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Common Myths About Water Filtration System | Plumber in Burleson, TX

Common Myths About Water Filtration System | Plumber in Burleson, TX

Water is an essential part of our life and is a necessity for our body. It is significant to consume pure and clean water and in the right amount daily in order to stay healthy. This is the very reason why homeowners in Burleson, TX have water filtration system installed, because of its benefits, in order to consume safe and healthy water. However, there are still a lot of people who still don’t believe in its benefits and opt for other sources through which they can get water that is safe for drinking.

There are lots of misconceptions prevailing regarding water filters and water filtration system in Burleson, TX. The reason behind such myths is lack of proper knowledge and information about these.

The main purpose of this article is to debunk such myths which surround the water filtration system and provide facts which make them more beneficial to install in Burleson, TX area.

Myth # 1: They’re High Maintenance

The most common myth about water filters that you’d hear time and again is that they are high maintenance materials. Most of the people have a misconception that water filtration system in Burleson, TX needs to be cleaned regularly, in order for it to function efficiently and effectively.

However, this is not the case. It is true that water filter needs some maintenance but a regular one is not required. They are usually required after long periods of time, which is 6 months, as most of the water filter cartridges are designed to have a service life of at least 6 months. After approximately 6 months they are replaced with new cartridges. The filter changing process is an extremely easy and can be done by anyone once they’ve understood the basic functionality of how it works.

Besides, in Burleson, TX, it is easier to have a water filtration system installed at your place rather than going to the market after every couple of weeks to buy a pack of water bottles and keep the hassle of collecting them so that return them once they are empty.

Myth # 2: Can Only Be Installed by Experts

This is not true for all filters. All those domestic purpose water filtration system in Burleson, TX are easy to handle and can be installed by reading the instruction guide provided with the unit, without the help of an expert.

Usually, filters that are designed for commercial use are more complex and sophisticated and require the assistance of an expert to get them installed.

Myth # 3: Bottled Water Is Cheaper

This might be true in the short run if you are comparing buying a water filtration system in Burleson, TX to bottled water. Bottled water, when compared with the water filter price and installation cost, might look cheaper but in the long run, a water filter would be more effective as the buying and installation are a onetime cost.

 Myth # 4: Water Softeners Are Enough

A major misconception which might lead you to consume water that still has disease-causing germs present in it is that of water softeners. Water softeners only deal with the issue of water hardness and are only able to eliminate that.

Although the installation process of a water softener is very similar to that of a water filtration system in Burleson, TX, unfortunately, they are not able to anything for the hazardous chemicals, contaminants or bacteria present in the water. This would lead you to the consumption of something that puts you at risk of your health.

If water hardness is the only issue at your place and you have a surety that the source from which your house is receiving water is reliable then having a water softener installed at your place is a good option.

Myth # 5: All Water Filters Are Same

People still believe that all water filters that are available in the market are same and have the same property of filtering some water contaminants. But this is not the case.

Water filtration system in Burleson, TX is different for different kinds of water filters. They are constructed differently with the help of different materials that are useful in removing different forms of contaminants. Therefore, it is recommended to get some awareness and information about the water that is coming to your place and its source. Then only make a decision to purchase and install such a water filtration system in Burleson, TX that can remove the contaminants present in water. Otherwise, you might mistakenly believe that the filter you’ve installed will protect you against all harmful bacteria present in the water.

Also, some people believe that residential and commercial water filters are same. Although both of them perform the same function, a filter designed for commercial purpose performs better than a residential one. This is solely because it has been initially designed to take more loads and filter a huge amount of water continuously, is capable of filtering out more contaminants and are cleaned on a regular basis.

 The Bottom Line

Ultimately, having a good, clean source of water is essential for living a healthy life. But somehow because of these misconceptions a lot of people get confused if they should take the decision of getting a water filter for themselves too.

There are several homeowners who do not take the decision of investing in water filtration system in Burleson, TX and put themselves out there at the risk of getting infected by contaminants. If you too live in Burleson, TX and are facing issues in reaching a final decision then contact Benjamin Franklin right away. Their team of professionals is well-versed about water filters, their types and holds great experience in their field.

They are best known for their quality services and you can also take their assistance in the case of an emergency by calling their 24/7 emergency number.