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Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

What do you dread the most when it comes to your house’s plumbing system?

We bet it’s someone telling you that the water in the bathroom or kitchen is not going down the drain.

If you have ever experienced this situation–which you most likely have–you know how difficult and disgusting it is to try various DIY tricks and using various tools to unclog the drains of your house.

But no matter how much we detest clogged drains, they are common in every household.

Do you want to know what causes the water to accumulate or even back up and flood your house and prevents it from going down the drain?

Knowing the causes of clogged drains will not only help you to find the right solution for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX, but will also help in preventing clogs in the future.

Common Causes of Drain Clogs

Clogged drains not only present unpleasant sights, but are also the source of foul odors, if not treated immediately. Furthermore, they also negatively affect the environment of your house and affect the quality of indoor air, posing certain risks to you and your family’s health. This is why we put a lot of emphasis on drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX and elsewhere in the world.

Clogs in drains are most commonly caused by:

1.      Soap Scum

Soap seems to be the thing that most easily flows down the drain can actually become the reason of a clogged drain.

While this does not cause a blockage overnight, scum of soap, shampoo, shower gel, detergents and other toiletries stick to the walls of the drain pipes in small quantities every time they flow down the drain. Over time, the layer of soap buildup gets thickened, gradually reducing the diameter of the pipe. If the drains are not regularly cleaned, the scum eventually forms a complete clog preventing the water to flow down the drain. This can also cause the water to back up creating a plumbing emergency that requires you to immediately call a plumbing service for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX.

Drains in shower areas, laundries and lavatories are most likely to get clogged due to soap buildup.

2.      Hair

One of the most stubborn and gross types of drain clogs are caused by our hair. Hair from the head, beard and moustaches do fall off, no matter how careful you remain, during showers and flow into the drain pipes with water.

While the few strands of hair will not clog your drain, over time, they accumulate inside the pipes, especially at the corners and bends. Gradually, these hair accumulate together and also combine with gunk to form one of the most difficult drain clogs.

Clogs that are formed due to hair accumulation cannot be removed by using the commercial drain cleaners. Complete removal of these tough clogs requires using special tools.

Expert plumbers for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing not only have all the specialized tools, but also the skills and experience of dealing with the most stubborn clogs.

3.      Dust, Dirt and Gunk

Similar to soap scum, dust, dirt and gunk keep accumulating inside the drain pipes gradually reducing the diameter of the pipes. If not cleaned, the dust and dirt can block the pipes obstructing the water flow or completely stopping it.

4.      Grease

Grease and fat from oil and various foods deposit in thin layers on the walls of the kitchen sink drain. Left untreated, the layer gets thickened reducing the diameter and eventually forming a clog.

The basic measure to prevent drain clogs caused by grease and fat buildup is to never throw any oil, fat or greasy food down the drain of your kitchen sink. In addition to this, throwing a pot of boiling water down the drain, every night, has been found useful by many people.

5.      Food Particles

A lot of people do not remove the pieces of leftover food from the dishes and directly throw them into the kitchen sink drain while doing the dishes. Also, many people have a habit of throwing food and vegetable peels into the drain. This is a major cause of clogs in kitchen sink drains and garbage disposal. Such clogs are highly difficult to remove on your own and will most likely require you to look for a reputable and experienced plumber for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX.

6.      Foreign Objects

Any foreign object such as wipes, sanitary napkins and toilet papers can immediately block the drainage system. This will not only prevent the water from flowing down the drain, but is also highly likely to cause the water to back up. Trust us! This creates such a gross situation that you seriously do not want that to ever happen

Clogs due to foreign objects are more likely to occur in toilet drains and will only be resolved by professionals. Get in touch with a reliable service for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX as soon as possible if you are faced with this problem.

All those who hate taking up the task of drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX need not worry because they can easily have a plumber, with experience in drain cleaning, come to their home and resolve the problem within a very short span of time. If you, too, have been troubled by plumbing problems, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is the one stop solution for you.