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Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems | Tips from Your Expert Mansfield, TX, Plumber

Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems | Tips from Your Expert Mansfield, TX, Plumber

In almost every home, the kitchen sink is probably the most used plumbing fixture. We all must eat to survive, and the kitchen, including its sink, plays a key role in the process. So, whether you’re washing fruits and vegetables or taking care of dirty dishes, some debris may end up slipping into your kitchen pipes. Plumbing problems don’t just end with blocked pipes. You’ll realize that having a tap that has no water is probably the most annoying of kitchen plumbing issues. Here is an insight into the common kitchen plumbing problems you may encounter in your Mansfield, TX, home.

Clogged Pipes

This is the most noticeable kitchen plumbing problem you’re likely to notice. If the water in your sink is draining slowly and a stinking smell is emanating from the drain, the problem’s definitely in your kitchen pipes. Every sink has a P-shaped trap that’s designed to hold a small amount of water in the curved section of the pipe and halt sewer gases and odors from getting into your home. If grease and scum settle on the P-trap, they’ll disrupt water flow which may lead to a foul-smelling kitchen.

If your kitchen has clogged pipes, the problem can be easily fixed by a professional plumber. The Mansfield, TX, region has numerous plumbing firms where you may find expert plumbers in fixing clogging pipes.

Inoperable Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are among the best kitchen innovations of all time. Having an appliance that shreds down organic food particles down the drain that would otherwise have led to foul-smelling bins is a blessing in disguise for any homeowner. But what if the garbage disposal stops working because you accidentally used it to shred bones, potato peels, or worse, grease?

This is a kitchen plumbing emergency that ought to be taken care of instantaneously. It may suit you to have an emergency plumber on call who’ll come in handy during such times.

Blocked Drain Lines

Homeowners who have garbage disposals in their kitchens are likely to experience this plumbing issue. The drainage system connected to your kitchen sink may clog if you don’t use sufficient water when using your garbage disposal. This may be caused by food particles that stick in your sink’s pipes hence inhibiting water flow.

If a plunger or chemical cleaning solution doesn’t do the trick, it’s time for you to seek the services of a licensed plumber. It’s advisable to seek expert help since you may cause a huge plumbing disaster if you decide to take care of the problem on your own.

Low Water Pressure in the Kitchen Sink

Have you ever tried turning on the tap at your kitchen sink and you can’t get any work done because the water pressure’s too low? This may not go well with most people, especially if you’re on an empty stomach and need to fix a quick meal. Faucets have appliances known as aerators that reduce the amount of water used but still maintain high pressure. In case you’re using hot water, these little gadgets contribute to energy saving.

However, magnesium or calcium deposits in water may clog the aerators and consequently lead to a lower flow of water. To fix the issue, call your local expert plumber to diagnose and fix the water flow problem, and you can be sure that you’ll get competent services.

Inadequate Hot Water in Your Kitchen Taps

Have you recently added an appliance that uses water in your kitchen? If so, that may be the root cause of a lack of hot water flow. This may be because your water heater isn’t big enough to cater to all your appliances’ hot water needs. However, if your water heater doesn’t heat water at all, the problem might be the heating system.

Whether you need to upgrade your water heater or diagnose problems, it would be wise to seek the services of a skilled plumber. You’ll not only solve your water heating problems but also receive expert advice on technical plumbing issues you may need.

Leaking Faucets

Homeowners who’ve been living in their houses for decades may have old sinks that have damaged parts such as faucets that may lead to leakages. A worn-out faucet can be problematic, especially if you have to put up with those droplets of water that fall into the sink during the night and disrupt your beauty sleep. Needless to say, the same droplets may amount to wasted water which you still have to account for in your water bills.

A damaged O-ring seal may also be the root cause of leaking faucets, but if you have no idea what that is, you can hire a plumber to accurately pinpoint the problem and offer you a lasting solution.

Leaking Dishwasher

Dishwashers are life-saving appliances in every sense of the word. Imagine when you’ve had a wonderful meal and just want to jump in bed, but your dishwasher is faulty so you have to manually clean the dishes. Worry not since we have the solutions to the problem.

The dishwasher may have a broken float switch which would cause water to overflow. Also, a damaged spray arm would cause a leak and disrupt the dishwashing process. However, the problem may be something different than a damaged float switch or spray arm, and a replacement may as well be a waste of time, so call your Mansfield, TX, plumber to ascertain the problem.

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