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Common Myths Prevalent About Drain Cleaning in Benbrook, TX

Common Myths Prevalent About Drain Cleaning in Benbrook, TX

A clogged drain is one of the worst nightmares a house owner fears to face when they are about to host a large party or a get-together in their house. It could be your kitchen drain where while doing dishes the water goes down slower than usual or in the bathroom where one of the after using the restroom comes over and complains that he or she is not able to flush the toilet.

While there might be certain tricks and hacks that you have up your sleeve, which might come in handy now, but if the level of intensity of the problem is serious then you need to take some help from the experts of this field. One hindrance that is faced at this point is that there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that are related to this issue as to what is safe to use in the pipes of your house, what tools and products would work and what won’t.

This is why drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX is always taken seriously and major efforts are made to remove these falsified thoughts out of the minds of many residents in Benbrook, TX. This is why it is always recommended to look for professional help for drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX who have a complete knowledge about this subject matter and would guide you to stay away from falling into the trap of myths that would be harmful to your plumbing.

In the article below, we have highlighted some of the most common myths regarding drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX.

Myth # 1: Working of all the drains is the same

Every home has a whole network of pipes where every single pipe that is connected to the main sewage is there to serve a different purpose. Therefore, to think that these pipes and all the plumbing in your house have a common purpose is not right.

Since these pipes have their own particular functions, they also require different cleaning methods which are suitable for them. Some of the most common categories of pipes in your house include waste pipes that collect all the waste material from toilets and other similar sources and direct it to sewage, drain pipes used for sinks and showers that collect all the gray water and disposes it off safely, and vent pipes which are designed to remain empty with an opening on the roof or some similar place to remove nasty gases created by other pipes.

Myth # 2: Drainage lines are connected to each other

Although the concept of a plumbing refers to the idea that all pipes are connected is true to some extent but not the way most of the people think it to be. The pipe that is connected to either the sink or toilet initially is separate from others and has its own drain pipe. This means that if there is a clog in one part of the house then it means it won’t affect the water flow in the rest of the house.

But for this you need to have some level of understanding of the plumbing of your house as sometimes clogs and drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX becomes very difficult to predict if you don’t have an idea about how your plumbing works.

Myth # 3: Every drain issue can be solved with a drain snake

Many people believe that the word drain snake has been given to this particular tool because it is supposed to be used in all kinds of drains. This is not the truth. Although drain snakes are very useful when it comes to identifying the clog they are not really effective in removing the clog. They remove the dirt and the grime that is clogging the drain on a temporary basis but these scale build-ups cannot be fixed only with the snake. Other tools and chemical products are required for drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX.

Also, it is recommended to look for the services of a professional for drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX either with the help of a drain snake or other tools and equipment as they have the proper training to use them and would use it carefully that doesn’t puncture the pipes and plumbing that could lead to further damage.

Myth # 4: The problem can be fixed with any drain cleaner available in the market

Drain cleaners that are easily available in all retail shops are mostly in liquid form. The tricky part, however, here is that after you pour them in your drain they do not always stay liquid. These chemical infused cleaners are liquid when they are hot but when they cool off they thicken and causes severe blockages in the pipes. Therefore dumping excess amount of liquid drain cleaners would not solve the issue rather create further problems in your pipes.

Myth # 5: Any plumber will get the job done

One of the most common myths or a misconception regarding drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX is this. We understand that cleaning a drain looks fairly simple and doesn’t involve much effort but not all plumbers have the specialized knowledge and training to handle this kind of stuff. Without enough information and knowledge, local plumber might make the mistake of using the wrong product in the drain that multiplies the problem.

The experts who are trained in this field of drain cleaning and fixing blocked drains also have the advanced tools that can help achieve optimal results.

The Bottom Line

The origin of these myths and misconceptions is due to lack of knowledge and information regarding clogs, blockages and drain cleaning. There are several homeowners who face the same issue of clogged drains on a regular basis but opt do not opt for professional help. We, therefore, suggest you get help from experts for drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX who uses different techniques to cut through the debris and restore proper flow.

If you also live in Benbrook, TX and are currently in the state of confusion between myths and facts then no need to worry. Call Benjamin Franklin right away whose staff is trained to guide you in such matters and are available to answer all your questions. For any further assistance call their emergency number which is available 24/7.