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Cleaning Time: Your Go-To Guide for Drain Cleaning in Arlington, TX

Cleaning Time: Your Go-To Guide for Drain Cleaning in Arlington, TX

You wake up one morning that seems to be all pleasant and fine, until you see the clock and realize that you have got up later than usual. Quickly, you grab your clothes and run to the bathroom to take a quick shower. But, within a few seconds you realize that the water isn’t going down the drain.

You have guests coming over for the dinner and you want to prepare the dinner before they arrive so that you can give them company. But, all your plans are ruined when you see the water pooling in the kitchen sink.

Have you ever had any such experience?

It is highly likely that you have!

What’s the first thing you do whenever you are faced with such a problem?

You may think that something is blocking the drain and will look for it. But, many a times, the blockage is not outside the drain, rather somewhere inside the drainage system – a clogged drain.

Clogged drains are one of the most common household problems everywhere, and Arlington, TX is no exception to it. Regular drain cleaning is the ultimate solution for not only preventing clogs, but also for opening the already clogged drains.

This blog is specifically written to discuss all that you need to know about drain cleaning in Arlington, TX.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are really no fun to deal with. To prevent them from happening and to find the right solutions, it is important that you know what’s causing the clog. Following are some common causes of clogs in the drainage system of household plumbing:

  • Toilets usually get clogged when people try to flush down external items that do not break or dissolve in water. These include wipes, cotton swabs, sanitary napkins, toilet papers, and dental floss
  • Dust, dirt, hair, skin flakes, soap scum and gunk are the major causes of clogs in shower.
  • Clogs in kitchen sink usually occur due to grease build up inside the pipe. Other causes are detergent scum, food particles, fat and fruits and vegetables’ peels.

How to Know If You Need Drain Cleaning In Arlington, TX?

Following are the signs that tell your drains need to be cleaned:

  • Garbage disposal making loud grinding noise, and either draining very slow or not draining at all
  • Slow drains
  • Rumbling pipes
  • Foul odor in your kitchen and /or bathroom for no apparent reason
  • Overflowed toilets or sewage backup
  • Spilling
  • Recurring clogs

How to Unclog the Drains of Your Arlington House?

The techniques used for drain cleaning in Arlington, TX are not much different from those used in other parts of the world. A lot of people go for various DIY measures, while many others rely on store bought chemical based drain cleaners. While these measures may resolve your problem for now, clogs are likely to recur. Also, the usage of chemical based drain cleaners poses certain health risks to you and your family.

Why You Should Not Use Chemical Cleaners For Drain Cleaning In Arlington, TX?

Following are two major reasons why everyone should avoid using chemical drain cleaners:

·         They Are Not Effective For Stubborn Clogs

Chemical cleaners are only effective for removing minor clogs, but they do not work against the stubborn clogs.

·         Chemical Cleaners Damage the Pipes

Since these store bought cleaners contain strong chemicals, using them frequently and in large quantities damage the pipes of the drainage system from inside, making them weak and prone to breakage.

·         They Pose Health Risks

The chemicals used to make drain cleaners are highly toxic and harmful for human health. When used for drain cleaning in Arlington, TX, the chemicals release toxic fumes and negatively affect the quality of indoor air. The toxic air, when inhaled, can cause certain health issues. Pets, children, and elderly members of the family are especially at higher risk due to the toxic chemicals.

Professional Drain Cleaning – The Ultimate Solution to All Your Drainage Issues

Do you want to know about the one thing that is not only effective for unclogging the drains, but also prevents them for recurring if undertaken on a regular basis, and is also completely safe for your drainage system and for your family’s health?

The answer is “professional drain cleaning”.

When it comes to removing clogs and drain cleaning in Arlington, TX, there is much more to it than simply pouring a solution down the drain and wishing for a miracle to happen. Drain cleaning does not only entail removing a clog by using a chemical/ industrial cleaner or a DIY tip, there is more to it. You need to make sure that the clog does not pop up again. This is what an experienced service provider for drain cleaning in Arlington, TX guarantees. By drastically reducing the chances of clogs recurrence, professional drain cleaners save you from the panic, headache and stress, caused by sudden clogs, and your house’s plumbing system from serious damage.

To eliminate the chances of clogged drains, get your drainage system inspected and cleaned by an experienced and reputable rooter.

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