. Modern dishwashers are not only more efficient at cleaning the dishes, they offer more energy efficiency than those a decade or two older. If you don’t have a dishwasher, it’s time to see what all the fuss is about. Most Americans consider a dishwasher a necessity, not a luxury as in the past. Check with your Benbrook, TX plumber to find out what the most energy efficient models are, so you can continue the savings.

Modernize Your Pipes

In the past, many materials have been used to make pipes for indoor plumbing. However, when problems arose from this practice, materials like galvanized steel and cast iron were removed from use.

The problem is that many homes still have these dangerous materials supplying fresh water to them. Just because they were removed from use does not mean that anything was done to all the pipes made of hazardous materials already in existence.

If you have an older home, there may still be pipes made from materials that have since been restricted. Sure, some of the pipes in your plumbing system have been replaced over the years due to leaks. But until you have your plumber inspect the pipes in your Benbrook, TX home, you can’t be sure all your pipes are safe.

Your professional plumber can check out your home’s plumbing system to discover if you have pipes that need to be replaced. They will remove the dangerous pipes and replace them with copper, PVC, or other approved pipes. By taking the time to make sure your entire plumbing system has modern piping, you and your plumber can increase the value of your home, whether you have plans to sell it or not.

Invest in a New Water Heater

Your family relies on a properly functioning water heater every day of the week. If your house is more than ten years old and you have yet to replace the water heater, it is time for you to check into some options.

Even if you stay with the same kind of water heater you currently own, the newer models often offer much more energy efficiency. Plus, you have the option of going tankless. Tankless water heaters offer hot water on demand, with no reason to heat the water ahead of time. They use flash-heated water to supply an endless stream of hot water, even for the last one in the shower.

Tankless water heaters also take up very little space, as opposed to the models with tanks. No tank also means no tank to rust and deteriorate, which adds up to fewer repairs for the homeowner. Talk to your plumber in Benbrook, TX to see if tankless water heaters are best for your house.

Upgrades That Improve the Health Of Your Home

There are many things to consider when you and your plumber plan upgrades for your home, and your family’s health and environment is definitely among the most important. Check into this list to see if there is a plumbing upgrade that could raise the level of health in your Benbrook, TX home.

Purchase a Water Softener with Little or No Salt

All natural water softeners and conditioners that contain little or no salt are both healthy and environmentally safe. In addition, they do not cause a drop in water pressure when several different plumbing appliances are being used at the same time. Plus, no water is wasted when they neutralize, unlike other water softeners.

The way they work is by turning the minerals that cause the hard water into a crystal that will not stick to any kind of surface. This keeps your appliances, including your hot water heaters, from developing hard water scale buildup.

Switch to Copper Pipes

As previously discussed, your water supply lines should be made of copper. This has proven to be a much less corrosive material than older options, which greatly increases the water quality in your home. Higher water quality means better, healthier water for you and your loved ones. Have your plumber check out your plumbing system to see if you need to switch to copper pipes for your Benbrook, TX home.

Add a Water Filter

Water filters are responsible for removing the impurities in your water supply. They lower the contamination in your water through one of several options, including biological process, chemical process, and a physical barrier. A water filter can clean your water and make it safer for you and your appliances. The purified water tastes better, improves your cooking and protects your appliances, such as your washing machine and dishwasher.

With so many choices, you may need to consult your plumber to find out what kind of water filter will do the most for your house. Your plumber can help you avoid poor quality products, so you get the most for your money.

Energy Efficient Plumbing Upgrades

Choosing energy efficiency in your home appliances can help you save money for years to come, while conserving precious natural resources. There are many energy efficient plumbing upgrades to choose from, so make sure to discuss your plans with your plumber before purchasing. To get your imagination flowing, here are some of the most popular upgrades.

Install Low-Flow Faucets and Showerheads

You do not have to completely redo your entire plumbing system to start being more energy efficient. Start small by switching out your showerheads or faucets for new low-flow models for an inexpensive revamp.

Many people think that low-flow means low pressure. The truth is, you will get a thoroughly satisfying shower experience with a low-flow showerhead. And if you switch out only one showerhead for low-flow technology, you and your household could save around 2,900 gallons of water every year. For such little expense, low-flow showerheads can really make a difference in your water and financial savings.

Your plumber in Benbrook, TX can help you calculate just how much your family could save by changing to low-flow appliances. Let them help you figure out what your specific savings could be and then decide if low-flow technology would make your home more energy efficient.

Update Your Toilets

Your toilets see repeated use every day. By making a few changes in your bathrooms, you could greatly increase your energy efficiency for many years.

If you have an old home, you may not have changed out all the toilets yet. Did you know that by simply replacing your old toilets with new models you could save money every month? The worst offenders are toilets that were made before 1982. These toilets require between five and seven gallons of water for each and every flush. If you have any of these old toilets still working in your house, you should find a new one immediately.

Today’s toilets are restricted to using no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. So, by simply getting a new toilet, you have cut your household’s water use significantly. But there are ways to save even more money and water consumption.

One option is the dual flush toilet. These toilets give you two options for each flush. You can choose a low volume flush for liquid waste products only, or a full volume flush for solid and liquid waste. When you consider that most times the toilet is flushed it is to dispose of liquid waste only, you can see how much extra you could save. There are also ultra low flow toilets that cut your water usage even more.

Install a Leak Detection System

Modern water leak detection systems are made to help you protect your home from damage, even when you don’t notice a change. They give you 24 hour a day, 7 day a week monitoring of your plumbing system, so you will notice the instant a leak begins. These leak detection systems are designed to notice even the slightest change in water pressure, flow rate, and many other factors, so you can act immediately when there is even a tiny leak in your pipes. This offers you the maximum protection from flooding and water damage in your home.

There are many smart home monitoring and leak detection systems available today. You should talk to your plumber about which model is right for you. With a smart leak detection system, you can receive alerts and messages regarding your plumbing on your mobile phone. In addition, you can control your plumbing system remotely, from anywhere in the world. This allows you to perform tasks like turning off your water main without having to go back home.

Water damage can ruin your home’s structure, along with everything you hold dear inside it. A leak detection system can save your treasured belongings and protect your biggest asset for future generations.

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