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Common Myths about Drain Cleaning In Burleson, TX

Common Myths about Drain Cleaning In Burleson, TX

There isn’t one person who doesn’t hate the idea of a clogged drain. The worst situation is when there are people over at your house or when you are doing the dishes after a long day and the water stops going down the drain as quickly as it normally does. The most embarrassing of all situations is when your guests complain about there being odor in the bathroom or the toilet not working despite cleaning the bathroom regularly!

You will feel so humiliated that you’ll instantly think up of a DIY drain cleaning project to solve the problem. And sure, all the unclogging techniques might be useful now that you have a problem to deal with but they will simply be over the surface ways of getting rid of the problem; the odds of drain clogging again are quite high since the problem would not have been eradicated from its roots.


Drain cleaning in Burleson, TX is a grave issue but many people still believe in misconception and myths regarding this problem. They look for applicable and many times, completely inapplicable ways to fix the problem which actually backfires and results in greater plumbing problems. It is thus always suggested that you should seek for a reliable, professional assistance for drain cleaning in Burleson, TX instead of experimenting on the basis of myths and causing more harm.

Below we have mentioned some common myths and misconceptions regarding drain cleaning in Burleson, TX.

Myth # 1: You Can Treat All Drains in the Same Way

There is a labyrinth of pipes and tubes in your house. All these pipe lines are interconnected but they all have different purposes. Since they all have their own tasks, they can easily be identified. This is why it is ridiculous to think that all these pipe lines can be treated in the same way. Because there are different types of pipes and tubes, they need different methods of drain cleaning in Burleson, TX.

For example, the pipes in your kitchens attached to your sinks or the ones in the bathroom are drain popes that accumulate the dirty, hard water and eject it in the sewage. On the other hand, the excretion pipes in the toilets are responsible for disposing the human excrete into the sewage. Since all the pipes are different, you will need to cater to them differently.

Myth # 2: Every Drain is Linked

It is a fact that all your pipes are sort of interconnected in one way or another, but in a much different way than it is commonly perceived. All pipes are linked with one another at a meeting point that carries the dirty water to the main sewage pipe. But every pipe is installed differently in the start and therefore, serves a different purpose.

So, it is possible that even if one pipe is clogged in your house, the whole drainage system would not be affected. But it is entirely dependent on which pipe gets clogged and how essential it is in the overall drainage system. However, because you aren’t a professional, you can’t always know the right way for drain cleaning in Burleson, TX. This is why it is important to seek the professional plumbing services of only the most authentic cleaners in Burleson, TX.

Myth # 3: Hooking Out Unclogs the Drains Instantly

Sure, hooks work just fine but they only are selectively effective. This means that the hook might be successful in purging out the clots of hair, dirt and etc from the surface but it won’t be able to clean out the particles that are in-depth and clog the drain.

Also, these hooks for drain cleaning in Burleson, TX should not be used too often. You might think you have unclogged the drain, but in actuality all you did was rinse it off from the surface. Without proper skills and expertise, you could even fracture the pipes and tube, resulting in even greater damage to the plumbing system. For that reason it is always smart to seek for the services of a reliable professional for drain cleaning in Burleson, TX.

Myth # 4: You Can Use Any Drain Cleaner

The chemicals in drain cleaning detergents are quite strong and have the ability to burn substances. Although they come in a liquid form, they don’t always stay liquidized after being used. They are poured in hot but after cooling down, they actually condense and thicken. This results in a clogged drain pipe.

This is why it is important to understand that you cannot just use any drain cleaner in any pipe. Because every pipe is different, the way it is treated is also different. You will not have the knowledge and expertise to judge which kind of pipe would require a certain kind of a drain cleaner but the professionals of drain cleaning in Burleson, TX would.

Myth # 5: DIY Is Perfect

Sure, DIYs can work but there is only a limited benefit that you can reap out of them. As a proprietor, you do not possess the knowledge, skill and expertise of drain cleaning in Burleson, TX. By trying to fix the problems at home for example, pushing in a hook too far or using a drain cleaning agent that is too harsh, you just might end up damaging the internal workings of your drainage system. So instead of risking things, hire a professional’s services for drain cleaning in Burleson, TX.

Myth # 6: Pick Any Plumber For the Job

Almost everyone believes in this myth about drain cleaning in Burleson, TX. Sure, drain cleaning may not be that big of a deal but you definitely need a reliable service for this problem in order to eradicate the issue right from its roots. So no, you cannot just hire any plumber- you need a reliable, authentic and noteworthy plumber’s services for drain cleaning in Burleson, TX.

If you need drain cleaning services in Burleson, TX, contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth, TX.