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Common Bathroom Vanity Options | From Your Lake Worth, TX Plumbers

Common Bathroom Vanity Options | From Your Lake Worth, TX Plumbers

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When decorating a new bathroom or renovating an old one, you will most likely need bathroom fixtures like vanities, which come in many styles. Here is a handy guide to buying vanities and the factors to consider before the final purchase.

Tips on Selecting a Vanity for Your Bathroom

When looking for a bathroom vanity for your house, you should consider the following factors.

Mounting Types

You should consult with a plumber to see if you can install either of the following mounting types in your bathrooms. It will depend on the type of construction or installation services needed as well as the space required for these installations.


If you want a wall-secured vanity, you should get a freestanding vanity option. These are always mounted in a stable manner and have legs that will let you have space for storage options like drawers. In essence, you will be able to store towels, cleaning products, toiletries and more under your sink.


If you want a vanity that is mounted to the wall but has space under it, you should go for this option. Floating, or wall-mounted vanities as they are often known, can be great for smaller bathrooms as they can really open up the space.

They are versatile and adjustable so in essence you will be able to customize and determine their position yourself, with the help of a plumber of course.


Corner vanities are even better at space saving than floating vanities. They let you store everything under them and can be installed simply in right-angle corners to avoid them taking up the entire bathroom floor.

If you live in a small apartment in Lake Worth, this is the vanity option for you. A plumber will be able to install and adjust these vanities according to your needs.



Another thing to think about when it comes to bathroom vanities is the countertop, specifically the countertop material. Here are some options.


Ceramics are easy to maintain and last a long time since they are not affected by damp environments. You can have these in any color or design you like, however, keep in mind that a plumber will need to seal them at intervals as a crucial maintenance option.


If you want a more expensive-looking bathroom, you should get a natural stone countertop. They are expensive but last very long and don’t stain. All they need is a little polish from time to time and voila—you’re good to go.


Glass countertops are great options for modern bathrooms. Most Lake Worth houses have these because their installation is easy and they do not stain or scratch and their polish is easy to maintain if you get services from a plumber.


If you want a cheaper option that is easy to install, maintain and can have scratches buffed out with sandpaper, you should go plastic or acrylic countertop options. You can get these in any color and design, and you would not even need to put a dent in your pocket.


If you want your bathroom to look more warm and rustic, you should consider getting a wooden countertop. You could get metal or wooden bases, it depends on your choice. However wooden countertops need essential plumbing services like sealing to stop warping and water damage from ruining the countertop.


Along with the practical options, you should also note the style of the vanity as a crucial factor to determine your choice.

You can go for traditional, rustic, coastal-style, modern, cottage, pastel, or even distressed wood options if you like. All of these styles are extremely popular amongst Lake Worth residents and are widely available.


You should get a plumber to measure out your bathroom and the vanity before you buy the sink. This will ensure that you are getting an option that can fit into your bathroom. Also consider measuring your entryways through which the vanity will come inside to make sure it doesn’t get stuck in the front door.

Plumbing Access

When installing a vanity, you should think about the practical options. Consult with a professionalto see which the best option for vanities is. You should ask for the vanity option that will allow necessary plumbing repairs and maintenance.

If the vanity does not have an open back or a hole, you should get a plumber to make a hole inside it so that future repairs are possible.


Along with the crucial back openings and plumbing access, you should look for the attachments in a vanity while purchasing one.

Check whether if it has a sink, if it doesn’t you will need to get the vanity’s mounting information, faucet information and measurement information to see if it is a compatible or economical option.

Double or Nothing

Another thing to consider is whether you want a double or single-sink vanity option in your bathroom. You see, single sinks are good for smaller spaces, however, if you have larger bathrooms that are meant to be shared by siblings, couples or roommates, you should consider getting the double options.

Single options are more versatile since you can install them into any kind of mount for vanities while double options on the other hand are only compatible with wall-mounts and freestanding style vanities.

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