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Commercial Faucets | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Commercial Faucets | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

When it comes time to update your businesses commercial faucets, there is a tremendous variety available for your selection. However, style, and finish aren’t the only options available. Faucet types include touch sensor, motion-activated, bacteria-resistant, and more. The decision to replace faucets is often made during upgrades or full remodeling. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide the faucet installation you need. There are other times to consider faucet replacement, such as the following:

  • Poor operation can be due to hard water buildup restricting the water flow. Faucets can rust causing restriction and/or leaks. Deterioration can result in leaking valve bodies, and worn components can result in continual leaks and faucet repair. Time and wear can also result in faucets that simply look unattractive, and perhaps you prefer to provide public restrooms that speak of diligent upkeep for your customers. When these things happen with faucets, it’s time for a replacement. Contact our plumbers in Arlington, Texas for faucet installation or repair.
  • If your company has made the decision to be more environmentally conscious, consider WaterSense commercial faucets. If you’re trying to participate in making the right environmental choices, replacing your businesses lavatory faucets with low-flow faucets is a first step in the right direction environmentally, and for saving water, and money.
  • You want to reduce loss of production due to illness. When illness seems to occur widely among workers one-step in reducing the impact is to install touch free faucets. With this type of faucet, the wave of a hand turns it on, without employees risking the spread of germs through the faucets. Add to it motion sensor towel dispensers and your employees will be healthier for it. These faucets offer the added benefit of using less water, because the faucet won’t be left running while hands are not being washed.
  • If you want long lasting faucets with fewer repairs, consider ceramic disc faucets. The valves last longer and resist the buildup of hard water minerals.

If any of these sound familiar in your business, it’s time to upgrade your lavatory faucets. In addition, if your goal is to save water, consider replacing your toilets with low-flow fixtures.

Furthermore, while we will install the faucet you purchase, or the one you select from our inventory, consider that our faucets are typically a higher-grade product than is available retail. You will find our plumber provided faucet, to be longer lasting, and more durable than most retail fixtures. In addition, when you select our faucets, you receive warranty services from our plumbers without the hassle of retail products, and waiting for a replacement to be shipped. When you need a faucet replacement, our plumbers in Arlington, Texas make it easy when you purchase our products that we install.

You can rely on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to provide plumbing expertise, and a dedication to your satisfaction. If you require faucet repair, or the installation of commercial faucets, contact us to schedule service by our licensed plumbers in Arlington, Texas. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.