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Common Reasons to Call a Plumber for Your Home | Cleburne, TX

Common Reasons to Call a Plumber for Your Home | Cleburne, TX

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Plumbing problems can come in all forms and sizes. Some of them are easiest to repair while others need professional help from a licensed plumber. Minor problems such as partial blockage can often be resolved by a plunger. Major problems, on the other hand, may damage your system or your property – in a worst-case scenario. When this happens, call a professional.

Read this article for a list of the common plumbing problems you encounter in your homes. We will also tell you when to call a professional for help.

Clogged Toilet

When the water in the toilet doesn’t go down, it’s clogged. That is most likely caused either by a mixture of human waste and tissue paper, or just a lot of tissue paper. Normally, you can use a plunger to resolve the problem. And if that doesn’t work, try using a drain auger or a sewer snake. The blockage can usually be fixed. However, if the water still doesn’t drain, it’s time to get yourself a professional to rectify the problem.

Sink That Doesn’t Drain Fast

If you throw food remnants in your sink, it will cause blockage and will restrict water flow. In the bathroom, it is most likely caused by either soap or hair. Since this is a partial blockage, it can be fixed by using a plunger, a chemical clog remover and even a baking soda and vinegar mixture. This has to be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will eventually cause a complete blockage that will give you more problems in the future.

Tips for Unclogging a Sink Using Chemical Clog Removers

  • Make sure that you strictly follow the package directions.
  • Always wear protective gloves or goggles.
  • Minimize using a chemical clog remover repeatedly as that may eventually damage your drainage pipes in the long run.
  • Never mix chemicals as that may cause a reaction or produce even poisonous gas.
  • If the problem still isn’t resolved, always call a professional in Cleburne, TX.

Dripping Faucets

Almost everyone has experienced having this problem at home and it can be really irritating especially at night when you can actually hear the water dripping. Also, when you don’t do anything, it can up your utility bills and that will cost you even more money. One of the causes of dripping faucets is a torn or stiff internal washer. You can fix this at home but you will need to have the right tools to be able to do this. Otherwise, just hire a professional plumber to get the job done.

Low Water Pressure

This is a real inconvenience especially when you’re trying to save time. Shower water and faucet water should gush out of them with ease. When it seems like there is not enough water, that can be a really annoying problem because it takes a lot of your time. This problem is often caused by deposits that are building up in the aerators. What you can do is clean your aerators and shower heads. However, if there is still not enough water, you may have leaky pipes. It is just better to call a licensed and professional plumber in Cleburne, TX.

Running Toilets

You could lose up to 200 gallons of water a day for a running toilet. That’s almost a hundred dollars added to your bills every night if you don’t fix it. If you’re lucky, you’ll notice the problem. But other leaks are unnoticeable. This problem is often caused by a float or a warped flapper.

To fix this, you will need to turn off the water, open the toilet tank and check all the parts. However, avoid doing this if you don’t really know how to. Always call a professional plumber to help you fix the issue.

Leaky Pipes

Cracked seals, pipe corrosion and too much water pressure are among reasons why you have leaky pipes. You need to fix it immediately as it can cause damage to your plumbing system when ignored. Also, leaky pipes can encourage cockroaches and can damage floors or furniture. Get a professional plumber to help you fix your leaky pipes.

Faulty Water Heater

You will only know you have this problem until you are in the shower and you notice that the water is actually cold. There are several issues that may cause this problem. One of them is sediment build up in the tanks or the pilot light is out. Other times, it could be because of your thermostat. When this happens, you should call a professional plumber to inspect the water and fix it.

Sewer System Backup

When the main sewer is clogged or has collapsed, you may have problems with your sewer. This is extremely inconvenient especially when you start smelling human waste and multiple drains or most of your toilets are not working. The best thing to do is to call a professional plumber for an inspection. If the problem is in your location, you will need to take responsibility for that. If it’s outside, the water company will need to fix it. To avoid this problem, do not flush down toilet papers, sanitary pads or diapers in the toilets.

If You Live in the Old House

Unlike modern homes, older houses may have different plumbing problems. Watch out for these if you live in an old house.

Old Fixtures

Over time, the faucets, spigots and valves can often cause you problems especially when these aren’t replaced for years. You will most likely get bad smells, leaks and possibly higher utility bills. Get this checked by a professional plumber to help you resolve the problem.

Galvanized and Polybutylene Pipes

Houses built before the 1960s commonly use galvanized pipes that often lead to breakage over time. This is because the zinc that they use to coat the pipes usually erodes. Once they break, the problem arises. Polybutylene pipes, on the other hand, were used between the 70s and 90s mainly because they are very affordable. Over time though, they react with oxidants in water and that will cause problems.

Lead Service Lines

The line that connects from the main water source to your home is called the service line. There could be a problem when repairs or replacements happen. Lead contamination is possible so it’s advised to use a filtration system for your safety.

Pipe Bellies

Pipes that are installed in the ground or underneath the homes will be affected by the shifting of the house eventually. When this happens, it can create a negative slope or what we call a belly. Pipe bellies restrict water flow and accumulate waste through pools it creates. Eventually, this will cause leaks.

Bad Repairs

There is a reason why you need a professional plumber to fix plumbing problems in your homes — they know what they are doing. In most old homes, owners usually use DIY repairs that don’t really work. Problems such as unsecured pipes or leaks are pretty common. When you move to an old house, it’s best to hire a licensed plumber to do an inspection and identify problems that may arise.

Faulty Gas Lines

Sometimes it’s not only the plumbing that has problems but also the gas lines that supply gas to stoves and heaters. Most owners don’t even know whether they are on or off. When the pipes connecting the gas lines are damaged, an explosion or a leakage could occur. It’s almost important to have this checked by a licensed plumber.

Sewer Lines

When you hear gurgling sounds coming from the toilet, it may be because of the sewer line problems. Older homes are most likely to have sewer problems especially when the ground shifts.

Preventing Plumbing Problems

Sometimes you just won’t see them coming. First, your toilet was working and the next thing you know, the water just won’t go down. There are ways to prevent plumbing problems when you use these tips:

Toilet Maintenance

The flapper or the covering that releases water may be warped after several uses. They must be replaced or they will be a problem in the long run. Check if it’s still working by dropping food coloring inside the tank and don’t use it for at least a night. If there is no color in the toilet bowl, you should be fine. Otherwise, it’s time to replace the flapper.

Check the Water Pressure

It’s important to check the condition of the regulator to see if they need replacement or not. Low pressure or high pressure in water can significantly damage your system. Get a gauge for about 10-20 USD to see if there are pipe fluctuations. The flow of water should be 55-75 psi.

Contact a Licensed Plumber

The only way to minimize or better yet, eliminate plumbing problems is by hiring a professional licensed plumber in your area. You can schedule this regularly to ensure that your plumbing system is working efficiently.

Silent Signs You Have Plumbing Problems in Your Home

There are some plumbing problems that you don’t even notice. When you do, it will be too late as it will cost you more. Watch out for these signs and call your plumber right away if you can’t fix the problem.

Discolored Pipes

Check your pipes regularly and look for any discoloration signs. If it is, it most likely has moisture present. This is probably caused by water dripping from the sink or a leak in the supply line. When it’s a leak problem, you definitely should get this fixed right away.

No Water During the Winter

If in the middle of winter you suddenly notice that you no longer have water flowing from your faucet, it could be because your pipes are frozen. You will need to call a professional right away to get this fixed.

High Water Bills

If your water bills suddenly skyrocket, that is a sure sign that there is a problem especially when you haven’t increased your water usage. You will need to find out whether you have a leak problem which is one of the common issues. It could be because of a running toilet. If you don’t know how to troubleshoot this, you can always call a professional who will be ready to provide help.

Sewer Odor

The traps and drains in your plumbing system are designed to block sewer gas to enter your home. The drain should stop the smell of the sewer while the vents should channel the odor to the roof. When you smell sewer gas, there could be something wrong with either the traps or the vent line. Troubleshooting this is a little difficult and you will need the help of a professional.

Wobbly Toilet

When it wobbles, the bolts may not be tight enough. Or there is something wrong with the wax seal. Fixing this will require the help of a licensed plumber.

When to Call a Professional Plumber

Some plumbing issues are just minor and can be resolved at home. But others will require the help of a licensed and professional plumber in Cleburne, TX. You will need to call a plumber if you need help with these tasks:

Common plumbing problems that are not resolved at home:

  • Installation of new sinks, tubs and pipes.
  • Leaks in the septic tanks
  • Water heater problems
  • Leaks or breaks in the sewer line

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