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Choosing The Right Plumber

Choosing The Right Plumber

Are you looking for the best and most reliable plumber or one with the best qualifications and experience to handle your project? Finding the best plumber is not as easy as looking through the yellow pages and choosing a listed company. At face value, all plumbers seem like the right option, with most making promises to potential customers that aren’t kept. 

Finding the right plumber, especially after a botched job, can be challenging since you don’t have the same level of trust. While every plumber has the basic training to provide services, the level of workmanship and professionalism set them apart. Plumbing issues are sensitive and need the best person to solve them effectively, especially when dealing with emergencies. 

Tips to Help You Find the Best Plumber

Matching your plumbing project with the right expert goes beyond typing a plumber. You need to break down the contractor’s qualities and set a criterion to help you find the best talent in the profession. Below is a guideline to help you choose the best plumbing service:

Service Offering

The plumbing industry is a diverse sector with multiple services. While some firms offer general services, others focus on specific niches to provide quality service. Depending on the service you want, you need a company with multiple offerings to meet your every plumbing needs. Some services offered include:

  • HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Hot water system installation and repair
  • Drainage service
  • Gas plumbing 

Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Plumbing Services

These professionals are equipped with the necessary skills to handle a plumbing project. However, working with a firm that offers multiple services means you don’t have to work with different teams for various projects. Working with one firm also saves you money while providing a guarantee for maintenance and repair.

Licensing and Registration

The service industry is full of people who claim to offer the best service, with some getting their skills through online tutorials. You shouldn’t trust anyone with your plumbing project as they may cause more damage than good to your system. Working with a licensed or registered firm is one way to guarantee professional and quality services. 

Plumbers from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth undergo training and apprenticeship to horn their skills. After training, these professionals are tested to gauge their skills and understanding of concepts. Besides that, a license gives you perspective as to whom you are opening your doors to since their characters are also tested before certification. 

Technology has also made it easy to check the validity of a license. Before opening your doors to the plumber, double-check their credentials to ascertain the identity and qualifications of the technician. 

Testimonials and Referrals

Testimonials and referrals are the oldest forms of marketing pegged on a previous working relationship. In the modern era of customer reviews and ratings, firms work to make a lasting impression on their customers through quality service. When you search for a  plumber, you shouldn’t focus on the location or services alone. Look at the reviews on each company’s website. You can as well get honest opinions about the plumbing company on consumer review websites such as Yelp, AAA, and BBB.

You can ask your immediate surrounding for referrals and recommendations, including neighbors, friends, relatives, and realtors. At one point, one of these people may have worked with a reliable plumber who delivered satisfactory results. 

However, the key to finding the right plumber is not working with the first connection you receive. It’s advisable to take a few recommendations and compare them against each other to find one that best fits your needs. 

Ownership and Staffing

Another secret to finding the best service is narrowing your search to the local area. Studies show that locally owned businesses tend to provide exceptional service compared to outsourcing. Local businesses have the edge over other options since they are more in tune with local plumbing issues compared to outsiders. Aside from their understanding of local issues, they are conversant with local plumbing codes and regulations to help you stay compliant. 

Staffing is also an important factor you need to consider when looking for the right plumbing service. The company should have a sufficient number of professionals required for a project. Working with a one-person team may not be as efficient and effective as a team. You should also note that smaller companies are often unreliable when handling large projects and will likely miss deadlines due to over-projection or understaffing. 

Working with a well-staffed firm means better organization, access to better equipment, and timely completion of projects. 

Warranty and Insurance

Getting the best plumber means getting someone who can stand by their work and guarantee their services. An unskilled contractor is likely to do a bad job that leads to out-of-pocket repairs. On top of a botched job, these individuals pose a work hazard due to a lack of safety protocols leading to work-related injuries.

Besides their license, you need to check the plumber’s warranty agreement and insurance coverage. A warranty caters to repairs and maintenance services for a given period after rendering a service. Firms such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth use warranties to guarantee services. 

Working with plumbers with workers’ compensation and liability cover means the company is serious about their work and takes necessary precautions to protect the worker and the customer. A plumber’s insurance policy covers multiple areas, including hospital bills, in case of injuries or compensation when there is a delay. 

 Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth for Your Plumbing Project

Finding a plumber for your next project, unless it’s an emergency, should be carefully considered. Most of these projects are costly, hence need to be done right to avoid extra expenses or redo. Having looked at the criteria for hiring, create a list of potential companies and compare them. Visit their physical location and interview them to build rapport. 

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is one of the top choices when you search for a plumber near me. Contact us for more on our services and receive a quote for your project. 

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How Can a Plumber Help You Maintain the Bathtub Overflow Drains?

How Can a Plumber Help You Maintain the Bathtub Overflow Drains?

Your home’s plumbing system plays a vital role in the comfort of your home. It ensures that you get a water supply and continuous water flow in your taps, and it’s efficiently disposed of outside your home after usage. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the efficient operation of your plumbing system by having a plumber maintain it regularly. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know how most parts of their plumbing system operate. As long as everything is working efficiently, their plumbing system is not a thing they think about. For instance, although bathtubs are the most important and used fixtures in your bathroom, have you ever considered the working principle behind its overflow drain? This article will highlight the workings of a bathtub overflow drain to help you understand it better. It will help you maintain your bathroom and facilitate its effective continuity of work.

What Is a Bathtub Overflow Drain?

A bathtub overflow drain is a small opening in your bathtub that allows water to flow out when your bathtub overflows. It is usually located near the top of the bathtub. A plumber usually installs it as a safety feature to keep your bathroom from flooding. Although a bathtub’s overflow drain is a preventative safety feature, it also serves the purpose of helping you make small water adjustments when running a bath without draining the entire tub. For instance, when you are running a bath and want to let out some water, the bathtub overflow drain allows you to do so without emptying your entire bathtub.

How Does a Bathtub Overflow Drain Work?

As the name suggests, a bathtub overflow drain drains the overflowing water in the bathtub. It also helps control the level of water in your bathtub. A bathtub overflow drain consists of a small opening connected to a small pipe that runs to the main drain. Therefore, when the water level in your bathtub rises to the opening, it begins to flow into the overflow drain. Hence, it allows the excess water to escape without spilling over to your bathroom floor and flooding.

Which the Parts of a Bathtub Overflow Drain?

The bathtub overflow drain is made up of the following components;

The Overflow Opening

This is a small opening in the tub that allows water to escape. You will typically find it near the top of your bathtub.

The Overflow Pipe

An overflow pipe is a small pipe connecting the overflow opening to your home’s main drain. Therefore, when water escapes the bathtub, it flows through this pipe to the main drain.

The Overflow Gasket

An overflow gasket is a rubber ring between the pipe and the opening. Its purpose is to help seal the space between these two components. Therefore, it prevents the escaping water from leaking from the overflow drain.

How To Maintain Your Home’s Overflow Drain

For continuous effective operation, your bathroom’s overflow drain requires regular maintenance. Some of the steps to take to keep it working effectively include;

Clean The Overflow Drain Regularly

As you continue to use your bathtub, soap, hair, and other particles will get in your water and pass into the overflow drain as the water rushes out. Over time, these particles accumulate in the overflow drain. Therefore, if left unattended for an extended time, this accumulation will cause the overflow drain to clog. Consequently, you should always make a point to have a skilled plumber clean the overflow drain regularly to keep it functioning correctly. Since the technician is well equipped to handle your plumbing system, they will effectively remove the overflow plate and clean the accumulation.

Check The Gasket For Leaks

One of the things that will interfere with the efficient working of your bathtub’s overflow drain is a leaking gasket. Therefore, replacing the gasket after some time is advisable since it can become worn out or damaged. Do not wait for it to wear out and leak. However, you should watch if it gets damaged and leaks.

Check The Water Level

Have you noticed that your bathtub’s water level always gets to the overflow drain every time you take a bath? This could indicate that your bathtub drain system has a clog or another issue. The overflow drain should not be an everyday-use drain. It is meant for emergencies. Therefore, if your bathtub’s drain is not working efficiently, call a skilled plumber to investigate the problem.

What To Look for In a Malfunctioning Functioning Overflow Drain

If you notice that your bathroom’s overflow drain is not functioning correctly, there are a few things you can look for before calling in a plumbing professional. Start by checking the overflow drain for any obstructions or clogs. If the drain is clogged, wait for the technician to clean the overflow drain and restore its operation. You can also check for leaks and cracks. This might be the cause of water escaping into your bathroom. The presence of leaks and cracks might mean that you have to replace the overflow drain.

How To Prevent a Clogged Overflow Drain

The best way to protect your bathroom’s overflow drain and prevent it from clogging is by being regularly maintained. You can start by protecting the overflow drain with a drain cover. This keeps materials such as hair and debris from going down the overflow drain. Secondly, schedule a regular drain cleaning service to clean the overflow drain and remove debris and hair regularly. This helps avoid an accumulation of particles and the formation of a clog. Finally, avoid pouring oil, grease, and other substances down the drain. Only water should go down any of your home’s drainage systems.

Is your bathroom’s overflow drain leaking water or not operating correctly? Contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth for overflow drain cleaning and unclogging services. Our technicians are well-equipped to handle all your overflow drain problems.

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Why a Plumber Recommends You Ditch the Conventional Water Heater and Go Tankless

Why a Plumber Recommends You Ditch the Conventional Water Heater and Go Tankless

Do you have a tank-type water heater you’ve been using for more than 10 years? We recommend you hire a licensed plumber for an inspection. If your water heater is no longer efficient, it might be better to get a new one. A tankless water heater is a good option because it’s more energy-efficient and offers more benefits than the conventional water heater. For installation, ensure you only hire a licensed professional.

What Are the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters?

Below are just some benefits you get to enjoy when you switch to the tankless water heater.

Lasts Longer

Are you tired of buying a new water heater every 7 or 10 years? You can skip this when you go tankless. Compared to the tank-type water heater, the tankless version lasts twice as long. When the tankless water heater is properly maintained, you can maximize its service life to up to 25 years. This means you don’t have to keep buying a new water heater every few years or so. Just make sure that you know how to properly maintain your water heater to ensure it stays in top shape. Call the manufacturer on how to properly maintain the water heater or get in touch with a licensed plumber in the area.

Another way to ensure your water heater lasts longer is to get a professional installation. You need to only hire a licensed professional or you could end up losing the service warranty. You need the service warranty in case there are repairs that need to be done. Also, if you suspect any issue with your new water heater, please make sure you get it inspected right away. Try not to postpone any repairs or inspections to avoid a more costly repair down the road.

Saves Space

Do you not have enough space in your home for a new water heater? Perhaps you moved into a smaller home, or you need to use the basement for something else? When you go tankless, there’s no need to worry about looking for a space to store a huge water heater tank. The tankless unit is compact and can fit inside the cabinet. Most homeowners install these tankless units on their bathroom walls.

If you’re looking to replace your new water heater, we suggest you talk to us so that we can help you pick the right one for your home. Our team can also help you determine the right size so that you will never run out of hot water when everyone uses the shower.

Less Worry

It can be stressful when you have a huge tank stored in the basement. This is because when the tank starts to have problems, it may actually leak. And imagine the repair costs when the basement starts to flood, and you have personal belongings and appliances stored there. You can reduce the risks of leaks when you go tankless. Without a tank to worry about, you can just store anything in your basement without worrying about flooding. We do recommend you install a sump pump, though especially when you live in flood-prone areas. A sump pump is a safety device that prevents flooding in the basement and safeguards appliances stored there. Just make sure it’s properly installed, well-maintained, and you have extra batteries just in case the power goes out. Also, you need to test the sump pump to see if it works. To test, simply pour about a bucket of water into the sump pit and wait for the float switch to activate and drain the water from the pit. If it doesn’t drain, call a professional right away for assistance. Our team will inspect what’s wrong with the device and recommend the best solution.

Increases Value of Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home in the future? Going tankless may help you get a higher price for your home. Potential homebuyers these days prefer energy-efficient homes over regular homes. You may be able to attract more buyers when you go tankless because it’s more energy-efficient and new homeowners won’t have to think about leaks in the basement.

Less Maintenance

If you have a tank-type water heater, you’ll need to drain the tank at least once a year to get rid of the sediment buildup. The sediment needs to be removed, or it’s going to affect the efficiency of your water heater and reduce its lifespan as well. You will have less space for hot water when the sediment starts to accumulate in the tank. When this happens, you may notice that you frequently lose hot water or that you keep getting fluctuating temperatures. This is mainly due to the sediment, and the only way to resolve this is by draining the tank. If the problem persists, call an expert right away for an inspection. He should be able to point out the problem and fix it for you.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of switching to a tankless water heater is energy efficiency. This type of unit only uses energy when you’re using water which means no energy is wasted. If you have a tank, you’ll need to heat the water constantly, and it can use up a significant amount that translates to a higher bill. There’s no heat loss with the tankless unit, making it the most energy-efficient option.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth Today

Do you need a plumber for your home or business? We can help. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has a team of plumbing experts who can take care of any plumbing problem, from a leaky water heater to damaged pipes and clogged drains. We’re also fully equipped, and our team will make sure everything is resolved on the same day.

If you’re looking for a reliable plumber, call us today for an appointment.

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10 Essential Plumbing Tips from a Licensed Plumber Near Me

10 Essential Plumbing Tips from a Licensed Plumber Near Me

Knowing how to take better care of your plumbing system is the key to preventing costly repairs and saving money. Don’t worry, because we have gathered essential plumbing tips that can help you avoid repairs that can cost a fortune. Review all the tips provided below; they can help you ensure your plumbing stays in good condition. If you have questions or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a licensed plumber near me.

Plumbing Tips:

1. Know When to Call a Plumber

Some homeowners prefer to do repairs on their own. This isn’t advised, especially when you’re doing major repairs. Minor repairs, such as resolving clogs or a leaky faucet, might be acceptable as long as you know what you’re doing. But if it’s your first time ever doing the task, we suggest you consider calling a licensed plumber near me instead.

When you call us to help with repairs, our plumbers will thoroughly inspect your plumbing so that we can give you a correct diagnosis. The right diagnosis is important as that will help us provide you with the right solutions. We have excellent plumbing tools and equipment that help us assess the condition of your plumbing appliance and fixture. Our team of plumbers can also provide you with cost-effective plumbing solutions to help you save money on your plumbing.

You also need a plumber for any installation job, inspections, or maintenance. Our team can do it better because have years of experience in the industry. We also never cut corners when it comes to repairs. Our plumbers will leave your property only when we’re certain that we’ve really accomplished the job.

Get in touch with us today, and our team will schedule you for an appointment right away. If you need emergency repairs, our team is available 24/7 to assist. Call us during holidays or late at night, and we’ll be there to help.

2. Avoid Water Damage by Installing a Leak Detection Device

Are you worried about leaks in your plumbing? If you’re not always home and you’re worried about costly water leaks, we suggest you consider installing leak detection devices for your home. A leak detection device is a safety device installed close to plumbing appliances or fixtures. When it detects a leak in your plumbing, the device will alert you right away. Just make sure to connect your mobile phone or tablet to the leak detection device to get alerts.

Leak detection devices can shut off water flow to prevent further damage to your plumbing. Other devices can also alert you when it detects unusual activities in your plumbing system. We recommend installing these devices near your water heater or plumbing pipes. Don’t forget to connect these devices to your gadgets and make sure you test them as well. If you think something may be wrong with it, please call us immediately so that we can inspect it and repair the unit. Talk to a plumber near me if you need more information about leak detection devices or when you’re ready to install one for your home.

3. Switch to Tankless Water Heaters

There are so many reasons why you need to switch to a tankless water heater. First, if you want to have an energy-efficient home, this type of water heater would be the best option. Also called an on-demand water heater, the tankless unit only uses energy when the shower or the faucet is running. This means no standby heat loss because the water heater isn’t always turned on. The tank-type water heater has to be always plugged in, or the water will go cold, and it would take several minutes to heat it.

The tankless water heater will be the best option if you’re trying to save up space at home or if you don’t want to keep buying a new water heater every few years or so. Because it’s compact, the tankless unit can be installed on the wall or placed inside the cabinet. You don’t need to have a bigger space for it in the basement. Compared to the tank-type water heater, the tankless unit also lasts longer, about 25 years. Just make sure you know how to properly maintain it though.

When it comes to maintenance, the tankless water heater also doesn’t require a lot of it. With the tank-type water heater, it’s important to drain the tank at least once a year to remove the sediment that has built up in the tank. You also need to contact a licensed plumber near me to inspect the heating elements of your unit and to ensure it’s still in good condition.

Those worried about leaks in the basement can ditch the tank and go tankless. Without the tank, you don’t have to worry about leaks in the basement anymore. Talk to us today so we can help you install your new water heater.

4. Install a Water Softener

Do you have high levels of hard water in your plumbing? You can benefit from having a water softener in your home. Consider installing this, especially when you also own a water heater tank. Sediment can build up faster when you have hard water in your plumbing and you may need to drain the water heater more than once a year. Installing a water softener can also help your pipes.

Talk to a licensed plumber near me to know how water softeners work and if you’re ready to install one for your home. Our team is happy to also help you make an informed decision on which type of water softener you should install for your home.

5. Insulate the Pipes

Water damage can cost a fortune in repairs, replacements, and restorations. In some cases, you may have no choice but to also hire contractors to check on your home’s foundation. You can prevent water damage by taking care of your pipes, and one of the many ways to do this is by insulating them come winter. When the temperature reaches below zero, it’s important that all exposed pipes are better protected. Otherwise, the water inside your plumbing pipes will only freeze, and it won’t be possible to use the faucet unless you thaw the frozen pipes.

If you don’t call a plumber right away, the pipes can expand and burst. When this happens, you will have no choice but to get your pipes replaced. And it’s the last thing you want to do as it can be expensive. As much as possible, cover all exposed pipes during winter and especially when you’ll be away from home. Please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our plumbers if you want to know how to winterize your pipes and protect your home from water damage.

6. Switch to PVC or Copper Pipes

How old are your pipes? If you live or have just moved into an old home, we suggest you hire a licensed plumber near me for a plumbing inspection and to check on the condition of your pipes. If you still have galvanized pipes installed, it’s better to switch to new piping, such as copper and PVC, because both are less susceptible to rust and damage.

For installation, hire a licensed plumber only. Avoid installing this on your own. You can avoid damage and costly repairs when you get the pipes professionally installed. Licensed plumbers adhere to codes and are fully equipped so no need to worry about issues with the installation when you hired a licensed plumber near me in your area.

7. Hire a Highly Qualified Plumber

You can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to your plumbing system. As much as possible, you should only hire a highly capable, licensed, skilled, and experienced plumber to take care of any installations, maintenance, repairs, or inspections. Choose a plumbing company that hires plumbers that can get the job done right the first time. You need a professional who will work hard to give you a proper diagnosis as well as the right solution to ensure your plumbing stays in excellent shape. And this is where Benjamin Franklin Plumbing comes in. Our team of licensed plumbers has several years of experience and has been helping residents and homeowners for several years. We’re the best team because we go the extra mile for our customers. Rest assured, we won’t stop unless we’re certain the issue has been permanently resolved.

Call us at your earliest convenience or during emergencies, and you can trust we’ll be there to help. We are available around the clock to cater to those that require emergency service. What are you waiting for? Call us now.

8. Protect Your Basement

Do you have a basement located in a flood-prone area? Then you need to install a sump pump to prevent flooding in the basement. With this device, you get to safeguard appliances and other belongings that are stored in the basement. Contact a plumber near me to properly install this device and don’t forget to also get extra batteries in case the power goes out. You need to also test the pump from time to time to ensure it does work. You can test it by pouring about a bucket of water into the sump pit. Just put enough water to activate the float switch. That should turn on the pump and drain the water from the pit. If it doesn’t do this, call a plumber right away so he can check if your sump pump is defective and need repairs.

9. Maintain the Water Pressure

You need to have basic plumbing tools and devices at home. One of these is a water pressure regulator. It’s a device used to check your home’s water pressure levels. You should be able to maintain a water pressure of 40 and 60 PSI. When it’s too low, and you’re getting high water pressure as well, this can indicate leaks in your plumbing. Do a water meter test to check for leaks, or hire a plumber for professional leak detection. A plumber should be able to locate the leak and fix it for you. Sediment can also build up faster when the water pressure is too low, and you will have to drain the water heater more than once a year. When the water pressure is too high, get a water pressure regulator to fix it. You need to address high water pressure ASAP, or it will strain the pipes and cause a lot of damage. A

10. Avoid Using Chemical-Based Drain Cleaners

Some homeowners resort to using chemical-based drain cleaners to get rid of a serious clog. We highly discourage this because these types of cleaners can only harm the pipes. You’re not supposed to use them to unclog drains because you might also end up injuring yourself if you’re not careful. Avoid this like the plague if you don’t want it to damage the pipes. Call a plumber for a professional drain cleaning service instead.

Get in Touch With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth

Are you looking for a plumber near me that can permanently fix your problem? We are the right team who can help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need plumbing repairs, installations, or inspections. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth can install major plumbing appliances that include water heaters, garbage disposals, or sum pumps. We can also take care of major repairs from leaky water heater tanks to damaged pipes or a toilet that never runs. If you have clogged drains, our plumbers can professionally clean them. We also offer professional leak detection if you suspect leaks in your plumbing.

Call us today for an appointment.

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