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Common Plumbing Problems Explained | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Common Plumbing Problems Explained | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

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You have a leak in the bathroom. Water has been dripping down the walls for days now. You are annoyed at the very sound now. It keeps dripping all night and you cannot find the source of the leak at all. It sounds like you have a plumbing problem!

Plumbing problems are extremely common in American households as they tend to prop up from time to time whenever bathrooms or plumbing systems are in use. Even if you have the most advanced plumbing technology, there are bound to be plumbing issues at some point. There’s no need to worry though, competent plumbers in Arlington, TX can tend to any plumbing problem you might have at home or at work.

However, even if plumbers are on their way, the Arlington, TX homeowner should have some idea of what is going on in the plumbing system. You should know about the signs of a plumbing problem. So here is a fool-proof guide to common plumbing issues and their causes that will shed light on the matter.

Low Water Pressure

Symptom: A clear symptom of low water pressure is if you have faucets and showers that only trickle a tiny bit of water instead of a full stream as they should. You can notice these signs when you wash dishes, go to the bathroom or even take a shower.

Cause: Low water pressure can be caused by sediment and mineral accumulation in aerators. The problem can also be caused by damaged, broken or leaking pipes that will reduce the speed and stream of water in your faucets.

Solution: If you have a lower water pressure in your home you should call professional plumbers to fix the issue. They will inspect, fix and seal up the piping systems if the leaky pipe is the cause. They will also clean out aerators and inspect and fix water outlets.

Running Toilet

Symptom: A clear symptom of a running toilet would be water running in the toilet continually throughout the day. These can often waste a lot of water—up to 200 gallons per day!

Cause: the flapper valve controls and guides the water in your toilet from the tank to the bowl. If you have a damaged or problematic flapper valve installed, you may have a running toilet. Sediment buildups in the toilet may also negatively impact the flushing and water flow in your toilet.

Solution: Plumbersin Arlington, TX, will be able to easily tackle the problem of a running toilet and effectively test for sediment and mineral buildup in the toilet bowl. It is important to call professional plumbers so that they can efficiently handle toilet mechanics with technical expertise.

Slow Draining in Sinks

Symptom: Your kitchen or bathroom sinks may have difficulty draining because of debris buildup.  You will be able to use the sink and the water will drain eventually but the process of draining will be slow.

Cause: Overtime, particles of hair and food accumulate in bathroom and kitchen sinks respectively. These are generally the main causes of a slowly draining sink in your home in Arlington, TX.

Solution: You should immediately have the problem fixed because the blockage of debris may build up and damage the pipes or drains leading from the sinks. You should get plungers or chemicals to remove the blockages in the sinks; however, it is recommended that you contact professional plumbers inArlington, TX for chemical solutions.

Dripping or Leaky Faucets

Symptom: You may have leaky faucets in your bathrooms, kitchens, or in outdoor sinks. These have obvious symptoms of water dripping either slowly or rapidly from a faucet even if you try to turn off the faucet.

Leaky faucets are often considered minor issues and are not treated with urgency. However, leaky faucets can, in fact, waste a large amount of water in your home water supply, increasing your utility bills substantially.

Leaky faucets can also completely drain your water supply at times so that when you get into your bathroom for a morning shower, you find that the water has run out.

Cause: The usual causes of leaky or dripping faucets are problems with internal washers. The internal washer stiffens, wears down and dislodges as it ages and thus can cause dripping.

Solution: If you find that your water has inexplicably run out or your utility bill has inexplicably risen, you should go around the house looking for leaky faucets. When you locate the faucet, you should call professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, to fix the issue as soon as possible.


Symptoms: Clogs can appear anywhere in your home. If your toilet does not drain away the water and waste completely when it is flushed, there is a clog in the toilet.

Home drains can also be affected by clogs. These drain clogs can be in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, washing machine areas, and even outdoor drains. Bathtub clogs are often obvious because they involve water either slowly being drained or not being drained.

Causes: The main causes of clogs in the home drains are blockages caused by debris like hair. An outdoor drain can be clogged by falling leaves and twigs. A toilet can be clogged because of too many tissues or other foreign objects in the toilet.

Solution: You can either use plungers to unclog the drains and toilets. Sometimes, you may need the help of plumbers in Arlington, TX to remove a larger blockage.

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