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Common Ft. Worth Plumbing Problems

Common Ft. Worth Plumbing Problems

Two Common Plumbing Problems:


Most Texans would agree that we do not like snakes. They are mostly a nuisance that most would like to avoid altogether. Just about a three hour drive west of the Fort Worth and Arlington, there is even a rattlesnake roundup that is dedicated to population control of rattlesnakes and the safety education of the public. However, not all snakes are bad. Some snakes, such as those used by plumbers, are beneficial.

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Clearly, blocked drains can cause households plenty of stress. Texans are a people of know how. It is in our genes. However, even people of know how must, on occasion, ask for help. Most people are unsure of how to conduct drain unblocking efficiently and effectively so it doesn’t keep happening. The most common problems are outside blocked pipes or a blocked sink, bath or shower. Most people (surely not people in the Fort Worth and Arlington area) use some sort of harsh chemical down the drain. When a liquid snakes fail a solid snake must prevail.

Why Call a Professional Plumber?

If pipes have a problem with chronic clogging, something else deeper in the plumbing might be going on. Outside blocked pipes will not be solved with a chemical. The clog must be physically removed and repaired. This kind of repair will prevent worse things from happening. If the drain unblocking is done in time it can help prevent collapsed drains from happening, saving money on the design and construction of a new drainage system. And everyone, especially Texans, likes to save money on their plumbing.


One thing Texans in the Fort Worth and Arlington area can agree on is that wasting water is not a good idea so it makes sense to stop leaks as soon as possible. What kinds of leaks are there?

Probably the most obvious and costly leak is the gusher. If a water supply pipe has burst, split, been cut open, or has separated at a solder joint, as soon as water is turned on to that area of the building the pipe will leak water and lots of it quickly. It won’t quite be Old Faithful, but it will be unmistakable.

Why Call a Professional Plumber?

The gusher is past the point of a do-it-yourself project. This is a serious issue that rises to the level of emergency! Please do not try to handle this issue alone. A professional plumber is a must for even the most knowledgeable of Texan.

Far more common is the drip and pinhole water supply pipe leak: a small leak may be present at a water supply pipe such as from a loose threaded fitting, worn valve stem packing, or even a pinhole due to corrosion or a puncture of some kind in the pipe. These leaks can be difficult to detect and often go a long time without anyone knowing about them. Sometimes the first sign is the invasion of water bugs into the home or when damage has been done to wood or concrete.

Why Call a Professional Plumber?

Even with the know how of Texans in the Fort Worth / Arlington area, it is a good idea to have a professional plumber give a thorough job of finding any leaks that might not have been detected in the first place. Visable leaks are easily detected, but where there’s one leak, there could be more and professionals are dedicated to making sure the job is done right the first time.

Professionals plumbers also help with headaches.

As people of know how, a Texan from Fort Worth or Arlington might go to the Internet and look up how to fix a specific leak. Then that person might have to go and buy the tools, the parts, and possibly spend hours working through frustration, setbacks, and pain.

Know how is an admirable quality that most Texans possess. However, plumbing comes with a certain amount of risk. Please weigh that risk carefully before attempting any do-it-yourself project.