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Cleaning Plumbing Fixtures | Arlington

Cleaning Plumbing Fixtures | Arlington

Cleaning a Shower Head |Plumbing Arlington

Mineral deposits from hard water can adversely affect your home’s plumbing in Arlington, including the shower head. Hard water build-up on the shower head isn’t only unsightly, it will eventually affect performance. When this occurs it’s time for a shower head cleaning, and you probably have what you need in a kitchen cabinet.

Plumbing Arlington | Cleaning With Vinegar

Vinegar is a time tested solution for lime scale build-up on the shower head, or other plumbing in Arlington. Vinegar provides an all-natural, inexpensive and effective cleaner. Test in an inconspicuous area as acidic vinegar may damage some finishes. Lemon juice may be used in place of vinegar if you prefer the lemon fresh scent.

First remove the shower head. It should simply unscrew. Place a cloth or other shielding between the wrench and the shower head to prevent damage to the finish. If the shower head is fixed, attach a leak free bag with enough vinegar inside to cover it with thick rubber bands to hold it in place.

If the shower head can be removed, soak it in vinegar at room temperature or vinegar that has been heated. For the heat method, heat vinegar to barely simmering in a saucepan large enough to fit the shower head into. Remove the pan from the heat and carefully lower the shower head into the vinegar. Allow to soak until the lime scale build-up is loosened. A soft toothbrush may be used to remove stubborn lime scale. Further soaking may be required.

Don’t overheat vinegar as this can possibly melt or damage plastic or rubber components. Slightly heated or room temperature vinegar is just as effective without the risk of the heat melting or damaging the shower head. Room temperature vinegar will accomplish the job, though will typically require longer soaking.

How long it needs to soak will depend upon the extent of build-up. If you’re unsure of the composition of the shower head, allow to soak for 15 minutes and check the ability of build-up to be removed with a soft brush. A plastic shower head may be especially susceptible to finish damage.

Otherwise, soaking from one hour to overnight should loosen the lime scale. Rinse it off and use a soft toothbrush with vinegar (or lemon juice) if necessary on stubborn residue. A straightened paper clip or similar object should clear remaining lime scale from the sprayer holes.

Rinse the shower head and dry. Apply a few layers of Teflon Tape to the shower head pipe, then reattach the head and check for leaks.

Cleaning a Toilet Bowl

Vinegar or lemon juice (at room temperature to prevent cracking the porcelain toilet) on folded strips of bath tissue around the rim of the toilet will loosen hard water build-up. Allow to soak for 4 hours to overnight, depending upon the amount of build-up. Pouring vinegar into the bowl will loosen hard water build up in the bowl. Don’t pour hot vinegar into the toilet; it can result in cracking, leakage and requiring replacement of this component of the bathroom plumbing in Arlington.

A pumice stone will remove stubborn hard water build-up in the toilet. Ensure it’s the genuine pumice, and not the smoother, soap bar shaped manufactured version which works poorly. The black marks a pumice stone leaves can be scrubbed away or will disappear in time. Wear rubber gloves when scrubbing the toilet. When you’re complete, the toilet will smell fresh and clean.

Over time toilets and other bathroom fixtures become scratched and increasingly difficult to clean. When this occurs it’s time to consider replacement of your bathroom plumbing in Arlington. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide a toilet replacement.

Hard water build-up can be prevented with the professional installation of a water softener by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington. A water softener can prevent hard water build-up in your plumbing in Arlington. Give us a call for further information regarding water softener installation.

For plumbing service, repair and installation you can trust, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We will provide you with a reliable, licensed plumber for your plumbing in Arlington needs. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves the Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas.