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Clogged Drain | Plumber Arlington, TX

Clogged Drain | Plumber Arlington, TX

Don’t allow drain clogs to slow you up, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today. You can rely on the expertise of our licensed plumbers to resolve all your plumbing problems, including a clogged drain. Our plumbers also have the latest technology available for an accurate diagnosis and the expert resolution of your drainage issue. Contact a Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX for professional plumbing services that are sure to earn your satisfaction.

Video Pipe Inspection

When you contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington with a clogged drain, our licensed plumbers will provide a video pipe inspection. This inspection utilizes the latest technology to safely identify and precisely locate the cause of the clog. Once we clear the clog or correct the problem causing it, our plumber in Arlington will provide a second video pipe inspection at no cost to ensure the problem is thoroughly resolved.

Drain vs. Sewer Line Clog

Determining whether you have a problem in a drain or a sewer line problem relies on the characteristics of the drainage problem. When the drainage issue is confined to a single location, and all other drains function normally, you have a problem in that drain. However, if the drainage problem is throughout the entire home, it is most likely to be a sewer line issue. A Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX will provide a video pipe inspection to determine the nature and location of the problem. Once the inspection is complete, the plumber will know exactly what needs to be done to resolve the problem.

Care of Your Drains

Providing preventative care of your home’s drains is an easier task than dealing with a clogged drain line. Use the following tips to help keep drains clog free:

  1. First, use a drain strainer everywhere possible. Next, wipe plates into the trash with a paper towel to remove excess food particles. Dispose of food in the trash. If you have liquid to dispose of,  use a drain strainer. However, if fats are in the liquid never pour it in a drain, not even in its liquid state. Dispose of fats, oil, and grease in a jar once it has cooled.
  2. Never place food into a drain. Even if you have a food disposal, you should never place fibrous or starchy food products such as celery or pasta in it. In addition, always use a colander for draining rice, pasta and vegetables.
  1. Use a drain strainer, not only in the kitchen but also in bathrooms to keep drain clogging hair out of sinks and showers.
  2. Once a month allow the kitchen sink to fill with hot water, and release to flush the drain.
  3. For drain odor, pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. The foaming action will help to keep drains clean and reduce odor.
  4. Don’t allow drain traps to dry out in seldom used bathrooms. Once or twice a month, pour 1 to 2 quarts into the drains to prevent sewer gases from entering your home.
  5. Never use the toilet as a garbage can. Only human waste and bath tissue should be flushed. Never flush medication, food, cotton swabs, cotton balls, diapers, feminine hygiene products, personal wipes (even those that claim to be flushable), dental floss, makeup, or any other item. In addition, it’s best not to store items on the back of the toilet, or shelves over it. Items fallen from these positions are one cause of toilet clogs.

The Frequency of Drain Cleaning

The consideration your household members provide to the drains will play a large part in how often your home’s drains will require professional cleaning. Furthermore, if you use a kitchen disposal , your kitchen drain will likely require more frequent drain cleaning. The average home could benefit from professional drain cleaning approximately every 2-4 years. If you need a drain or sewer line cleaning, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington. By providing periodic drain cleaning, you will benefit with efficient drainage, and drain odor will be gone with our drain cleaning process. A Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington is an experienced professional with the expertise to meet and/or exceed the industry standards.

When a drain or the sewer pipe is clogged, the hydro jet offers the most effective cleaning tool available for even the most difficult jobs. The hydro jet uses highly pressurized water to provide a full 360 degrees cleaning action in the pipe. No clog is too much for the hydro jet, it’s the only fully effective means of removing grease clogs, and can even remove tree roots.

A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington can clear your clogged drain and resolve sewer pipe problems.   Ben Franklin provides exceptional plumbing services, including plumbing repair, plumbing installation and maintenance services. To receive a Ben Franklin licensed plumber in Arlington, give us a call today. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.