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Common Problems Related to Residential Plumbing in Fort Worth

Common Problems Related to Residential Plumbing in Fort Worth

So, you just noticed a leaky tap in your bathroom. And there it goes – your drain is now clogged. And oh, did the hot water system also stop working? Problems related to plumbing in Fort Worth are so frequent, and unfortunately, you just are not the do-it-yourself person. So, what do you do now? You obviously can’t ignore these issues; the consequences can be too harsh. Find a plumber in Forth Worth; Benjamin Franklin is your best bet. Pros at what they do, they can fix any plumbing issue that arises. But, what’s the best part? Their rates are very affordable, and no matter how big the task, they probably won’t charge too much.

That being said, what are the most common problems related to plumbing in Fort Worth? Let’s take a look at what you are most likely to encounter with all those pipes, drains, toilets, filters, tanks and other plumbing components. Some of these you can get fixed for just some bucks, but others may incur huge expenses, so be sure to go ahead with a plumber in Fort Worth like Benjamin Franklin.

Before we go on, there’s one more word of warning. Look out for these common issues related to plumbing in Fort Worth, if you’re inspecting a new home. You would already have some idea of plumbing issues that persist in your home, but with new homes, you should be extra careful.

Aging Water Heater

A water heater incurs significant upfront costs, and definitely not easy to replace. Expect to spend around $600 to $2,000 if you are looking around for a new unit. But, here’s the thing: older water heaters are energy inefficient and can lead to huge bills, particularly in the long run, so the costs kind of balance out. Point is, if your device is too old, you may be better off replacing it, rather than going ahead with water repair in Fort Worth.

What about when you buy a new home? Consider the state of water heater, or better ask a professional plumber in Fort Worth to inspect it. If it’s too old, then you should be paying a final price that is a bit on the low side, because you’ll have to buy a new unit anyway.

Generally, the average life of a water heater is around 10 years. Considering the model, serial number, corrosion, insufficient quantities of hot water and dampness are potential signs that indicate you should replace the model. What if you don’t? Well, if the bottom of the unit gives away, you’ll have to deal with an unexpected flood in the house.

Leaky Toilets

Is your toilet always running, like literally 24/7? This indicates that you should replace the flapper or chain. In some cases, the problem can be deeper than this.  What if your toilet has drain issues? Well, in this case, leaks can occur either from the tank or bottom. Water, considered as universal solvent, eventually causes wear and tear of gaskets and seals.

When you are buying a new home, then check the sides of the toilet, and ensure that there is no discoloration. Also, notice the floor. It shouldn’t feel soft or wiggly; if it does, then ask the homeowner.

Outdated Sewage

What sewage system does your home have? Generally, the sewer should be made to exit from the lowest point either on the street or into the city main. A septic type sewer system runs into the field or a tank. Also, inspects its location and ensure there are no unpleasant smells, seepage or water – all these are potential signs of trouble. In such a case, you should call a plumber in Fort Worth, and ask them to conduct an examination.

Even if your system is connected to the main line, you should still call a professional plumber in Fort Worth and ask them to conduct a video inspection, through which its condition can be analyzed. The lines may be dropped due to nearby roots or simply old age.

Dripping Faucets

Got a constantly dripping faucet in your home that you have been ignoring until now? Well, don’t because by not getting it fixed, you are wasting water and paying an unnecessary amount in terms of your bills.

Leaky Pipes

Yes, leaking pipes are common when the days are cold, but you can encounter them in summers as well. Generally, pipes begin to leak near the joint area. Notice the ground and ceiling because the two are affected quickly if there is a leak. Corroded joints, worn piping, pinhole leaks are all common signs. If galvanization has occurred, then your pipes are old, and probably need a replacement.

Check the flow that comes to your home; if it’s restricted then maybe the pipes are of an incorrect size. Generally, your pipe should be at least 75% in size of the main water line, which is around 0.75 inches. Sub-network and branching pipes can be around half an inch. Examine the pipe installation as well. Low quality insulation will cause your pipes to freeze and burst in the cold season.

Leaky pipes can be expensive; not the repairs, but the aftermath. So, ask a plumbing in Fort Worth and get them fixed right away.

Pipes may also leak if they aren’t installed properly.

Low Water Pressure

If your home is old, you are likely to encounter water pressure issues. What are the common reasons? New showerhead, a hidden leak, a partially clogged line.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are also a common issue related to plumbing in Fort Worth. What blocks them? Toiletry deposits, built up oils, hair and other residue. If the issue is ignored, clogs may lead to leaks.

How do you know if your drain is functioning fine? The water should drain at a fast rate and continuously. If it does not, then get it inspected. Also, check the garbage disposal in your kitchen, which should run smoothly as well.

Call Benjamin Franklin, the best plumber in Fort Worth, if you face any of the above mentioned problems!