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Common Floor Drain Problems | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Common Floor Drain Problems | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

As every house has a network of pipes and plumbing, which forms a home’s plumbing system, floor drains are also an essential part of this system. Although they are known to be a fairly simple feature of the house their presence either in the basement, garage or ground floor serves a great purpose and prove to be a lifesaver if your house gets flooded from an outside source or because of drainage issues.

Floor drains have a direct route to the drainage pipes or even sometimes lead directly to the sewer, because of which they are able to relieve pressure on the pipes. Since a floor drain is installed in such a way that most of its part is buried under the floor, and what you typically see is grill on the top, many plumbers in Arlington, TX believe that people forget how important these floor drains are and tend to overlook the fact that they do require maintenance just like other things in your house’s plumbing system.

Because of this, your floor drain can cause a lot of problems and as per the plumbers in Arlington, TX you need to immediately take action by doing something yourself or contacting a professional plumber who can help you so that your plumbing doesn’t stop working leading to serious damages to your home.

Mentioned below are some of the most common problems that a lot of homeowners face according to plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Formation of Debris

Floor drains get clogged the same way other pipes and drains get clogged in your house. Hair in the shower, food particles in the kitchen sink or other large debris from any part of the house in the drains can ultimately create a clog in the floor drain that is leading to the sewer. Also, it might be possible that your floor drain overflows or does not drain out completely on a regular basis. This means that there is a drain blockage which according to plumbers in Arlington, TX needs to be addressed on an immediate basis.

Foul Odors

As per the plumbers in Arlington, TX and any place else, foul odors are a result of some dirt and grease buildup inside the pipes or the trap might have gone dry. If the trap is dry then nothing can prevent these nasty smells from entering your house. Unfortunately, dry traps and buildups not only result in foul odors but also lead nasty insects from the sewer making their way into your home.

Crystallization in Pipes

One of the more serious and costly problems that any homeowner can face in their floor drains according to plumbers in Arlington, TX is crystallization inside the pipes that will lead to severe drainage problems. Pipes are crystallized because of the buildup of soap, grease, sugary liquids and other waste materials that creates a more solid blockage than others. Once fluids like these flow through the pipes their traces are left behind that stick to the interior of the pipes which then dries with time and leaves its residue behind. This residue can keep on building over time nearly closing the pipe.

Leaking Sewer Pipe

Although it is good that your drain doesn’t overflow, however, if it doesn’t overflow ever then this means that there is some problem inside the pipe which most probably is a leakage in the pipes. This is because every floor drain is designed in such a way that it ensures that a certain limit of water passes through the pipes. If more water is overflown through the pipes at the same time either because there is someone doing laundry and other person washing dishes, then some amount of water needs to back up. This water is allowed to backup so as to limit the pressure on the main drain pipe and not cause any other pipe to burst.

Therefore, according to plumbers in Arlington, TX, if you never get an overflow when sending a large amount of water down the pipes then this means that a particular pipe or certain other pipes are broken somewhere because of which the extra water is leaking into the ground.

Backflow from Sewer

This is one of the worst problems that one can face when it comes to floor drains. Plumbers in Arlington, TX believe that backflow from sewer mostly happens because of either heavy rain in the city or due to some other problems in your house or city’s plumbing system. Further, what can happen is the waste from the municipal sewers could back up the line leading to your home and can overflow the dirty water from the floor drains wherever they are installed.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, floor drain problems are very common everywhere according to plumbers in Arlington, TX. What needs to be done is that they should be taken care of immediately so that it does not pose a serious threat to your health and cause damage to the house. Ignoring these problems, when the first time you notice them, is one of the biggest mistakes you could do which could lead to serious consequences in the future.

Drain cleaning problems should therefore be taken be taken as a serious issue. They should be resolved on a priority basis. Most times you can’t do it all yourself, and the help of experts is the order of the day. Professional drain cleaners can use different techniques to cut through the debris and restore proper flow in no time.

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