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Clogged Drain Tips | Plumbers Arlington Texas

Clogged Drain Tips | Plumbers Arlington Texas

Drain Cleaning Specialists | Plumbers Arlington Texas

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we utilize advanced plumbing technology to ensure our plumbers are able to get to the bottom of your clogged drains. With our video camera sewer line inspection equipment, it’s no problem for our plumbers in Arlington, Texas to precisely identify the problem in a clogged drain, and to provide the appropriate repair. When you expect superior drain service, call on our drain cleaning specialists.

Penetrating tree roots in sewer line joints or cracks are one common cause for clogged sewer lines that run from the house to the street. A thoroughly clogged sewer pipe can cause backups in all of a home’s drains. Sewer line issues should be left to the expertise of a plumber due to the potential for contamination of bacteria and viruses. A sewer line leak should be addressed promptly, as raw sewage can contaminate ground water and can be a potential source of disease for your community. For sewer line leaks and issues contact Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas for prompt repair.

Age can affect the condition of drains and sewer lines, weakening them with corrosion, making sewer lines more susceptible to cracks and breakage due ground shift and other environmental conditions.

The most likely area for a sink drain to clog is below the drain opening in a section of curved pipe called the trap. It’s a vital component of every drain, but the fact is numerous clogs occur in the trap, encouraged by its curvature. Traps prevent dangerous sewer gases from entering your home by retaining water in the curved trap that acts as a seal. It is in the trap that the majority of sink, tub and shower blockages will occur.

Our plumbers in Arlington, Texas are fully experienced in drain cleaning and are equipped with the latest technology to provide plumbing repairs fast and efficiently. When you call for a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing professional you can rest assured that the clogged drains in your home will be resolved and your drains will be functioning efficiently as they should.

Tips to Keep Drains Flowing Effectively

Prevention is the best means of preventing clogged drains. The following tips will assist in keeping drains clean:

  • Use drain screens in showers, tubs and bathroom sinks to keep hair, soap scum, paper, plastic, jewelry and other objects from entering the drain.
  • Do not pour grease or oils down the drain. Place into sealed cans or jars when cool and dispose of in the trash.
  • When using a garbage disposal, run plenty of cold water to flush food particles thoroughly. Do not place “stringy” foods, bone or hard objects like cherry or peach pits in the disposal to avoid clogs and damage.
  • Don’t place coffee grounds in the drain.
  • Never dispose of chemicals like paint or paint thinner down the drain.
  • Use strainers in kitchen sinks lacking a disposal to catch food particulates.
  • Do not pour boiling water into the toilet or bidet. The fixture is porcelain and may crack and/or break.
  • Don’t dispose of medication in the toilet or any drain. No cosmetics, feminine hygiene products, diapers, baby wipes or other objects or products either!
  • Periodically empty one half cup of baking soda down each drain, followed by one half cup of white vinegar. Cover the drain and let it stand for a few minutes; then let hot water run down the drain. This helps to keep the drains clean and deodorizes as well.
  • Over-the-counter drain cleaning products can cause damage to drains. If however, you have used them, please inform the plumber so he can take the appropriate steps to protect himself, as well as your property from the chemical.
  • Minor clogs can often be resolved with the use of the appropriate plunger. The toilet plunger has a flange, while the flat edged kitchen plunger is appropriate for sinks, showers and tubs.
  • Slow drains are a sign of a developing clog. Prompt drain service by the plumbers in Arlington, Texas can prevent the clog from becoming complete, causing backup or damage to drains.

While homeowners may be able to break through small clogs with a plunger, stubborn clogs will require the professional services of the plumbers in Arlington, Texas. Drain clogs don’t occur overnight, and providing professional cleaning of drains each year by the reliable plumbers in Arlington, Texas can prevent the typical drain clogs from occurring.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides professional plumbers in Arlington, Texas and the Fort Worth region for your plumbing needs. Whether you need plumbing repair, installation or service we are the prompt plumbers backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.