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Common Problems with Water Heaters | Plumber in Saginaw, TX

Common Problems with Water Heaters | Plumber in Saginaw, TX

Water heaters are an absolute necessity in the modern-day home. They are probably one of the most important appliances you have installed in your building.

Your water heater is one of the few devices that you use every single day, even in summer. They provide you with hot water for the dishes, bathing, laundry and keeping your home warm and cozy at night. A conventional water heater with a storage tank is a simple and straightforward device. Nonetheless it can develop a number of problems that can make your life difficult.

Here, we will explain some of the problems you can develop with your water heater and how to get water heater repair in Saginaw, TX by using our services.

Problems with Conventional Water Heaters

Most conventional water heaters run on electricity or gas. The majority of malfunctions with both types of water heaters are similar although there are some differences experienced briefly below.

Water Leakage from the top or Bottom

The most common problem you can develop with your water heater is water leakages. Usually there are two types fitted at the top of your water heater. One is for the inlet of cold water into the tank and the other is for the outlet of hot water. One or both of these fixtures can become damaged and start leaking due to water pressure or with time.

Water leakage from the bottom can be a more serious problem especially if it is due to leakage with the water storage unit. This problem can develop due to erosion of the tank floor or walls. Leakages from the bottom can also occur due to over pressurization of water inside the tank.

If you see a puddle of water at the base or accumulation of water and rust near the piping at the top, make sure to get in touch with our plumbers in Fort Worth.

Not Enough Hot Water or No Hot Water at All

If you are not getting enough hot water from your water heater, it could be due to problems with your thermostat. If re-adjusting the heating setting does not work it is very likely that the thermostat has become damaged or you have a faulty dip tube, which controls the inflow of cold water to mix with the hot water at the top.

In either case, you can call our plumbers to get your water heater repaired in Saginaw, TX. Our plumbers are trained and skilled in detecting the source of the problem and fixing your water heater.

If you are not getting any hot water at all, the problem is likely to be with the heating mechanism itself. An electric heater is powered by electrical circuits while a gas heater uses a burner at the bottom of the tank to heat the water.

Depending on the type of your heater, our plumber will check circuit breaker box and the heating element or the gas connection. Regardless of the underlying cause of the problem our plumber in Fort Worth will be able to help and get your water repaired in Saginaw, TX in no time.

Problems with the Pilot

Sometimes the problem is with the pilot, the mechanism that kick starts the heating mechanism. If the pilot does not light up at all, it could be a problem with the light, the gas connection or a faulty thermocouple.

On the other hand, if the pilot lights up but does not stay lit, the problem is the thermocouple or a bad gas valve.

Rusty Colored or Smelly Hot Water

If you get rusty colored water on your hot tap, there are two likely reasons. Either the insides of the tap have begun to rust, or the Anode rod in the water heater is the culprit.

If you get rusty water on a particular tap only, then it is likely due to problems in the piping on that line alone. However, if you get rusty water in several hot taps with all of them linked to the water heater it is often caused by rust forming inside the storage unit.

On the other hand, if you sense that the water from your water heater has become smelly, this is possibly due to formation of bacteria inside the water heater.

Our technicians can perform a water heater repair in Saginaw, TX for you. They can also help improve your pipeline plumbing in Fort Worth, if that is the underlying cause of rusty and smelly water.

Problems with Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are slightly more complex than conventional water heaters that come with a water storage tank. The problems are also slightly different.

Mineral Deposits

Tankless water heaters are more likely to have a buildup of minerals like calcium due to hard water. If left unchecked, it greatly decreases the efficiency of such water heaters and permanently damages the system.

You can call our plumbers in Fort Worth to check and help maintain your tankless water heater in Saginaw, TX.

Water Demand

A tank-based water heater contains a storage unit for water which can cover sudden upsurges in demand. A tankless water heater cannot match that. If you are taking a shower and someone starts using the dishwasher as well, the heater will not be able to meet the demand.

The solution is to get a more powerful tankless water heater or have a separate one installed in your shower.

The plumbing experts at Benjamin Franklin can help upgrade or install new tankless water heaters in Saginaw, TX to meet your requirements.


On-demand water heaters are not as corrosive as conventional water heaters. Nonetheless, corrosion can still take place and cause serious problems in a tankless water heater. The circuitry is compact and fixed closely together. Even a small drip due to corrosion can cause the whole system to shut down.

Always make sure that your water heaters are properly maintained by calling competent plumbers in Fort Worth like Benjamin Franklin Plumbers.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers in Fort Worth is a reliable plumbing service that offers all kinds of fixes for problems with water heaters. We cover the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington among others. This includes the city of Saginaw which lies just outside the 820 on the northern outskirts of Fort Worth.