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Common Causes that Call for Drain Cleaning in Mansfield, TX

Common Causes that Call for Drain Cleaning in Mansfield, TX

A majority of people tend to ignore the significance of drainage systems in their houses and neglect their regular care and maintenance needs. These pipes are the only path that takes dirty water out of your house and keeps it clean. However, it is a common practice to ignore its maintenance just because it is not something right there in front of your eyes. Moreover, by the time people finally pay attention to it, the damage is usually done, in the form of leaking pipes, seeping walls, presence of molds, smog, bad odor and water soaking through floors.

Regular maintenance of drainage system

Prevention is a hundred times better than taking measures to fix the problem once it is on your head. It can be easily practiced when it comes to plumbing and draining systems in your homes. If you are in a habit of getting the drain regularly cleaned, then you can understand how it prevents bacteria build up, bad odors, and chances of getting your home flooded. This is why proper maintenance is important. Homeowners must get their bathroom, and kitchen sinks drained every month.

Clogs are not always obvious. It is not necessary that if direct drainage pipes are blocked only then a problem can occur. There are underlying pipes in houses, which are connected to main sewerage lines, and sometimes blockages in those lines can result in clogging of the direct pipes in your washrooms or kitchens. These sewerage pipes often get blocked by tree roots present underground. This is more common if you are living in an area that is very old and has long established trees with their widespread root system.

However, these issues can be easily dealt with proper maintenance and professional services. Professional drain cleaners introduce a rotating snake that is more of a blade, and it clears all the roots and debris stuck in the sewerage pipes.

Dealing with clogs as you see them

Clogs are the root cause of all draining problems. Taking timely measures to prevent clogs and blockages, along with regular maintenance can be helpful in keeping your drainage system working.

Catching a clog early prevents flooded washrooms and reduces the chances of overflowing. If you see even a little amount of water building up around the drain holes, call in a plumbing service for an inexpensive solution to a problem that can become worse if left neglected.

Here are the most common and easily ignorable reasons, which combine to become the main cause of drain blockages and call for drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX.

1.     Roots overgrowth

Although, it is not a common reason for drain blockages, but when it happens, it results in expensive repairs and drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX. The pipes which are installed in our homes are sometimes connected to old pipes of the vicinity established ages ago. These pipes are usually rusty, sagging and already carrying other blockages like accumulated debris or overgrowing tree roots that find their way up to these pipes and inside them, putting pressure onto these pipes and clogging them.

2.     Heavy rains

Excessive rainfall is one of the main reasons for overflowing gutters and drains. Normally drains are not constructed to take on such a big amount of water in one go, and therefore, when it rains heavily, this becomes a problem leading to debris flowing from everywhere, and too much water blocking the sewerage pipes and eventually blocking pipes at houses.

3.     Plants

Leaves are falling all the times, especially in fall. The fallen leaves then accumulate near the tree, washing down with water on streets or in your lawn, and entering drainage openings in your yard, lawn or on the street. That leaves build up becomes the reason for clogging in main pipes. This puts too much pressure on the pipes and causes them to fracture or rupture while also breaking the flow of water in between.

4.     Food scrapes and grease

When washing dishes, oil and grease goes down the drain. However, since oil cannot be dissolved in water, it gets stuck to the walls of the pipes and attaches other debris and food scrapes to it. Lard and hot oil will solidify once it cools downs, block the pathway, and cause damage to the pipes. Other than this, food leftovers, vegetable leaves and bones go down the drain if not cleaned before throwing the dishes in washer.

5.     Long strand of hairs

The most common reason of drain clogs is hair build up in them. Hair tend to get washed down during shower and long strands get tangled up inside, eventually forming big balls of hair and getting stuck in the drain pipes or simply act as a dense net that does not let water sink in through those pipes. This net of hair then also traps other impurities and debris in it. To prevent it, drain strainers are to be put on the drainpipes and emptied every time someone takes the shower.

6.     Flushing hard objects

Your flush is only used for two things and you know what they are. Often times we are blaming kids for throwing items into the flush that cannot be flushed, such as toys, playing balls and their dead fish. However, kids are not the only one who does such things. Adults are mostly habitual of throwing away tissue papers, sanitary pads, diapers, q-tips and cigarette buds into the flush. It is not necessary that all types of septic pipes would let these objects pass. This eventually results in blocked pipes and clogged drains.

While these problems are a common occurrence in a majority of households, they can be easily prevented with monthly drain cleaning in Mansfield by a professional plumbing service. They will not only take care of all the blockages but also provide you with useful information to take better care of your drainage system. As we said it before, prevention is better than dealing with the problem when it is above your head and your house is flooding.